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  • United Passions (2014)
  • Not Rated
    110 min | Drama, History, Sport
United Passions (2014)
Not Rated
110 min | Drama, History, Sport

Follows the passing of the FIFA baton through three association presidents: Jules Rimet, Joao Havelange, and Sepp Blatter.
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Jun 5, 2015 (United States)


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60 cast members
Name Known for
Gérard Depardieu
Jules Rimet Jules Rimet   See fewer
Sam Neill
Joao Havelange Joao Havelange   See fewer
Tim Roth
Sepp Blatter Sepp Blatter   See fewer
Fisher Stevens
Carl Hirschmann Carl Hirschmann   See fewer
Jemima West
Annette Rimet Annette Rimet   See fewer
Thomas Kretschmann
Horst Dassler Horst Dassler   See fewer
Serge Hazanavicius
Robert Guérin Robert Guérin   See fewer
Antonio de la Torre
Enrique Buero Enrique Buero   See fewer
Martin Jarvis
Sir Stanley Rous Sir Stanley Rous   See fewer
Jason Barry
Edgar Willcox Edgar Willcox   See fewer
Steven Elder
Rodolphe Seeldrayers Rodolphe Seeldrayers   See fewer
Pippo Delbono
Ottorino Barassi Ottorino Barassi   See fewer
Andrew French
Moussa Sougou Moussa Sougou   See fewer
Sean Campion
Werner Lutzi Werner Lutzi   See fewer
Nicholas Gleaves
Henri Delaunay Henri Delaunay   See fewer
Dawn Bradfield
Francesca Guillermod Francesca Guillermod   See fewer
Conor Mullen
Ivo Schricker Ivo Schricker   See fewer
Antony Byrne
Frederick Wall Frederick Wall   See fewer
Anthony Higgins
Lord Kinnaird Lord Kinnaird   See fewer
Sandeep Abraham
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Maixence Bauduin
Boat Photographer Boat Photographer   See fewer
Héctor Cabello Reyes
Uruguay Representative Uruguay Representative   See fewer
Jerome Charvet
The Newspaper Seller The Newspaper Seller   See fewer
Tom Cordier
André Espir André Espir   See fewer
Pascal Duthuin
A Mexican spectator A Mexican spectator   See fewer
Benedict Freitag
Vice President Vice President   See fewer
Fabienne Hadorn
Secretary Martina Secretary Martina   See fewer
Andy Haueter
FIFA Committee Member FIFA Committee Member   See fewer
Xavier Jozelon
Roque Máspoli Roque Máspoli   See fewer
Jean Kinsella
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Jules Abel Logel
Football Player Brazil Football Player Brazil   See fewer
Daniel Ludwig
Commission Member Commission Member   See fewer
Bruce Mackinnon
Louis Muhlinghaus Louis Muhlinghaus   See fewer
Natasha Mashkevich
Corinne Blatter Corinne Blatter   See fewer
Ian McCamy
Journalist Journalist   See fewer
Julian Miller
Ludvig Sylow Ludvig Sylow   See fewer
Miglen Mirtchev
Victor Schneider Victor Schneider   See fewer
Jean-Christophe Nigon
Commission Member Commission Member   See fewer
Robbie Nock
Colleague Colleague   See fewer
Benn Northover
Max Kahn Max Kahn   See fewer
Sam Ourabah
Belgian Football Player Belgian Football Player   See fewer
Marie Paquim
Infermiere Infermiere   See fewer
Nathan Rippy
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Lukas Ritzel
Norvegian Representative Norvegian Representative   See fewer
Diomay Sarr
Diplomate africain Diplomate africain   See fewer
Thierry Stein
José Nasazzi, Soccer Captain of Uruguay José Nasazzi, Soccer Captain of Uruguay   See fewer
Cheranich Stephan
Messenger Boy Messenger Boy   See fewer
Roger Van Hool
Abel Lafleur Abel Lafleur   See fewer
Anthony Vuignier
Football player (London University) Football player (London University)   See fewer
Nathan Willcocks
Mr. Brown Mr. Brown   See fewer
David Willer
Supporter Supporter   See fewer
Bing Yin
L'entraineur de l'équipe chinoise L'entraineur de l'équipe chinoise   See fewer
Thomas Grascoeur
Football Player Uruguay (uncredited) Football Player Uruguay (uncredited)   See fewer
Jonathan Louis
Soldat (uncredited) Soldat (uncredited)   See fewer
Michèle Raingeval
Une promeneuse (uncredited) Une promeneuse (uncredited)   See fewer
Noël Sorrente
Birt part (uncredited) Birt part (uncredited)   See fewer
Arnaud Vallens
Delegate (uncredited) Delegate (uncredited)   See fewer
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