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  • Angie's Cure (2023)
  • 114 min | Drama
Angie's Cure (2023)
114 min | Drama

A traumatized rape victim finds therapy in a most disturbing way.
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Corey Grant (produced by) | Audrey Kendrick | James Searles | Lanett Tachel (produced by)
Corey Grant (edited by)
Casting Director
Production Designer

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Updated Jun 27, 2023

Release date
Jun 27, 2023 (United States)


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57 cast members
Name Known for
Essence Atkins
Sheila Hart Sheila Hart   See fewer
Denise Boutte
Denyce Denyce   See fewer
Mariah Robinson
Young Angie Young Angie   See fewer
Michael Petrone
Det. Nate Sanborn Det. Nate Sanborn   See fewer
Christian Torres Villalobos
Officer Alvarez Officer Alvarez   See fewer
Duane Finley
Luther Luther   See fewer
Dionne Gipson
Odessa Odessa   See fewer
Apryl Jones
Vanessa Almond Vanessa Almond   See fewer
Jazzma Crofton
Young Maya Young Maya   See fewer
Stormi Maya
Jackie Jackie   See fewer
Caitlin Rose
Latrice Latrice   See fewer
Raquel Davies
Keisha Keisha   See fewer
Alex West
Sloan Sloan   See fewer
Melvin Jackson Jr.
Chauncey Chauncey   See fewer
Nicole Porche
Theresa Theresa   See fewer
Christopher M. Dukes
Detective Wilson Detective Wilson   See fewer
James Searles
Officer Hudson (as James) Officer Hudson (as James)   See fewer
Matthew Payne
Officer Madison Officer Madison   See fewer
Joe Coffey
Officer Wise Officer Wise   See fewer
Julio Mata Jr.
Officer Calzado Officer Calzado   See fewer
Annika Pampel
EMT Stevens EMT Stevens   See fewer
Jamel Baines
J Loco J Loco   See fewer
Yves Bienaime
Background / witness Background / witness   See fewer
Queen Blake
Partygoer Partygoer   See fewer
Lincoln Brown
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Carolina Coronado
LA Gangster LA Gangster   See fewer
Ashley Princess Davis
Background (credit only) Background (credit only)   See fewer
Alberto Fabbretti
LAPD Officer LAPD Officer   See fewer
Doug Friedman
Detective Detective   See fewer
Janay Henry
Salon Patron Salon Patron   See fewer
Kara Kerz
Mya- Police Officer Mya- Police Officer   See fewer
Vince Maldonado
LA Gangster (as Vincent Maldonado) LA Gangster (as Vincent Maldonado)   See fewer
Phoenix Marroquin
Bystander Bystander   See fewer
Pino Martinez
LA gangster LA gangster   See fewer
Avise Parsons
Shauna Shauna   See fewer
Jody Reliford
Police officer Police officer   See fewer
Basil Sakr
Detective Kamal Detective Kamal   See fewer
Rosetta Tate
Party Goer Party Goer   See fewer
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