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Air Force One Is Down

Episode #1.1 (Season 1, Episode 1)
TV Episode | 91 min | Action

A general stages an elaborate plot to kidnap the US president. Now a rogue soldier and crack team of experts must rescue her and stop an attack on home soil.
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Updated Nov 20, 2013

Release date
Feb 21, 2013 (South Korea)


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43 cast members
Name Known for
Jeremy Sisto
Fergus Markey Fergus Markey   See fewer
Jamie Thomas King
Steven Featherstone Steven Featherstone   See fewer
Emilie de Ravin
Francesca Romero Francesca Romero   See fewer
Rupert Graves
Dragutin Dragutin   See fewer
Ken Duken
Petrovic Petrovic   See fewer
Linda Hamilton
Harriet Rowntree Harriet Rowntree   See fewer
Cas Anvar
Kemal Kemal   See fewer
Jamie Treacher
John Mackenzie John Mackenzie   See fewer
Paul Birchard
General Greaves General Greaves   See fewer
Mickey Hardt
Bozidar (as Micky Hardt) Bozidar (as Micky Hardt)   See fewer
Gary McDonald
Pilot Walsh Pilot Walsh   See fewer
Carsten Norgaard
Dimitri Kozinski Dimitri Kozinski   See fewer
Amanda Donohoe
Gillian Barry Gillian Barry   See fewer
Clayton Norcross
Colonel Palmer Colonel Palmer   See fewer
Jacob Cedertun
Zhikhrev / Medev Zhikhrev / Medev   See fewer
Gabriel Boisante
Pavic (as Gabriele Boissante) Pavic (as Gabriele Boissante)   See fewer
Dan Cade
Gregori Gregori   See fewer
Jack Kelly
Sergei Sergei   See fewer
Nilton Martins
Lyachin Lyachin   See fewer
James Carroll Jordan
Senator (as James Jordan) Senator (as James Jordan)   See fewer
Anthony Schuster
Barney Stein Barney Stein   See fewer
Elin Sjöling
Mrs. Stein Mrs. Stein   See fewer
Judith Richter
Krystal Krystal   See fewer
Christopher P. Kibbey
Surgeon Vora (credit only) (as Chris Kibbey) Surgeon Vora (credit only) (as Chris Kibbey)   See fewer
Eric Loren
Gerry Gerry   See fewer
Leila Lallali
Sacha (as Leila Anaïs Schaus) Sacha (as Leila Anaïs Schaus)   See fewer
Massimo Brancatelli
Tour Guide (credit only) Tour Guide (credit only)   See fewer
Eric Michael Cole
Bureaucrat Bureaucrat   See fewer
Andrew Bonner
MacDonald MacDonald   See fewer
Ben Adams
AF1 Co-Pilot AF1 Co-Pilot   See fewer
Josie Hendricks Malone
AF1 Flight Engineer AF1 Flight Engineer   See fewer
Mark Russell
Fighter Pilot Fighter Pilot   See fewer
Claude Breda
Russian Expert (uncredited) Russian Expert (uncredited)   See fewer
Jean-Michel Larre
Serbian Policeman (uncredited) Serbian Policeman (uncredited)   See fewer
Andy McKell
Tourist (uncredited) Tourist (uncredited)   See fewer
Denis Simonetta
Man in the executive hall (2013) (uncredited) Man in the executive hall (2013) (uncredited)   See fewer
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