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  • Southern Comfort (2014)
  • 87 min | Drama, Romance
Southern Comfort (2014)
87 min | Drama, Romance

A young artist ventures to the South to find himself and unleashes a catastrophic turn of events past and future.
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Ryan Gregory Phillips (as Ryan Phillips)
Chris Mammarelli | Ryan Gregory Phillips (as Ryan Phillips) | Adrian West (as Adrian Westendorff)

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Updated Feb 3, 2014

Release date
Jul 4, 2016 (United States)


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44 cast members
Name Known for
Lauren Swickard
Betty Lane (as Lauren York) Betty Lane (as Lauren York)   See fewer
Ashley Bratcher
Abigail Stansbury Abigail Stansbury   See fewer
Justin Wheelon
Billy Ray Dixon Billy Ray Dixon   See fewer
Kimberly Dawn Guerrero
Janet Turnbill (as Kimberly Pfeffer) Janet Turnbill (as Kimberly Pfeffer)   See fewer
Megan Drust
Riley J Riley J   See fewer
Richard Bryant
Beau Biggs Beau Biggs   See fewer
Brad Worch II
Spencer Hayes Spencer Hayes   See fewer
Courtney Lakin
Alice Hawthorne Alice Hawthorne   See fewer
Barry O'Rourke
George Gallough George Gallough   See fewer
Arielle Wyatt
Fiona Shephard Fiona Shephard   See fewer
Blaine Gray
David Blake David Blake   See fewer
Barbara Scolaro
Vanessa Burrows Vanessa Burrows   See fewer
Anthony Paderewski
Derrick Stansbury Derrick Stansbury   See fewer
Tyler Mazzei
Brooklyn Brooklyn   See fewer
Brian Lloyd
Carly Dawson Carly Dawson   See fewer
Daniel Jones
Dennis Walter Dennis Walter   See fewer
April Ezell Wilson
Jesse Stokes Jesse Stokes   See fewer
Dervin Gilbert
Bob Johnson Bob Johnson   See fewer
Nick Antonyan
Interview Camera #2 (as Noubar Antonyan) Interview Camera #2 (as Noubar Antonyan)   See fewer
Bruce Williamson
Farmer Clayton Farmer Clayton   See fewer
Soren Bryce Martin
Susan Becker Susan Becker   See fewer
Jaxson Mitchell
Logan Stokes Logan Stokes   See fewer
Ben Blandford
Boom Op Boom Op   See fewer
Crystal M. Craven
School Nurse School Nurse   See fewer
Jack Bellator
Principal Virgil Arnett Principal Virgil Arnett   See fewer
Julie Meyer
Carly Thomas Carly Thomas   See fewer
Mitchell Wright
Cab Driver Cab Driver   See fewer
Nance Phillips
Chef's Wife Chef's Wife   See fewer
Doug Scheiber
Camera Man Camera Man   See fewer
Ashley McConnell
Ashley Ann Ashley Ann   See fewer
Landee Martin
Tamara Becker Tamara Becker   See fewer
Stephen Linn
Billy Bob Billy Bob   See fewer
Alton Mills
Interview Camera #1 Interview Camera #1   See fewer
Timothy J. Larcher
Gallough's Guest (as Timothy Larcher) Gallough's Guest (as Timothy Larcher)   See fewer
Michael Hyde
Mr. Stokes Mr. Stokes   See fewer
Elise Lindsay
Sam Turnbill Sam Turnbill   See fewer
Chancy Johnson
Benjamin Benjamin   See fewer
Makenzy Landay
Rachel Ann Rachel Ann   See fewer
Shavone Gadsden
Party Guest Party Guest   See fewer
Rich Garcia
Cameraman #2 Cameraman #2   See fewer
Ozzie Hutson
Pastor Becker Pastor Becker   See fewer
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