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  • Het geheugenspel (2023)
  • Thriller
Het geheugenspel (2023)

The body of Nathalie, who disappeared 25 years ago, is found on the Deridder family estate. The event reveals a long-hidden crime, and when secrets are brought forth, the present is overshadowed by the past.
Lien Willaert | Jan Verheyen (directed by)
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Release date
May 17, 2023 (Belgium)


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41 cast members
Name Known for
Anna Drijver
Eva Ruttenberg Eva Ruttenberg   See fewer
Gert Winckelmans
Claude Deridder Claude Deridder   See fewer
Vic de Wachter
Alain Deridder Alain Deridder   See fewer
Gilda De Bal
Martha Deridder Martha Deridder   See fewer
Louis Talpe
Theo Deridder Theo Deridder   See fewer
Daan Creyghton
Julien Deridder Julien Deridder   See fewer
Martijn Hillenius
Paul Ruttenberg Paul Ruttenberg   See fewer
Ella Van Remortel
Jonge Nathalie Jonge Nathalie   See fewer
Elske Stout
Jonge Eva Jonge Eva   See fewer
Willem Herbots
Jonge Claude Jonge Claude   See fewer
Kevin Van Doorslaer
Jonge Alain Jonge Alain   See fewer
Elke Van Mello
Jonge Martha Jonge Martha   See fewer
Helder Onkelinx
Jonge Theo Jonge Theo   See fewer
Sem Ben Yakar
Jonge Paul Jonge Paul   See fewer
Maarten Heijmans
Alex Pruijssers Alex Pruijssers   See fewer
Lynn Van Royen
Helen Devreese Helen Devreese   See fewer
Peter Thyssen
Hans Vanacker Hans Vanacker   See fewer
Anna Verheyen
Rosie Ruttenberg Rosie Ruttenberg   See fewer
Julian Ras
Bert Ruttenberg Bert Ruttenberg   See fewer
Zion Luts
Jonge Luca Jonge Luca   See fewer
Maartje van de Wetering
Tess Hogewijs Tess Hogewijs   See fewer
Juliette van Emmerik
Jonge Tess Jonge Tess   See fewer
Sven De Ridder
Aannemer Aannemer   See fewer
Gertjan Pasveer
Arbeider Arbeider   See fewer
Faroek Özgünes
Misdaadjournalist (as Farouk Özgunes) Misdaadjournalist (as Farouk Özgunes)   See fewer
Sosha Duysker
Asha El Amrani Asha El Amrani   See fewer
Bert Geurkink
Collega Claude Collega Claude   See fewer
Joan Roumen
Vrouw op huldiging Vrouw op huldiging   See fewer
Dirk Lavryssen
Kelner Restaurant (as Dirk Lavrysen) Kelner Restaurant (as Dirk Lavrysen)   See fewer
Joost Koning
Tengere man Tengere man   See fewer
Bert Apeldoorn
Klant architecten bureau Klant architecten bureau   See fewer
Judy Doorman
Thelma Scott Thelma Scott   See fewer
Hélène Hendriks
Host HLF8 Host HLF8   See fewer
Sophie Veldhuizen
Moeder Eva Moeder Eva   See fewer
Jesse Faber
Vader Eva Vader Eva   See fewer
Karolien Debecker
Radio presentatrice Radio presentatrice   See fewer
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