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  • Chicanery (2017)
  • 81 min | Comedy
Chicanery (2017)
81 min | Comedy

Darren Flare is an Emmy Award-winning, slightly dim newscaster, who is about to stumble on the story of the decade: the capture of the FBI's most wanted terrorist, the Imam Abdul Mohammed Zaleeka.
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Release date
Apr 29, 2017 (United States)


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42 cast members
Name Known for
Rose Abdoo
Arlene Sobel Rosen Arlene Sobel Rosen   See fewer
Elya Baskin
Boris Namarov Boris Namarov   See fewer
Drew Bell
Howard Schloss Howard Schloss   See fewer
Tamara Belousova
Natalya (as Tamara Belous) Natalya (as Tamara Belous)   See fewer
Ross Benjamin
Steve Natofonzo Steve Natofonzo   See fewer
Leila Birch
Charlotte Poole Charlotte Poole   See fewer
Becky Bonar
Bathsheba McCintire Bathsheba McCintire   See fewer
Rachelle Carson-Begley
Lynette Sobel (as Rachelle Carson) Lynette Sobel (as Rachelle Carson)   See fewer
T.J. Castronovo
Sal Carlito Sal Carlito   See fewer
Claudia Christian
Abigail Blunt Abigail Blunt   See fewer
Robin Dearden
Diana Flare Diana Flare   See fewer
Kim Delgado
Desmond Cobb Desmond Cobb   See fewer
Charles Dennis
Chaim Tammuz Chaim Tammuz   See fewer
Ethne Dennis
Thrill Thorndyke Thrill Thorndyke   See fewer
Neil Dickson
Gareth Foyle Gareth Foyle   See fewer
Kim Eveleth
Lou Anne Hodgin Lou Anne Hodgin   See fewer
Teresa Ganzel
Brandy Thorndyke Brandy Thorndyke   See fewer
Kamil Haque
Mike Awabi Mike Awabi   See fewer
Sun Hong
Eric Park Eric Park   See fewer
Lianne X. Hu
Lavender Wu Lavender Wu   See fewer
Brent Huff
Darren Flare Darren Flare   See fewer
Shawn Huff
Penny Parana Penny Parana   See fewer
Scallops Scallops   See fewer
Zoi Kottas
Alexa Makos Alexa Makos   See fewer
Michael Laskin
Mel Sobel Mel Sobel   See fewer
Loren Lester
Calvin Kelvin Calvin Kelvin   See fewer
Gene Mack
George Wishfort George Wishfort   See fewer
Patty McCormack
Sandra Monescu Sandra Monescu   See fewer
Seana McKenna
Lorna Snowden Lorna Snowden   See fewer
Fred Melamed
Arthur Schekner Arthur Schekner   See fewer
Jay Moton
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Ron Orbach
Shel Rosen Shel Rosen   See fewer
Patrick Pinney
Mannheim Hofflung Mannheim Hofflung   See fewer
Enn Reitel
Windsor Silcox Windsor Silcox   See fewer
Mark Rydell
Jack Sobel Jack Sobel   See fewer
Michele Scarabelli
Gina Ricci Gina Ricci   See fewer
Pete Sepenuk
Jinx Holborn Jinx Holborn   See fewer
Tyne Stecklein
Sookie Flare Sookie Flare   See fewer
Kate Vernon
Billie Endicott Billie Endicott   See fewer
Lou Wagner
Ben Gitzel Ben Gitzel   See fewer
Kenneth Welsh
Pringle Hewitt Pringle Hewitt   See fewer
Simon Yokoyama
Stealth Mifune Stealth Mifune   See fewer
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