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  • The Homesman (2014)
  • R
    122 min | Drama, Western
The Homesman (2014)
122 min | Drama, Western

Three women who have been driven mad by pioneer life are to be transported across the country by covered wagon by the pious, independent-minded Mary Bee Cuddy, who in turn employs low-life drifter George Briggs to assist her.
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Tommy Lee Jones (screenplay) | Kieran Fitzgerald (screenplay) | Wesley A. Oliver (screenplay) | Glendon Swarthout (novel)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Aug 29, 2014 (United States)


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35 cast members
Name Known for
Tommy Lee Jones
George Briggs George Briggs   See fewer
Hilary Swank
Mary Bee Cuddy Mary Bee Cuddy   See fewer
Grace Gummer
Arabella Sours Arabella Sours   See fewer
Miranda Otto
Theoline Belknap Theoline Belknap   See fewer
Sonja Richter
Gro Svendsen Gro Svendsen   See fewer
Jo Harvey Allen
Mrs. Polhemus Mrs. Polhemus   See fewer
Barry Corbin
Buster Shaver Buster Shaver   See fewer
David Dencik
Thor Svendsen Thor Svendsen   See fewer
William Fichtner
Vester Belknap Vester Belknap   See fewer
Evan Jones
Bob Giffen Bob Giffen   See fewer
Caroline Lagerfelt
Netti Svendsen Netti Svendsen   See fewer
John Lithgow
Reverend Alfred Dowd Reverend Alfred Dowd   See fewer
Tim Blake Nelson
Freighter Freighter   See fewer
Jesse Plemons
Garn Sours Garn Sours   See fewer
James Spader
Aloysius Duffy Aloysius Duffy   See fewer
Hailee Steinfeld
Tabitha Hutchinson Tabitha Hutchinson   See fewer
Meryl Streep
Altha Carter Altha Carter   See fewer
Karen Jones
Mrs. Linens Mrs. Linens   See fewer
Martin Palmer
Vigilante #2 Vigilante #2   See fewer
Jerry Vahn Knight
Vigilante #3 Vigilante #3   See fewer
Adrian Doerfler
Vigilant #4 Vigilant #4   See fewer
Lela Rose Allen
Belknap Daughter #1 (as Lela Allen) Belknap Daughter #1 (as Lela Allen)   See fewer
Sachie Capitani
Belknap Daughter #2 Belknap Daughter #2   See fewer
Brian Kennedy
Barkeep Fitzpatrick Barkeep Fitzpatrick   See fewer
Victoria Jones
Woman (Hebron) Woman (Hebron)   See fewer
Rick Irwin
Dealer Dealer   See fewer
Richard Andrew Jones
Carmichael (as Richard Jones) Carmichael (as Richard Jones)   See fewer
Austin Leonard Jones
Banjo Player Banjo Player   See fewer
Matthew Ryan Anderson
Horseman (uncredited) Horseman (uncredited)   See fewer
James Blackburn
Townsperson (uncredited) Townsperson (uncredited)   See fewer
Lila Brock
Jennifer Tull (uncredited) Jennifer Tull (uncredited)   See fewer
Jesi Mandagaran
Paulina (uncredited) Paulina (uncredited)   See fewer
Wyatt Mortenson
Town Cowboy (uncredited) Town Cowboy (uncredited)   See fewer
Autumn Shields
Loney Belknap (uncredited) Loney Belknap (uncredited)   See fewer
Kaelynn Wright
Arabella Sibling (uncredited) Arabella Sibling (uncredited)   See fewer
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