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Grizzly Night

On August 12th, 1967, in Montana's Glacier National Park, the unthinkable happened: On the same night, nine miles apart, there were not one-but two-fatal grizzly bear attacks.
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Katrina Mathewson (screenplay) | Tanner Bean (story) (screenplay) | Bo Bean (story by)
Michael DeJohn (edited by)
Casting Director
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Updated Sep 27, 2023
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39 cast members
Name Known for
Charles Esten
Gary Bunney Gary Bunney   See fewer
Oded Fehr
Dr. John Lindberg Dr. John Lindberg   See fewer
Brec Bassinger
Julie Helgeson Julie Helgeson   See fewer
Joel Johnstone
Father Connolly Father Connolly   See fewer
Lauren Call
Joan Devereaux Joan Devereaux   See fewer
Jack Griffo
Raymond Noseck Raymond Noseck   See fewer
Josh Zuckerman
Robert Klein Robert Klein   See fewer
Matt Lintz
Roy Ducat Roy Ducat   See fewer
Ali Skovbye
Michele Koons Michele Koons   See fewer
Sohm Kapila
Ann Lindberg Ann Lindberg   See fewer
Laura Schein
Janet Klein Janet Klein   See fewer
Skyler Bible
Steve Pierre Steve Pierre   See fewer
Michael Vlamis
Leonard Landa Leonard Landa   See fewer
Brandon Ray Olive
Tom Walton Tom Walton   See fewer
Mateo Pollock
Don Gullett Don Gullett   See fewer
Jacob Buster
Paul Dunn Paul Dunn   See fewer
Sophia Gray
Denise Huckle (as a different name) Denise Huckle (as a different name)   See fewer
Sofia Khwaja
Terese Lindberg Terese Lindberg   See fewer
Nate Morley
Ronnie Noseck Ronnie Noseck   See fewer
Jazmine Shaw
Eileen Anderson Eileen Anderson   See fewer
Conor McGee
John Westover John Westover   See fewer
Robert Milo Andrus
Bo Likens Bo Likens   See fewer
Noah Kershisnik
Andy Thompson Andy Thompson   See fewer
Tatum Chiniquy
Suz Runnels Suz Runnels   See fewer
Karina Gale
Sharon Chase Sharon Chase   See fewer
Tito Livas
Jerry Chase Jerry Chase   See fewer
Oran Stainbrook
Bert Gildart Bert Gildart   See fewer
Colleen Baum
Mrs. Berry Mrs. Berry   See fewer
Christopher Robin Miller
Ranger Kyle McGee Ranger Kyle McGee   See fewer
Sarah Summers
Trina Baker Trina Baker   See fewer
Archelaus Crisanto
Danny Gamboa Danny Gamboa   See fewer
Kora Kokavec
Girl Scout Girl Scout   See fewer
Lecksa Joel
Patty Bowen Patty Bowen   See fewer
Brianna Villasmil
Kim Chase Kim Chase   See fewer
Juan Diaz Garay
Taylor Black (Hiker) Taylor Black (Hiker)   See fewer
Chad Wright
Grizzly Hunter-Ranger Grizzly Hunter-Ranger   See fewer
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