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  • Summer of '92 (2015)
  • 93 min | Biography, Comedy, Drama
Summer of '92 (2015)
93 min | Biography, Comedy, Drama

The 1992 Danish football team competes for the European Championship.
Anders Frithiof August (screenplay) | Kasper Barfoed (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Aug 27, 2015 (Denmark)


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68 cast members
Name Known for
Ulrich Thomsen
Richard Møller Nielsen Richard Møller Nielsen   See fewer
Henning Jensen
Kaj Johansen Kaj Johansen   See fewer
Mikkel Boe Følsgaard
Kim Vilfort Kim Vilfort   See fewer
Cyron Melville
Brian Laudrup Brian Laudrup   See fewer
Esben Smed
John 'Faxe' Jensen John 'Faxe' Jensen   See fewer
Gustav Dyekjær Giese
Peter Schmeichel Peter Schmeichel   See fewer
Jon Lange
Kim Christofte Kim Christofte   See fewer
Allan Hyde
Flemming Povlsen Flemming Povlsen   See fewer
Johannes Lassen
Kent Nielsen Kent Nielsen   See fewer
Morten Vang
Henrik Andersen (as Morten Vang Simonsen) Henrik Andersen (as Morten Vang Simonsen)   See fewer
Hans Holtegaard
Hans Bjerg-Pedersen Hans Bjerg-Pedersen   See fewer
Lars Brygmann
Frits Ahlstrøm Frits Ahlstrøm   See fewer
Lene Maria Christensen
Jonna Møller Nielsen Jonna Møller Nielsen   See fewer
Julie Zangenberg
Annette Jensen Annette Jensen   See fewer
Birgitte Hjort Sørensen
Minna Vilfort Minna Vilfort   See fewer
Selma Neveu
Line Vilfort Line Vilfort   See fewer
Niclas Vessel Kølpin
Michael Laudrup Michael Laudrup   See fewer
Caspar Phillipson
Morten Stig Christensen Morten Stig Christensen   See fewer
Jacob Lohmann
Arnesen Arnesen   See fewer
Anders Budde
Larsen Larsen   See fewer
Åse Andersson
Line Baun Danielsen Line Baun Danielsen   See fewer
Peer Kaae
Steen Ankerdal Steen Ankerdal   See fewer
Ulrik Nykjær Jeppesen
Tommy Møller Nielsen Tommy Møller Nielsen   See fewer
Karoline Brygmann
Birgitte Møller Nielsen Birgitte Møller Nielsen   See fewer
Michael Lundbye-Slebsager
Christian Møller Nielsen Christian Møller Nielsen   See fewer
Claus Friis
Blazer Blazer   See fewer
Anthony Straeger
Engelsk Journalist Engelsk Journalist   See fewer
Sabrina Ruiz
Fransk Journalist Fransk Journalist   See fewer
Georgios Crysanides
Graesk Journalist Graesk Journalist   See fewer
Walter Clerici
Italian jurnalist Italian jurnalist   See fewer
Mikhail Belinson
Russisk Journalist Russisk Journalist   See fewer
Alvin Olid Bursøe
Spanish journalist Spanish journalist   See fewer
Lucas Hansen
Assistent Assistent   See fewer
Marc Sander
Lars Elstrup (as Marc Sander Jensen) Lars Elstrup (as Marc Sander Jensen)   See fewer
Andreas Biesbjerg Jensen
Lars Olsen (as Andreas Jensen) Lars Olsen (as Andreas Jensen)   See fewer
Jeppe Fischer
Torben Piechnik Torben Piechnik   See fewer
Lasse Bo Kronborg Brøns
John Sivebæk John Sivebæk   See fewer
Anders Hvelplund
Peter Nielsen Peter Nielsen   See fewer
Adam Fischer
Torben Frank Torben Frank   See fewer
Nicklas Kühn Brustad
Johnny Mølby (as Nicklas Brustad) Johnny Mølby (as Nicklas Brustad)   See fewer
Johan Kirkegaard
Mogens Krogh Mogens Krogh   See fewer
Mads Moritzen Bak
Henrik 'Store' Larsen (as Mads Bak Moritzen) Henrik 'Store' Larsen (as Mads Bak Moritzen)   See fewer
Jonas Madsen
Claus Christiansen Claus Christiansen   See fewer
Anders Nielsen
Jan Bartram Jan Bartram   See fewer
Philip Garder
Jan Heintze Jan Heintze   See fewer
Elias Munk
Troels Rasmussen Troels Rasmussen   See fewer
Asbjørn Berg
Erik Sandvad Erik Sandvad   See fewer
Søren Bo
John Larsen John Larsen   See fewer
Jonas Kisby Jørgensen
John Helt John Helt   See fewer
Natanael Andreasson
Ronald Koeman Ronald Koeman   See fewer
Illiana Anmbod
Fodboldfan Fodboldfan   See fewer
Jeppe Berggreen
Northern Irish Footballer Northern Irish Footballer   See fewer
Tommy Johansson
Jürgen Klinsmann Jürgen Klinsmann   See fewer
Joel Kullberg
Fotograf / EM-officiall Fotograf / EM-officiall   See fewer
Helle Pilar Larsen
Sygeplejerske Sygeplejerske   See fewer
Sonja Molina
Fodboldfans Fodboldfans   See fewer
Frida Stigevik
Kæreste Kæreste   See fewer
Karim Theilgaard
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Madeleine Jacobsson
Fodboldfans (uncredited) Fodboldfans (uncredited)   See fewer
Richard Muthwill
Minigolf Player (uncredited) Minigolf Player (uncredited)   See fewer
Sofia Nyström
Fodboldspillers kæreste (uncredited) Fodboldspillers kæreste (uncredited)   See fewer
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