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  • The Featherweight (2023)
  • 99 min | Biography, Drama, Sport
The Featherweight (2023)
99 min | Biography, Drama, Sport

Set in 1964, a camera crew follows Willie Pep, retired featherweight boxing champion. Down and out in Hartford CT, married to a woman half his age and with a drug-addled son and mounting debts, Pep decides to make a return to the ring.
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Updated Sep 3, 2023

Release date
Oct 1, 2023 (United States)


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60 cast members
Name Known for
James Madio
Willie Pep Willie Pep   See fewer
Ruby Wolf
Linda Papaleo Linda Papaleo   See fewer
Keir Gilchrist
Billy Papaleo Jr. Billy Papaleo Jr.   See fewer
Stephen Lang
Bill Gore Bill Gore   See fewer
Ron Livingston
Bob Kaplan Bob Kaplan   See fewer
Lawrence Gilliard Jr.
Sandy Saddler Sandy Saddler   See fewer
Shari Albert
Fran Papaleo Fran Papaleo   See fewer
Frank John Hughes
Mike Marino Mike Marino   See fewer
Imma Aiello
Mama Papaleo Mama Papaleo   See fewer
Michael Siberry
Bill Lee Bill Lee   See fewer
Jeremy Luke
Rocky Marciano Rocky Marciano   See fewer
David Lavine
Karl Rierson Karl Rierson   See fewer
Louis Vanaria
Event Organizer Event Organizer   See fewer
Patrick Murney
Don Dunphy Don Dunphy   See fewer
Gino Cafarelli
Harry Balogh Harry Balogh   See fewer
Delano Montgomery
Sam Hornsby Sam Hornsby   See fewer
Jay Giannone
Gerard Gerard   See fewer
Alex Biestek
Case File Wardrobe Supervisor Case File Wardrobe Supervisor   See fewer
David Boston
Joseph Joseph   See fewer
Jason D. Concepcion
Miami Boxing Official Miami Boxing Official   See fewer
Joe Cusano
Miami Referee Miami Referee   See fewer
Bianca Day
Maggie Maggie   See fewer
Angelo DeFazio
The Buyer The Buyer   See fewer
Alexandra DeHart
Dorothy Dorothy   See fewer
Pranav Dev
Johnny Johnny   See fewer
Stephen Emirzian
Angry bar patron Angry bar patron   See fewer
David Gere
Television Director Television Director   See fewer
Dennis House
Miami Reporter Miami Reporter   See fewer
Brian Hoyle
Miami Cornerman Miami Cornerman   See fewer
Eric Hynes
J. Walter Blake (voice) J. Walter Blake (voice)   See fewer
Steven Ike
Hartford Trainer Hartford Trainer   See fewer
Kimbriel Louis
Stage player Stage player   See fewer
Paul Macca Jr.
Boxing Commissioner Boxing Commissioner   See fewer
Angelo Madio
Angelo Angelo   See fewer
Joe Messina
Stagehand Stagehand   See fewer
Lily Metten
Case File Makeup Artist Case File Makeup Artist   See fewer
Claudio Nunes
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Ginger O'Toole
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Mike Oliver
Harold Mckeever Harold Mckeever   See fewer
Rodger Phillips
Reporter (as Rodger L. Phillips) Reporter (as Rodger L. Phillips)   See fewer
Holly Rice
Banquet Guest Banquet Guest   See fewer
Ron Rogell
Pep's Cut Man Pep's Cut Man   See fewer
Danny Schiavone
MSG Referee MSG Referee   See fewer
Gordon Silva
Salvatore Papaleo Salvatore Papaleo   See fewer
Marlon Starling
Sandy Saddler's Friend Sandy Saddler's Friend   See fewer
Bruno Tedeschi
Loanshark Loanshark   See fewer
Brendan Unikewicz
Boxing Spectator Boxing Spectator   See fewer
Tashawn Ward
Chalky Wright Chalky Wright   See fewer
Will Fulton Jr.
Boxing Coach (uncredited) Boxing Coach (uncredited)   See fewer
Joe Lupino
MSG referee (saddler fight) (uncredited) MSG referee (saddler fight) (uncredited)   See fewer
Bar Owner (uncredited) Bar Owner (uncredited)   See fewer
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