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  • Zombie Dust (2012)
  • Short | 26 min | Short
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Zombie Dust (2012)
Short | 26 min | Short

A thirty-something, under achieving pizza delivery guy still living with his mum, unwittingly turns hero when the majority of his small village are turned into zombies after his greedy boss adds a new experimental substance to his pizzas.

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Release date
Nov 24, 2012 (United Kingdom)


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52 cast members
Name Known for
Coan Barr
Little Monster 8 Little Monster 8   See fewer
Erin Barr
Little Monster 9 Little Monster 9   See fewer
Natasha Barr
Shopper 2 Shopper 2   See fewer
Paddy Barr
Stoner Paddy Stoner Paddy   See fewer
Allisone Brennan
Party Person 3 Party Person 3   See fewer
Catherine Broderick
Little Monster 4 Little Monster 4   See fewer
Joe Broderick
Little Monster 2 Little Monster 2   See fewer
Olivia Broderick
Little Monster 3 Little Monster 3   See fewer
Stephanie Broderick
Daycare Mum 2 Daycare Mum 2   See fewer
Lyndsay Brown Ferris
Shopper 1 Shopper 1   See fewer
Noah Burns-Mackin
Little Monster 10 Little Monster 10   See fewer
Odhran Cassidy
Fairground Zombie Fairground Zombie   See fewer
Damien Coyle
Party Person 4 Party Person 4   See fewer
Ciara Garland
Mother Mother   See fewer
Eva Graham
Zombie 3 Zombie 3   See fewer
Kathleen Graham
Scientist Scientist   See fewer
Katie Graham
Zombie 2 Zombie 2   See fewer
Ruby Graham
Little Monster 5 Little Monster 5   See fewer
Heather Greig
Zombie 7 Zombie 7   See fewer
Paul Hollywood
Party Person 2 Party Person 2   See fewer
Simon Kennedy
Zombie 4 Zombie 4   See fewer
Sophie Kennedy
Zombie 5 Zombie 5   See fewer
Emmie Lavery
Little Monster 6 Little Monster 6   See fewer
Luca Lavery
Little Monster 7 Little Monster 7   See fewer
Susan Lavery
Daycare Mum 1 Daycare Mum 1   See fewer
Glen Mackin
Stoner Pete Stoner Pete   See fewer
Alice McCrea
Zombie 6 Zombie 6   See fewer
Patrice McGurk
Shopper 3 Shopper 3   See fewer
Aaron McKeown
Little Monster 11 Little Monster 11   See fewer
Bobby McKeown
TV News Reporter TV News Reporter   See fewer
Mairead McKeown
Party Person 1 Party Person 1   See fewer
Nathan McKeown
Little Monster 12 Little Monster 12   See fewer
Clare McMurrough
TV News Reader TV News Reader   See fewer
Gerard McMurrough
Zombie Feet Zombie Feet   See fewer
Michael McMurrough
Zombie 1 Zombie 1   See fewer
Stefan Murray
Zombie 8 Zombie 8   See fewer
Roddy O'Flaherty
Dancer 2 Dancer 2   See fewer
Eddie Petersen
Zombie 11 Zombie 11   See fewer
Emily Petersen
Zombie 14 Zombie 14   See fewer
Regina Petersen
Zombie 12 Zombie 12   See fewer
René Petersen
Zombie 13 Zombie 13   See fewer
Kathleen Rea
Zombie 9 Zombie 9   See fewer
Martin Rea
Stoner Marty Stoner Marty   See fewer
Peter Rea
Zombie 10 Zombie 10   See fewer
Alicia Toal
Radio News Reader Radio News Reader   See fewer
Megan Turner
Little Monster 1 Little Monster 1   See fewer
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