Two Days in the Smoke (2014)
Not Rated
89 min | Crime, Romance, Thriller

48 hours in the life of a burnt-out City lawyer who loses his job, falls for a call girl and steals £400,000 from a gangland boss - who wants every penny of it back.
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Release date
Oct 4, 2014 (Spain)


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85 cast members
Name Known for
Velibor Topic
Dmitri Dmitri   See fewer
Lindsay Armaou
Georgina Georgina   See fewer
Funda Önal
Josephine Josephine   See fewer
Ricky Groves
Sweeney Sweeney   See fewer
Frazer Hines
Mr. Hemmings Mr. Hemmings   See fewer
Emma Fletcher
Ms. Derewight Ms. Derewight   See fewer
Jon Campling
Mr. Grimm Mr. Grimm   See fewer
Tom Carter
Mr. Coates Mr. Coates   See fewer
Seamus O'Neill
Mr. Burnham Mr. Burnham   See fewer
Miriam Yeager
Mrs. Pettigrew Mrs. Pettigrew   See fewer
Yennis Cheung
Boa Ting Boa Ting   See fewer
Mark Drake
Steve Steve   See fewer
Fay Downie
Charisse Charisse   See fewer
Alice Bird
Jennifer Jennifer   See fewer
Rebecca Bailey
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Monty Burgess
Sarkis Sarkis   See fewer
Vanessa Mayfield
Harriet Harriet   See fewer
Lily Joseph
Janie the Barmaid Janie the Barmaid   See fewer
Carly Maybin
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Clark Vasey
Warren Warren   See fewer
Latoya Miller
Trinity Trinity   See fewer
Mazlum Kortas
Fikret Fikret   See fewer
Gino Picciano
Kresimir Kresimir   See fewer
Gomes Garcia
Tegezy Tegezy   See fewer
Jay Kirk
Zoran Zoran   See fewer
Tina Tancak
Tina (as Tina Tancakova) Tina (as Tina Tancakova)   See fewer
Paul Blackwell
Police officer Police officer   See fewer
Eke Chukwu
PC Woods PC Woods   See fewer
Fiona Goodhew
Main Receptionist Main Receptionist   See fewer
Tony Harrison
Cafe Customer Cafe Customer   See fewer
Chris Martin Hill
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Celine Jedidi
Cafe bystander Cafe bystander   See fewer
Joelle Koissi
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Dan Lam
Camera Camera   See fewer
Stuart Matthews
Businessman Businessman   See fewer
Kumud Pant
Man at bar Man at bar   See fewer
David Pibworth
Mr. Smith Mr. Smith   See fewer
Mark Postgate
Mr. Clifford Mr. Clifford   See fewer
Raf Richard
TV Reporter (as Rafiq Richard) TV Reporter (as Rafiq Richard)   See fewer
Ribbon Ross
Blerina Blerina   See fewer
Malcolm Tierney
Professor Arlo Greene Professor Arlo Greene   See fewer
Naomi Westerman
Sasha's PA Sasha's PA   See fewer
Trev Williams
Homeless Man Homeless Man   See fewer
Bharat Mistri
Bar customer (uncredited) Bar customer (uncredited)   See fewer
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