Angélique (I) (2013)
113 min | Adventure, History, Romance

In France, prior to Louis XIV ascending the throne, a young baroness is forced to marry against her will and is caught up in a web of treachery and murder, threatening her and her husband, whom she has come to love deeply.
Nadia Golon (scenario) (adaptation) (dialogue) | Philippe Blasband (scenario) (adaptation) (dialogue) | Ariel Zeitoun (scenario) (adaptation) (dialogue) | Anne Golon (novel) | Serge Golon (novel)
Production Designer
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Release date
Dec 18, 2013 (Belgium)


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43 cast members
Name Known for
Nora Arnezeder
Angélique de Sancé de Monteloup Angélique de Sancé de Monteloup   See fewer
Gérard Lanvin
Le comte Joffrey de Peyrac Le comte Joffrey de Peyrac   See fewer
Tomer Sisley
Philippe de Plessis-Bellière Philippe de Plessis-Bellière   See fewer
David Kross
Le Roi / Louis XIV Le Roi / Louis XIV   See fewer
Simon Abkarian
L'avocat François Desgrez L'avocat François Desgrez   See fewer
Matthieu Boujenah
Le marquis d'Andijos Le marquis d'Andijos   See fewer
Miguel Herz-Kestranek
Le marquis de Plessis-Bellière Le marquis de Plessis-Bellière   See fewer
Julian Weigend
Fouquet Fouquet   See fewer
Rainer Frieb
Mazarin Mazarin   See fewer
Michel Carliez
Chevalier de Germontaz Chevalier de Germontaz   See fewer
Mathieu Kassovitz
Nicolas / Calembredaine Nicolas / Calembredaine   See fewer
John Dobrynine
De La Reynie De La Reynie   See fewer
Fabrice Rodriguez
Prince de Condé Prince de Condé   See fewer
Patrick Descamps
Archevêque de Toulouse Archevêque de Toulouse   See fewer
Alain Robert
Flipot Flipot   See fewer
Anna Orlando
Comtesse de Lazareff Comtesse de Lazareff   See fewer
Karine Valmer
Hortense Hortense   See fewer
Salomé Degeer
Angélique jeune Angélique jeune   See fewer
Jean-Louis Sbille
Le prêtre Le prêtre   See fewer
Eric De Staercke
Baron de Sancé Baron de Sancé   See fewer
Jacky Druaux
Le juge Le juge   See fewer
Bruno Georis
Gaston Gaston   See fewer
Séverin Bavarel
Le moine Le moine   See fewer
Louis Storme
Colbert Colbert   See fewer
Noé de Pierpont
Philippe de Plessis-Bellière jeune Philippe de Plessis-Bellière jeune   See fewer
Petr Klimes
Page Louvre Page Louvre   See fewer
Jirí Pomeje
Cul-de-Bois Cul-de-Bois   See fewer
Pavel Bousek
Homme de Condé Homme de Condé   See fewer
Václav Chalupa
Courtisan Courtisan   See fewer
Rostislav Novák Jr.
Père Kircher Père Kircher   See fewer
Ales Linhart
Cantor, 3 ans Cantor, 3 ans   See fewer
Jiri Kalasza
Florimont, 3 ans Florimont, 3 ans   See fewer
Oliver Obermaier
Florimont, 4 ans Florimont, 4 ans   See fewer
Tomas Chmatal
Servant Servant   See fewer
Diego Dalmans
Nicolas 12 ans Nicolas 12 ans   See fewer
Josef Kuhn
Actor Actor   See fewer
Philipp Rusch
Soldat Soldat   See fewer
Pierre-Henry Soria
Teen, Angélique's flashback Teen, Angélique's flashback   See fewer
Roland Trnka
Servant Servant   See fewer
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