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  • Unsung Hero (2024)
  • PG
    112 min | Drama, Family
Unsung Hero (2024)
112 min | Drama, Family

The movie also follows the family's mother, Helen Smallbone, as she uses her faith to hold the family of nine together by turning struggles into an adventure for her children.
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Richard L. Ramsey (co-director) (as Richard Ramsey) | Joel Smallbone (co-director)
Richard L. Ramsey (written by) (as Richard Ramsey) | Joel Smallbone
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Nov 13, 2022

Release date
Apr 26, 2024 (United States)


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46 cast members
Name Known for
Daisy Betts
Helen Smallbone Helen Smallbone   See fewer
Joel Smallbone
David Smallbone David Smallbone   See fewer
Kirrilee Berger
Rebecca Smallbone Rebecca Smallbone   See fewer
Jonathan Jackson
Eddie Degarmo Eddie Degarmo   See fewer
Lucas Black
Jed Albright Jed Albright   See fewer
Candace Cameron Bure
Kay Albright Kay Albright   See fewer
Paul Luke Bonenfant
Daniel Smallbone Daniel Smallbone   See fewer
Diesel La Torraca
Joel Smallbone Joel Smallbone   See fewer
JJ Pantano
Luke Smallbone Luke Smallbone   See fewer
Tenz McCall
Ben Smallbone Ben Smallbone   See fewer
Angus K. Caldwell
Josh Smallbone Josh Smallbone   See fewer
Hillary Scott
Luanne Meece Luanne Meece   See fewer
Lance E. Nichols
Art Meriweather Art Meriweather   See fewer
Roslyn Gentle
Nana Smallbone Nana Smallbone   See fewer
Terry O'Quinn
Grandpa James Grandpa James   See fewer
Don Most
Pierce Pierce   See fewer
Rachel Hendrix
Amy Grant Amy Grant   See fewer
Rebecca St. James
Flight Attendant Flight Attendant   See fewer
Mattie Jo Cowsert
Southern Wife Southern Wife   See fewer
Sharonne Lanier
Billing Rep Billing Rep   See fewer
Sonny Burnette
Church Usher Church Usher   See fewer
Paul Michael Starnes
Airplane Passanger Airplane Passanger   See fewer
Lily Lumpkin
Meagan Albright Meagan Albright   See fewer
Liz Fletcher
Train passenger Train passenger   See fewer
Jennie Malone
Grocery Store Cashier Grocery Store Cashier   See fewer
Shelly Townsend
Doctor Tanaka Doctor Tanaka   See fewer
Payton Shae Taylor
Labor and delivery nurse Labor and delivery nurse   See fewer
Vin Morreale Jr.
Insurance Agent Insurance Agent   See fewer
John French
Customs Agent Customs Agent   See fewer
NaSwana Moon
Desk Agent Desk Agent   See fewer
Ben Kacsandi
Executive Executive   See fewer
Sharon Murray
Cashier Cashier   See fewer
Gerry Rose
Steve Steve   See fewer
Alex Lannan
Customs Agent Customs Agent   See fewer
LaDonna Starnes
Airplane Passenger Airplane Passenger   See fewer
Sarah Kotzur
Bobbie Bobbie   See fewer
Morgan Zedalis
Greg Ham Greg Ham   See fewer
Allen Penick
Airplane passenger (uncredited) Airplane passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
Steve Tressler
Plane Passenger (uncredited) Plane Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
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