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  • Made in Heaven A Taste of Heaven (Season 2, Episode 7)
  • TV-14
    TV Episode | Drama, Romance

Made in Heaven

A Taste of Heaven (Season 2, Episode 7)
TV Episode | Drama, Romance

A couple with a ten-year age difference overcome all familial objections to get together. But are all obstacles surmountable?
Rahul Nair (Additional story by)
Aleksandra Brzykcy (foley editors) | Kamil Kwiatkowski (foley editors) | Varun Saraswat | Anand Subaya
Production Designers
Dino Shankar (art director) | Neeraj Kumar Singh (art director) | Sally White
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Updated Aug 10, 2023

Release date
Aug 10, 2023 (United States)


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67 cast members
Name Known for
Arjun Mathur
Karan Mehra Karan Mehra   See fewer
Sobhita Dhulipala
Tara Khanna Tara Khanna   See fewer
Jim Sarbh
Adil Khanna Adil Khanna   See fewer
Kalki Koechlin
Faiza Naqvi Faiza Naqvi   See fewer
Shashank Arora
Kabir Basrai Kabir Basrai   See fewer
Shivani Raghuvanshi
Jaspreet Kaur Jaspreet Kaur   See fewer
Krish Rao
Gaurav Jauhari (credit only) Gaurav Jauhari (credit only)   See fewer
Mihir Ahuja
Dhruv Jauhari Dhruv Jauhari   See fewer
Pathy Aiyar
Cyril Mendez Cyril Mendez   See fewer
Sohail Bahl
Danish's Friend 2 Danish's Friend 2   See fewer
Pallavi Batra
Nikhat Sikand Nikhat Sikand   See fewer
Pooja Bhardwaj
MIH Receptionist MIH Receptionist   See fewer
Nidhi Bhavsar
Delraaz Bunshah
Vanessa (Roman's Co-Singer) Vanessa (Roman's Co-Singer)   See fewer
Ajoy Chakraborty
Ashok Verma (Principal) Ashok Verma (Principal)   See fewer
Farhad Colabavala
Danish's Friend 1 Danish's Friend 1   See fewer
Pravishi Das
Karuna Shastry Karuna Shastry   See fewer
Swati Das
Monica Swarup (Lawyer) Monica Swarup (Lawyer)   See fewer
Yashaswini Dayama
Mitali Gupta Mitali Gupta   See fewer
Geetika Depen
Anne-Marie Llyod Anne-Marie Llyod   See fewer
Sarah Jane Dias
Julie Mendez Julie Mendez   See fewer
Lillete Dubey
Lina Mendez Lina Mendez   See fewer
Dimpy Fadhya
Julie's Bridesmaid 3 Julie's Bridesmaid 3   See fewer
Satish Gautam
Jazz's Father Jazz's Father   See fewer
Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju
Meher Chaudhry Meher Chaudhry   See fewer
Vidushi Kaul
Julie's Bridesmaid 1 Julie's Bridesmaid 1   See fewer
Umesh Khosla
Adil's Broker Adil's Broker   See fewer
Deven Khote
Edwin Llyod Edwin Llyod   See fewer
Manahar Kumar
Owen (Roman's Friend 2) Owen (Roman's Friend 2)   See fewer
Neel Madhav
Arjun Mehra Arjun Mehra   See fewer
Gautum Mahindru
MIH Peon MIH Peon   See fewer
Karan Mally
Ranjan Shastry Ranjan Shastry   See fewer
Preiti Mamgain
Devyani Mehra Devyani Mehra   See fewer
Andre Mathews
Band Member 1 (Bass) Band Member 1 (Bass)   See fewer
Manini Mishra
Vimla Singh Vimla Singh   See fewer
Namit Khanna Namit Khanna   See fewer
Baljeet Kaur Nanda
Jazz's Mother Jazz's Mother   See fewer
Raksha Narayan
Julie's Bridesmaid 2 Julie's Bridesmaid 2   See fewer
Santosh Ojha
SP Ishwer Joshi SP Ishwer Joshi   See fewer
Krishna Prabhu
Jason Llyod Jason Llyod   See fewer
Vijay Raaz
Ramesh Jauhari Ramesh Jauhari   See fewer
Krish Rao
Gaurav Jauhari (as Krrish Rao) Gaurav Jauhari (as Krrish Rao)   See fewer
Natasha Rastogi
Bindu Khanna Bindu Khanna   See fewer
Vikas Rawat
Band Member 3 (Keyboard) Band Member 3 (Keyboard)   See fewer
Lauren Robinson
Shauna (Roman's Friend 1) Shauna (Roman's Friend 1)   See fewer
Narendra Sachar
Danish's Father Danish's Father   See fewer
Mini Saurabh
Nima Khanna Nima Khanna   See fewer
Nirvana Sawhney
Gauri Khanna Gauri Khanna   See fewer
Keith Sequeira
Band Member 2 (Drums) Band Member 2 (Drums)   See fewer
Imaaduddin Shah
Roman Llyod Roman Llyod   See fewer
Poonam Sharma
Lalita (Jazz's Aunt) Lalita (Jazz's Aunt)   See fewer
Satyajit Sharma
Gautam Mehra Gautam Mehra   See fewer
Darius Shroff
Shroff (Tara's Lawyer) Shroff (Tara's Lawyer)   See fewer
Ishwak Singh
Raghav Sinha Raghav Sinha   See fewer
Kashika Singh
4 Star Receptionist at Hotel 4 Star Receptionist at Hotel   See fewer
Mona Singh
Bulbul Jauhari Bulbul Jauhari   See fewer
Renu Sukheja
Sarita (Karan's Maternal Aunt) Sarita (Karan's Maternal Aunt)   See fewer
Punam Tandon
Danish's Mother Danish's Mother   See fewer
Sahil Verma
Swati Verma
Shruti's Mother Shruti's Mother   See fewer
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