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The Claremont Murders

Episode #1.1 (Season 1, Episode 1)
TV Episode | Drama

When three young women go missing in Claremont in the late nineties it sets off the biggest unsolved murder case in West Australian history.
Justin Monjo (written by) | Michaeley O'Brien (written by)
Casting Directors
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Updated Apr 10, 2023

Release date
Apr 10, 2023 (United States)
Series awards
2 nominations


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41 cast members
Name Known for
Ryan Johnson
Bradley Robert Edwards Bradley Robert Edwards   See fewer
Catherine Van-Davies
Alison Fan Alison Fan   See fewer
Aaron Glenane
Det. Gavin Wyatt Det. Gavin Wyatt   See fewer
Laura Gordon
Det. Bobbi McAllister Det. Bobbi McAllister   See fewer
Tasma Walton
Karin Margolius Karin Margolius   See fewer
Kate Ritchie
Carol Spiers Carol Spiers   See fewer
Erik Thomson
Don Spiers Don Spiers   See fewer
Jeremy Lindsay Taylor
Det. Steve Kirby Det. Steve Kirby   See fewer
Hannah Penman
Sarah Spiers Sarah Spiers   See fewer
Tom O'Sullivan
Lance Williams Lance Williams   See fewer
Sienna Cate
Lisa Todd Lisa Todd   See fewer
Dalip Sondhi
Det. Tony Mitchell Det. Tony Mitchell   See fewer
Noel O'Neill
Dennis Glennon Dennis Glennon   See fewer
Pippa Grandison
Jenny Rimmer Jenny Rimmer   See fewer
Alex Arco
Younger Bradley Younger Bradley   See fewer
Sophia Forrest
Amanda Spiers Amanda Spiers   See fewer
Ally Harris
Ciara Glennon Ciara Glennon   See fewer
Caroline McKenzie
Norma Williams Norma Williams   See fewer
Amy Mathews
Michelle Bowman Michelle Bowman   See fewer
Luke Jai McIntosh
Jason Maclaurin Jason Maclaurin   See fewer
Cara McCarthy
Chelsea Chelsea   See fewer
Megan Aspinall
Abigail Davies Abigail Davies   See fewer
Francesco De Vito
Taxi Driver - Jaroslav Krupnik Taxi Driver - Jaroslav Krupnik   See fewer
Lilly Cornish
Janine Janine   See fewer
Nina Young
Nicola Wright Nicola Wright   See fewer
Steve Le Marquand
Trevor Rimmer Trevor Rimmer   See fewer
Anthony Spanos
Brandon Gray Brandon Gray   See fewer
Scott Blachford
Mark Laidman Mark Laidman   See fewer
Ethan Panizza
Steven Steven   See fewer
Cameron Tarran
Troy Bond Troy Bond   See fewer
Joseph Del Re
Alex Bogdonavicius Alex Bogdonavicius   See fewer
Eliza Wilson
Kylee Cosgrove Kylee Cosgrove   See fewer
Karin Kowi
Young Woman Young Woman   See fewer
Jennah Bannear
Clairvoyant Clairvoyant   See fewer
Danica Todaro
Young Madie Bowman Young Madie Bowman   See fewer
Ambrae Jamae
Tammy Van Raalte Tammy Van Raalte   See fewer
Orla Saphron
Carmel Carmel   See fewer
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