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Lost Agents
Comedy, Drama

John McCormick VII (as John McCormick)
John McCormick VII (as John McCormick)
John McCormick VII (as John McCormick)

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Updated Dec 14, 2016


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91 cast members
Name Known for
John McCormick VII
Pentagon Agent Jack Sparks Pentagon Agent Jack Sparks   See fewer
Christina L. Garcia
Paloma Del Gado Paloma Del Gado   See fewer
Eugenia Kuzmina
Agent Sharon Smith Agent Sharon Smith   See fewer
Eryn Rea
Eryn Gates Eryn Gates   See fewer
Carina Conti
Agent Carpi Zircon (as Carina Conti II) Agent Carpi Zircon (as Carina Conti II)   See fewer
Cheryl Dent
Yoga Teacher Yoga Teacher   See fewer
Marie Gibeault
Miss Hodges (as Marie Gibb) Miss Hodges (as Marie Gibb)   See fewer
Anette Puskas
Pentagon Agent Amethyst Jones Pentagon Agent Amethyst Jones   See fewer
Val Emanuel
Bobbie Hansen Bobbie Hansen   See fewer
Ursula Maria
Agent Melody Listen Agent Melody Listen   See fewer
Art Roberts
Pentagon Agent Carl Goldman Pentagon Agent Carl Goldman   See fewer
Lais Pedroso
Agent Zari James Agent Zari James   See fewer
Coco Lloyd
Helen Tailor Helen Tailor   See fewer
Isabella Sanchez
Agent Crystal Lewis Agent Crystal Lewis   See fewer
Shannon Bengston
Carla Gadot Carla Gadot   See fewer
Sophia Katarina
Bella Trés (as Sophia Katarina Kraak) Bella Trés (as Sophia Katarina Kraak)   See fewer
Richard Rossi
Craig Robertson Craig Robertson   See fewer
Kari Alison Hodge
Audrey Cobb Audrey Cobb   See fewer
Laura Lenee
Principal Monroe Principal Monroe   See fewer
Karen E. Wright
Jot Kaur Jot Kaur   See fewer
Mark Krenik
Officer Watson Officer Watson   See fewer
Jodi Dennithorne
Bella Edwards (as Jodi Skeris) Bella Edwards (as Jodi Skeris)   See fewer
Elena Ghenoiu
Detective Taylor Detective Taylor   See fewer
Maria Luna
Pentagon Agent Harry Martinez Pentagon Agent Harry Martinez   See fewer
Regina Levy
Agent Rodney of the Mosaad (as Regina Schnitzer) Agent Rodney of the Mosaad (as Regina Schnitzer)   See fewer
Daniela Brown
Topaz Magneta Topaz Magneta   See fewer
Liz Lytle
Agent Miss LaBelle Agent Miss LaBelle   See fewer
Mariko Sawa
Gangster Claudia Gangster Claudia   See fewer
Fernanda Hay
Gangster Nova Gangster Nova   See fewer
Danielle Rizzo
Agent Bleu Crystal Agent Bleu Crystal   See fewer
William Shay House
Mr. Matt Williams Mr. Matt Williams   See fewer
Peter Sommers
Oscar Nash Oscar Nash   See fewer
Jackie Zender
Pentagon Agent CoCo Long Pentagon Agent CoCo Long   See fewer
Chae Chaput
Miss Lester Miss Lester   See fewer
Devorah Lynne Dishington
Ms. Ellanor Parks Ms. Ellanor Parks   See fewer
Erin Reid
Dispatch Dispatch   See fewer
Dzenita Bijavica
Maggie Coral Maggie Coral   See fewer
Archie Archambo
Steve Myburgh Steve Myburgh   See fewer
Toni C. Cody
Pentagon Agent Niki Wilson Pentagon Agent Niki Wilson   See fewer
Joy Yao
Yoga Student Tara Yoga Student Tara   See fewer
Kimberly Durrett
Erika Bickelman Erika Bickelman   See fewer
Yannus Sufandi
Carl Onyx Carl Onyx   See fewer
Jilian Seaton
Josephine Robertson Josephine Robertson   See fewer
Tian Wang
Dr. Feng Dr. Feng   See fewer
Michael L. Wilson Jr.
Agent Mark Carey Agent Mark Carey   See fewer
Kristina Plisko
Teresa Delgado Teresa Delgado   See fewer
Carly Shukiar
Student Brooke Student Brooke   See fewer
Phi Truong
Hai Loi Hai Loi   See fewer
Eva Rickert
Agent Mia Moore Agent Mia Moore   See fewer
Ponda Frost
Pentagon Agent Jeanette DuPree Pentagon Agent Jeanette DuPree   See fewer
Mary Newsome
Lacy Miller Lacy Miller   See fewer
Kate Vos
RN Danielle Scott RN Danielle Scott   See fewer
Justin Kaufman
Pentagon Agent Chased by Nun Pentagon Agent Chased by Nun   See fewer
Laurie Roberts
Laurie Mulheran Laurie Mulheran   See fewer
Hollie Scott
Veronica Jones and Euda-Pi Veronica Jones and Euda-Pi   See fewer
Patrick Birman
Mr. Drake Mr. Drake   See fewer
Alan Perlstein
Agent Sam Brown Agent Sam Brown   See fewer
Grace Somyung
Yoga Student Shine Yoga Student Shine   See fewer
Megan Arima
Garnet Henry Garnet Henry   See fewer
Brian Hemenway
Pentagon Director Pentagon Director   See fewer
Lissed Olivares
Olive Park Olive Park   See fewer
Amanda Stacy
Agent Jill Jones Agent Jill Jones   See fewer
Benjamin Park
Student Ben Student Ben   See fewer
Heather Boothby
Ashley Carey Ashley Carey   See fewer
Katherine Stoner
Grandma Grandma   See fewer
Kelli Jones
Agent Noir Agent Noir   See fewer
Kevin E. Bowers
Pentagon Agent Kevin Cantlin Pentagon Agent Kevin Cantlin   See fewer
Victor A. Cohn
Pontoon Pilot Pontoon Pilot   See fewer
Romy Valentina
Ms Hayden Ms Hayden   See fewer
Anat Gerber
Sky Cydon Sky Cydon   See fewer
Rosemary Napoli
Ava Miller Ava Miller   See fewer
Sal De La Torre III
Coach Rudy Garcia Coach Rudy Garcia   See fewer
Alyssa Gray
Yoga Student Faith Yoga Student Faith   See fewer
Robert Amberry
Agent Burt Patch Agent Burt Patch   See fewer
Beth Margaret
Hazel Norris Hazel Norris   See fewer
Cat A. Smith
Barbara Vandenberg Barbara Vandenberg   See fewer
Kat Ramsey
Marcy Links Marcy Links   See fewer
Niki Zager
Yoga Student Breeze Yoga Student Breeze   See fewer
Jenna Ponaman
Sherene Salanter Sherene Salanter   See fewer
Jeffrey E. Griffith
George (CIA) Spry George (CIA) Spry   See fewer
Marisa Franco
Sugar Plumb Sugar Plumb   See fewer
Joshua Lofquist
The Butler (as Josh Lofquist) The Butler (as Josh Lofquist)   See fewer
Kelli Serio
Agent Noir Agent Noir   See fewer
Jennifer Simpson
Jen Oakland Jen Oakland   See fewer
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