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  • New World (2013)
  • Not Rated
    135 min | Action, Crime, Drama
New World (2013)
Not Rated
135 min | Action, Crime, Drama

An undercover cop finds it difficult to play both a cop and a goon.
Park Hoon-jung (screenplay)
Production Designer
Hwa-seong Jo (as Hwa-sung Cho)
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Release date
Mar 22, 2013 (United States)


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77 cast members
Name Known for
Lee Jung-jae
Lee Ja-sung Lee Ja-sung   See fewer
Choi Min-sik
Section Chief Kang Section Chief Kang   See fewer
Hwang Jung-min
Jung Chung Jung Chung   See fewer
Park Sung-woong
Lee Joong-gu Lee Joong-gu   See fewer
Song Ji-Hyo
Shin-woo (as Song Ji-hyo) Shin-woo (as Song Ji-hyo)   See fewer
Yoon-Seong Kim
Suk-mu (as Yoon-sung Kim) Suk-mu (as Yoon-sung Kim)   See fewer
Kwang-hoon Na
Yang Moon-suk Yang Moon-suk   See fewer
Seo-yeon Park
Joo-kyung Joo-kyung   See fewer
Il-hwa Choi
Director Jang Director Jang   See fewer
Jin-mo Joo
Police Commissioner Ko Police Commissioner Ko   See fewer
Jang Gwang
Director Yang Director Yang   See fewer
Kwon Tae-won
Director Park Director Park   See fewer
Kim Hong-pa
Director Kim (as Hong-Fa Kim) Director Kim (as Hong-Fa Kim)   See fewer
Seung-bu Lee
Director 1 Director 1   See fewer
Kim Byeong-Ok
Yanbian Hobo 1 Yanbian Hobo 1   See fewer
Woo Jung-Kook
Yanbian Hobo 2 Yanbian Hobo 2   See fewer
In-soo Park
Yanbian Hobo 3 Yanbian Hobo 3   See fewer
Jeong Yeong-gi
Yanbian Hobo 4 (as Young-ki Jung) Yanbian Hobo 4 (as Young-ki Jung)   See fewer
Sang-gyu Park
Police Executive Police Executive   See fewer
Seong-hyeon Ryoo
Executive 1 Executive 1   See fewer
Gi-sub Jung
Executive 2 (as Gi-seop Jeong) Executive 2 (as Gi-seop Jeong)   See fewer
Lee Woo-jin
Executive 3 Executive 3   See fewer
Nak-Kyeong Seong
Executive 4 Executive 4   See fewer
Byeong-hee Son
Taxi Driver Taxi Driver   See fewer
Min-sung Jung
Detective Detective   See fewer
Soo-ho Ahn
Director Choi Director Choi   See fewer
In-ho Tae
Subordinate 1 Subordinate 1   See fewer
Gyeong-Heon Lee
Subordinate 2 Subordinate 2   See fewer
Young-ha Cha
Subordinate 3 Subordinate 3   See fewer
Jae-Heon Jeong
Jung Chung's Follower 1 Jung Chung's Follower 1   See fewer
Lee Hee-seok
Jung Chung's Follower 2 Jung Chung's Follower 2   See fewer
Seo-won Kim
Jung Chung's Follower 3 Jung Chung's Follower 3   See fewer
Ji-Hoon Park
Jung Chung's Follower 4 Jung Chung's Follower 4   See fewer
Jin-seok Kwak
Jung Chung's Follower 5 Jung Chung's Follower 5   See fewer
Tae-ho Kwon
Jung Chung's Follower 6 Jung Chung's Follower 6   See fewer
Seong-il Sin
Jung Chung's Follower 7 Jung Chung's Follower 7   See fewer
Gyeong-min Nam
Jung Chung's Follower 8 Jung Chung's Follower 8   See fewer
Jin-sung Ham
Jung Chung's Follower 9 Jung Chung's Follower 9   See fewer
Jong-Cheol Seo
Jung Chung's Follower 10 Jung Chung's Follower 10   See fewer
Sang-hun Park
Lee Joong-gu's Follower 1 Lee Joong-gu's Follower 1   See fewer
Ji-hun Gwon
Lee Joong-gu's Follower 2 Lee Joong-gu's Follower 2   See fewer
Bong-rok Choi
Lee Joong-gu's Follower 3 Lee Joong-gu's Follower 3   See fewer
Je-Heon Choi
Lee Joong-gu's Follower 4 Lee Joong-gu's Follower 4   See fewer
Woo-Hyeong Choi
Lee Joong-gu's Follower 5 Lee Joong-gu's Follower 5   See fewer
Won-woo Lee
Lee Joong-gu's Follower 6 Lee Joong-gu's Follower 6   See fewer
Hwan-soo Kim
Lee Joong-gu's Follower 7 Lee Joong-gu's Follower 7   See fewer
Shin Choi
Lee Joong-gu's Follower 8 Lee Joong-gu's Follower 8   See fewer
Hyeon-cheol Im
Second Attacker 1 Second Attacker 1   See fewer
Jin Mo
Second Attacker 2 Second Attacker 2   See fewer
Seung-ik Baek
Clothed Follower 1 Clothed Follower 1   See fewer
Dong-wook Han
Clothed Follower 2 Clothed Follower 2   See fewer
Min-Wook Jeong
Clothed Follower 3 Clothed Follower 3   See fewer
Nam-Hoon Kim
Clothed Follower 4 Clothed Follower 4   See fewer
Hye-jeong Sin
Female Doctor Female Doctor   See fewer
Shin-il Kim
Policeman 1 Policeman 1   See fewer
Dong-Heon Yeom
Policeman 2 Policeman 2   See fewer
Yong-jae Jo
Investigator 1 Investigator 1   See fewer
Yeong Jang
Investigator 2 Investigator 2   See fewer
Ju-han Lee
Investigator 3 Investigator 3   See fewer
Seong-Jong Kim
Investigator 4 Investigator 4   See fewer
Jun-won Yeon
Thug 1 Thug 1   See fewer
Jae-Duk Han
Triad Boss Triad Boss   See fewer
Young-sik Yeon
Police Commissioner Ko's Driver Police Commissioner Ko's Driver   See fewer
Seong-jae Lee
Director Jang's Man Director Jang's Man   See fewer
Gun Jeong
Middle-Aged Policeman Middle-Aged Policeman   See fewer
Su-Jeong Shin
Convenience Store Woman (voice) Convenience Store Woman (voice)   See fewer
Jeong-Hoon Lee
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Yoon-jin Choi
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Ho-Yeon No
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Min-jung Park
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Jun-ho Yang
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Lee Kyung-young
Chairman Seok Chairman Seok   See fewer
Seung-beom Ryu
Police Constable Kang Chul-hwa Police Constable Kang Chul-hwa   See fewer
Ma Dong-seok
Section Chief Jo Section Chief Jo   See fewer
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