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  • Thank You for Your Service (I) (2017)
  • R
    109 min | Biography, Drama, War
Thank You for Your Service (I) (2017)
109 min | Biography, Drama, War

A group of U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq struggle to integrate back into family and civilian life, while living with the memory of a war that threatens to destroy them long after they've left the battlefield.
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David Finkel (Thank You for Your Service by) | Jason Hall (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designers
Keith P. Cunningham | John P. Goldsmith (Design Consultant)
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Release date
Oct 27, 2017 (United States)


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78 cast members
Name Known for
Miles Teller
Adam Schumann Adam Schumann   See fewer
Beulah Koale
Tausolo Aieti Tausolo Aieti   See fewer
Joe Cole
Billy Waller Billy Waller   See fewer
Scott Haze
Michael Emory Michael Emory   See fewer
Haley Bennett
Saskia Schumann Saskia Schumann   See fewer
Amy Schumer
Amanda Doster Amanda Doster   See fewer
Keisha Castle-Hughes
Alea Aieti Alea Aieti   See fewer
Brad Beyer
Sergeant James Doster Sergeant James Doster   See fewer
Kerry Cahill
Anna Waller Anna Waller   See fewer
Stella Pileggi
Zoe Schumann (as Stella La'ren Pileggi) Zoe Schumann (as Stella La'ren Pileggi)   See fewer
David Morse
Fred Gusman Fred Gusman   See fewer
Adam Schumann
Staff Sgt. on Tarmac Staff Sgt. on Tarmac   See fewer
Tony Winters
Taxi Driver Taxi Driver   See fewer
Han Soto
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
John Clark
Speedway Announcer Speedway Announcer   See fewer
Erin Darke
Tracey Tracey   See fewer
Michael Adam Emory
Waiting Veteran Waiting Veteran   See fewer
Donna Duplantier
VA Receptionist VA Receptionist   See fewer
Jayson Warner Smith
VA Receptionist VA Receptionist   See fewer
Jake Weber
Col. Plymouth Col. Plymouth   See fewer
Tony Nevada
Veteran Preacher Veteran Preacher   See fewer
Allison Gabriel
Linda Sanders (as Allison King) Linda Sanders (as Allison King)   See fewer
Sean Bridgers
Sergeant Mozer Sergeant Mozer   See fewer
Deneen Tyler
Patty Walker Patty Walker   See fewer
Valerie Lynn Brett
Police Officer (as Valerie Boucvalt) Police Officer (as Valerie Boucvalt)   See fewer
Dennis L.A. White
Dante's Friend Dante's Friend   See fewer
Bre Blair
Maternity Liaison Maternity Liaison   See fewer
Joshua J. Boksuntiea
Karaoke Soldier Karaoke Soldier   See fewer
Mark Wachter
Staff Sergeant Wachter Staff Sergeant Wachter   See fewer
Patrick Brown
Staff Sergeant White Staff Sergeant White   See fewer
Stefano Smith
FOB Medic FOB Medic   See fewer
Alex Coker
Honor Guard Leader Honor Guard Leader   See fewer
Al G. Sillah
Detail Leader (as Alusain Sillah) Detail Leader (as Alusain Sillah)   See fewer
Ella Hall
Hannah Doster Hannah Doster   See fewer
John Way
Street Corner Kid Street Corner Kid   See fewer
Bowie Hall
Emma Doster Emma Doster   See fewer
Phil Armijo
Specialist Page (uncredited) Specialist Page (uncredited)   See fewer
Perry Ball
Vietnam Veteran USA (uncredited) Vietnam Veteran USA (uncredited)   See fewer
Tyler Bilyeu
Soldier's Friend (uncredited) Soldier's Friend (uncredited)   See fewer
Chel Brickhouse
Bus Patron (uncredited) Bus Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Hunter Burke
Jake Schumann (uncredited) Jake Schumann (uncredited)   See fewer
Timothy Carr
Veteran (uncredited) Veteran (uncredited)   See fewer
Lacey Coan
Soldier's Wife (uncredited) Soldier's Wife (uncredited)   See fewer
Shakeya Connor
Dog Fighter Critic (uncredited) Dog Fighter Critic (uncredited)   See fewer
Theo Haddon
Thug with Gun (uncredited) Thug with Gun (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Hatch
Honor Guard Team (uncredited) Honor Guard Team (uncredited)   See fewer
Cecil M. Henry
Father of a Soldier (uncredited) Father of a Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Adrienne Johnson
Soldier's Relative (uncredited) Soldier's Relative (uncredited)   See fewer
Maritalyn Koulebetouba
Shopper (uncredited) Shopper (uncredited)   See fewer
Inder Kumar
Veteran (uncredited) Veteran (uncredited)   See fewer
Connie Lee
Police Officer (uncredited) Police Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
John Archer Lundgren
Big Gulp Veteran (uncredited) Big Gulp Veteran (uncredited)   See fewer
Troy Lynch
Dog Fight Thug (uncredited) Dog Fight Thug (uncredited)   See fewer
Jesse Malinowski
Saskia Younger Brother (uncredited) Saskia Younger Brother (uncredited)   See fewer
Jaxon Rose Moore
Tarmac Kid (uncredited) Tarmac Kid (uncredited)   See fewer
Sasha Morfaw
VA Nurse (uncredited) VA Nurse (uncredited)   See fewer
Melvin Kindall Myles
Veteran Soldier (uncredited) Veteran Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Peter O'Meara
Golf Announcer (uncredited) Golf Announcer (uncredited)   See fewer
Bobby Pizer
Spectator (uncredited) Spectator (uncredited)   See fewer
Patti Schellhaas
Race Spectator (uncredited) Race Spectator (uncredited)   See fewer
Blake Sewell
Soldier Brother (uncredited) Soldier Brother (uncredited)   See fewer
Kate Lyn Sheil
Bell (uncredited) Bell (uncredited)   See fewer
Daniel Patrick Shook
VA Gulf War Veteran (uncredited) VA Gulf War Veteran (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeremy Smith
Young Soldier (uncredited) Young Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Derek P Spencer
Veteran (uncredited) Veteran (uncredited)   See fewer
Ron Stafford
Vietnam War Veteran (uncredited) Vietnam War Veteran (uncredited)   See fewer
Alex Sunkins
Bus Patron (uncredited) Bus Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeremy Sykes
Dog Fight Spectator (uncredited) Dog Fight Spectator (uncredited)   See fewer
Randall Taylor
Saskia's Father (uncredited) Saskia's Father (uncredited)   See fewer
Harrison Thacker
Gangster (uncredited) Gangster (uncredited)   See fewer
Kelsey L. Thomas
soldier's Child (uncredited) soldier's Child (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Love Toliver
Iraq War Veteran (uncredited) Iraq War Veteran (uncredited)   See fewer
Whit Whitman
Welcome Home Patreon (uncredited) Welcome Home Patreon (uncredited)   See fewer
Sam Williams
Hazmat Cleaner (uncredited) Hazmat Cleaner (uncredited)   See fewer
Erick Wofford
Veteran (uncredited) Veteran (uncredited)   See fewer
Curtis Wyatt III
Hamilton (uncredited) Hamilton (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Bob Young
Veteran (uncredited) Veteran (uncredited)   See fewer
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