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  • Abraham Ozler (2024)
  • 143 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Abraham Ozler (2024)
143 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Revolves around the personal and professional lives of veteran cop Abraham Ozler, ACP Trichur, who at one time has to take up a serial killing case and the mysterious hunt begins.
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Release date
Jan 12, 2024 (United States)


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79 cast members
Name Known for
Abraham Ozler Abraham Ozler   See fewer
Dr. Sevi Punnoose (as Jagadhish) Dr. Sevi Punnoose (as Jagadhish)   See fewer
Senthil Krishna
SI Sijo SI Sijo   See fewer
Arya Salim
SI Divya SI Divya   See fewer
Arjun Ashokan
Vineeth Vineeth   See fewer
Saiju Kurup
Krishnadas Krishnadas   See fewer
Anoop Menon
Dr. Satheesh Madhavan Dr. Satheesh Madhavan   See fewer
Dileesh Pothan
Sudhakaran payyarath (Fake Alexander) Sudhakaran payyarath (Fake Alexander)   See fewer
Councilor Councilor   See fewer
Anju Kurian
Aneesha Aneesha   See fewer
Jennifer Jennifer   See fewer
Naveen Naveen   See fewer
Arjun Nandakumar
Dr. Arun Jayadev (as Arjun Nandhakumar) Dr. Arun Jayadev (as Arjun Nandhakumar)   See fewer
Sabic M A
Alexander (Young Age) Alexander (Young Age)   See fewer
Shiva Hariharan
Shivakumar (Young Age) Shivakumar (Young Age)   See fewer
Sevi punnoose (Young Age) Sevi punnoose (Young Age)   See fewer
Shajeer P. Basheer
Shelvaraj (Young Age) (as Shajeer) Shelvaraj (Young Age) (as Shajeer)   See fewer
Joseph Mathews
Krishnadas (Young Age) (as Joseph) Krishnadas (Young Age) (as Joseph)   See fewer
Azeem Jamal
Dig Prasad Dig Prasad   See fewer
Aneesh Gopal
SI Sarath SI Sarath   See fewer
Kumarakom Raghunath
Dr. Shivakumar Dr. Shivakumar   See fewer
Ravi Venkatraman
Shelvaraj (as Ravi Venkitaraman) Shelvaraj (as Ravi Venkitaraman)   See fewer
Novalist - Special Guest Novalist - Special Guest   See fewer
Nandhan Unni
Mani (Ambulance Driver) Mani (Ambulance Driver)   See fewer
Alexander Prasanth
Dr. Salam (as Prashanth Alexander) Dr. Salam (as Prashanth Alexander)   See fewer
Darsana Sudarsan
Maya (as Darsana Sudarshan) Maya (as Darsana Sudarshan)   See fewer
Sister Jyothi Sister Jyothi   See fewer
Priya Sreejith
Sister Teena Sister Teena   See fewer
Habeeb Thrissur
Dr. Govindaraj Dr. Govindaraj   See fewer
Mani Shornur
Dr. Sakkaria Dr. Sakkaria   See fewer
Krishna Prasad
MRI Technician MRI Technician   See fewer
Rajan Pootharakkal
Raghavan (as Rajan Thrissur) Raghavan (as Rajan Thrissur)   See fewer
Lali Maraykkar
Krishnadas's Mother Krishnadas's Mother   See fewer
Jolly Chirayath
CEO Sasikala CEO Sasikala   See fewer
Dhaneesh Balan
Sajimon (as Dhaneesh A Balan) Sajimon (as Dhaneesh A Balan)   See fewer
Rakesh Pattu
Ashok Shelvaraj Ashok Shelvaraj   See fewer
Dr. Eshwaran Potty (as Devendhranath) Dr. Eshwaran Potty (as Devendhranath)   See fewer
Rini Udayakumar
Raghavan's Wife Raghavan's Wife   See fewer
Abbas Aslam
Dr. Nabeel (Junior) Dr. Nabeel (Junior)   See fewer
Mvi Mani
Lorry Driver Lorry Driver   See fewer
Sreeram Ramachandran
Speech Therapist Speech Therapist   See fewer
Aliya Vazeem
Ardra Speech Therapy Patient Ardra Speech Therapy Patient   See fewer
Sister Seenath Sister Seenath   See fewer
Youtube Channel Anchor Youtube Channel Anchor   See fewer
Murali Krishan
Principal (Medical College Present) Principal (Medical College Present)   See fewer
Admin Block Officer Admin Block Officer   See fewer
Admin Block Officer Admin Block Officer   See fewer
Uma K P
Dr. Aysha Sathyaraj (Principal) Dr. Aysha Sathyaraj (Principal)   See fewer
Maala Parvathi
Dr. Annapoornneswari (as Mala Parvathy) Dr. Annapoornneswari (as Mala Parvathy)   See fewer
Boban Alumoodan
HOD (as Boban Alummoodan) HOD (as Boban Alummoodan)   See fewer
Duty M O Duty M O   See fewer
Swapna Swapna   See fewer
Rajendran Rajendran   See fewer
Vishnu N Nair
Stephan Stephan   See fewer
Abhilash Hussain
Doctor (Clinic-Flashback) Doctor (Clinic-Flashback)   See fewer
Parvathy (Naveen's Mother) Parvathy (Naveen's Mother)   See fewer
Sonia Giri
Sevi's Wife Sevi's Wife   See fewer
Selvaraj's Wife Selvaraj's Wife   See fewer
Rajeesh Velayudhan
Hospital Contractor Hospital Contractor   See fewer
Maya Menon
Alexander's Mother Alexander's Mother   See fewer
Praveen Vishwam
Restaurant Manager Restaurant Manager   See fewer
Rice Ventor Rice Ventor   See fewer
Market Supervisor Market Supervisor   See fewer
Naveen Calicut
Sasi Thattukada Owner Sasi Thattukada Owner   See fewer
Bakery Girl Bakery Girl   See fewer
Giri Giri   See fewer
Niranjan Achu
Giri Gang Giri Gang   See fewer
Prashanth Bala
Giri Gang Giri Gang   See fewer
Jo Alex
Doctor (Chavakkad Hospital) Doctor (Chavakkad Hospital)   See fewer
Ajith S I
Sho Chavakkad Sho Chavakkad   See fewer
News Reporter News Reporter   See fewer
Attender Attender   See fewer
Stebin Augustin
Bank Manager Bank Manager   See fewer
Ajeesh's Mother Ajeesh's Mother   See fewer
Benitta Victor
North Indian Politician North Indian Politician   See fewer
Robin Varghese
Local Politician Local Politician   See fewer
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