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  • Christmas Oranges (2012)
  • PG
    101 min | Drama, Family
Christmas Oranges (2012)
101 min | Drama, Family

Experience the journey of Rose, an orphan who teaches the meaning of hope to all those around her. Share a slice of Christmas sweetened with friendship in this poignant story based on a classic holiday tale.
Linda Bethers (based upon the book by) | Sally Meyer (screenplay) | Ben Sowards (based upon the book by)
John Lyde (as Airk Thaughbaer)
John Lyde (as Airk Thaughbaer)
Casting Director

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Updated Dec 7, 2012

Release date
Jun 1, 2012 (United States)


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75 cast members
Name Known for
Edward Herrmann
Mr. Crampton Mr. Crampton   See fewer
Nancy Stafford
Mrs. Hartley Mrs. Hartley   See fewer
Bailee Michelle Johnson
Rose (as Bailee Johnson) Rose (as Bailee Johnson)   See fewer
Yolanda Stange
Polly (as Yolanda Wood) Polly (as Yolanda Wood)   See fewer
Ethan Hunt
Gilbert Gilbert   See fewer
Sydney Peebler
Celeste Celeste   See fewer
Emily Hallows
Felicity Felicity   See fewer
Anne Burton
Josephine Josephine   See fewer
Grace Hallows
Beatrice Beatrice   See fewer
Ethan Lyde
Andrew Andrew   See fewer
Elizabeth Hales
Miss Gladstone Miss Gladstone   See fewer
Madalynn Wight
Abigail Abigail   See fewer
Demitria Cline
Victoria Victoria   See fewer
Aimee Lynne Johnson
Katharine (as Aimee Johnson) Katharine (as Aimee Johnson)   See fewer
Sarah White
Samantha (as Sarah Anne White) Samantha (as Sarah Anne White)   See fewer
Aiden Beagley
Walter Walter   See fewer
Maggie Scott
Olivia Olivia   See fewer
Max Moody
Samuel Samuel   See fewer
Danny James
Simon Beesley Simon Beesley   See fewer
Danna Louisa
Charlotte (as Danna Wilson) Charlotte (as Danna Wilson)   See fewer
Sage Adler
Young Josephine Young Josephine   See fewer
Taryn Bedore
Young Felicity Young Felicity   See fewer
Sahara Yasmin Krompel
Rose 7 years Rose 7 years   See fewer
Ethan Scott
Michael Michael   See fewer
Caitlin E.J. Meyer
Rose's Mother / Grace Crampton Rose's Mother / Grace Crampton   See fewer
Abigail Hiller
Rose 2 yrs (as Abigail Marie Hiller) Rose 2 yrs (as Abigail Marie Hiller)   See fewer
Rylee Kaye Stones
Baby Rose Baby Rose   See fewer
Marlys Miller-Fladeland
Kind Benefactress Kind Benefactress   See fewer
Jill Adler
Eliza's Mother Eliza's Mother   See fewer
Cate Allen
Walter's Mother Walter's Mother   See fewer
Kenneth Applegate
Michael's Father (as Ken Applegate) Michael's Father (as Ken Applegate)   See fewer
Brandon Avery
Matthew Matthew   See fewer
Linda Bethers
Benefactress Benefactress   See fewer
Trudy Bockoven
Benefactress Benefactress   See fewer
Jane Brady
Little Girl's Mother Little Girl's Mother   See fewer
Ken Brady
Little Girl's Father Little Girl's Father   See fewer
Lily Brady
Little Girl (as Lillian Ruth Brady) Little Girl (as Lillian Ruth Brady)   See fewer
Stephanie Breinholt
Rose (voice) Rose (voice)   See fewer
Matt Burch
Carriage Driver Carriage Driver   See fewer
Kelsey Carter
Kristen Kristen   See fewer
Kenzie Carter
Christina Christina   See fewer
Justin Doxford
Benefactor Benefactor   See fewer
Tyler Doyle
Charles Charles   See fewer
Bill Gillane
Jenny's Father Jenny's Father   See fewer
Leslie Goeckeritz
Benefactress Benefactress   See fewer
Stephanie Goodman
Snooty Passenger Snooty Passenger   See fewer
Emerald Green
Young Maid Young Maid   See fewer
Cherie Groll
Woman with dog Woman with dog   See fewer
Kevin Gunn
Loitering Passenger Loitering Passenger   See fewer
Jessie Haeffele
Train Passenger Train Passenger   See fewer
Kenny Haeffele
Train Passenger Train Passenger   See fewer
Brady Hales
Walter's Father Walter's Father   See fewer
Emma Herrmann
Young Benefactress Young Benefactress   See fewer
Joshua Hunt
George George   See fewer
Jenny Krompel
Michael's Mother Michael's Mother   See fewer
Benjamin Lyde
Young Samuel Young Samuel   See fewer
Lachlan McClain
Hurried Passenger (as Andrew McClain) Hurried Passenger (as Andrew McClain)   See fewer
Annie Milne
Dorothy Dorothy   See fewer
Mili Parks
Benefactress Benefactress   See fewer
Thomas J. Post
Josephine's Father (as Tom J. Post) Josephine's Father (as Tom J. Post)   See fewer
Clayton Reid
Benefactor Benefactor   See fewer
William 'Bus' Riley
Doc Cronin (as Bus Riley) Doc Cronin (as Bus Riley)   See fewer
Gunnar J. Russell
Boy with dog Boy with dog   See fewer
Lisa Spurrier
Jenny's Mother Jenny's Mother   See fewer
George Venturino
Samuel's Father Samuel's Father   See fewer
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