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Drama, Sport

In the fall of 1950, Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton forever changed the game of basketball when he entered the NBA. The story of the first African American to land a contract to play in the NBA.
Martin Guigui (screenplay)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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66 cast members
Name Known for
Cary Elwes
Ned Irish Ned Irish   See fewer
Kevin Pollak
Abe Saperstein Abe Saperstein   See fewer
Richard Dreyfuss
Maurice Podoloff Maurice Podoloff   See fewer
Jeremy Piven
Joe Lapchick Joe Lapchick   See fewer
Mike Starr
Eddie Gottlieb Eddie Gottlieb   See fewer
Jim Meskimen
Myles Slocum Myles Slocum   See fewer
Chance McCoy
Ernie vandeweghe Ernie vandeweghe   See fewer
Jason Sklar
Donnie Grossman Donnie Grossman   See fewer
Paul Hipp
Barker Barker   See fewer
Wayne Federman
Referee Pete Referee Pete   See fewer
James Quattrochi
Big Tony Big Tony   See fewer
Ernest Harden Jr.
Coach Will Robinson Coach Will Robinson   See fewer
Thiago Oliveira
Sweaty Knicks Player Sweaty Knicks Player   See fewer
Paul Riley Fox
Mechanic Mechanic   See fewer
Ashani Roberts
Sweetwater's Mom Sweetwater's Mom   See fewer
Everett Osborne
Nathaniel 'Sweetwater' Clifton Nathaniel 'Sweetwater' Clifton   See fewer
Dahlia Waingort Guigui
Mrs. Lapchick Mrs. Lapchick   See fewer
Liam Risinger
Richard Lapchik Richard Lapchik   See fewer
Christine Heneise
Barn Game Attender Barn Game Attender   See fewer
Ca'Ron Jaden Coleman
Young Sweetwater Young Sweetwater   See fewer
Nick Stellate
News Reel Announcer News Reel Announcer   See fewer
Harry Zinn
Maitre d' Maitre d'   See fewer
Jeff Jocoy
Jim Pollard Jim Pollard   See fewer
Brian J. Singer
Ben Berger Ben Berger   See fewer
Dave Cobert
Dick McGuire Dick McGuire   See fewer
Frank Buckley
Howard (Radio Announcer) Howard (Radio Announcer)   See fewer
Joshua King Brooks
Chuck Cooper Chuck Cooper   See fewer
Jason Pfister
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Tim Kavanagh
Arthur 'Art' Webb Arthur 'Art' Webb   See fewer
Cullen Edward Donovan
Max Zaslofsky Max Zaslofsky   See fewer
Noah Guigui
Little Trotter Little Trotter   See fewer
Isabelle Barrymore
Cocktail Waitress Cocktail Waitress   See fewer
Paul Burroughs
Walter Brown Walter Brown   See fewer
Alessandro Palladino
All-Star Trainer All-Star Trainer   See fewer
Mark Tietsort
Les Harrison Les Harrison   See fewer
Mark Bonfigli
Coach Kundla Coach Kundla   See fewer
Jude Thomas
Marques Marques   See fewer
Michael Westphal
Harry Gallatin Harry Gallatin   See fewer
Tom Del Beccaro
Bones McKinney Bones McKinney   See fewer
Todd Ant
Marty (Radio Announcer) Marty (Radio Announcer)   See fewer
Steven Morse
Norm Drucker Norm Drucker   See fewer
Delijah McAlpin
Teen Sweetwater Teen Sweetwater   See fewer
Jeanne Staples Jeanne Staples   See fewer
J.J. Miller
Doorman Doorman   See fewer
Ronald McAdams
Scorekeeper Scorekeeper   See fewer
James Cesa
George Mikan George Mikan   See fewer
Marty Herzog
Bar patron Bar patron   See fewer
Brien Dougherty
Gus Campbell Gus Campbell   See fewer
Trevor Ossian Cameron
Basketball Fan Basketball Fan   See fewer
Bob Okun
The Mayor The Mayor   See fewer
Bobby Portis Jr.
Earl Lloyd Earl Lloyd   See fewer
Clifton Nathaniel
Joe Nathaniel Joe Nathaniel   See fewer
Joel Post
Knicks Trainer Knicks Trainer   See fewer
Nikki Nevarez
Basketball Wife Basketball Wife   See fewer
John T. Hillman
Basketball Fan (uncredited) Basketball Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
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