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  • Mantervention (2014)
  • Not Rated
    98 min | Comedy
Mantervention (2014)
Not Rated
98 min | Comedy

Convinced romance is dead, a heart-broken man turns to his best-friend who plans an unorthodox 'Mantervention'.
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Brad Wilhite (as Brad E. Wilhite)
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Updated Dec 15, 2014

Release date
Aug 1, 2014 (United States)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Josie Davis
TSA Supervisor TSA Supervisor   See fewer
Deep Roy
Massage Dad Massage Dad   See fewer
Jillian Murray
Madisyn Madisyn   See fewer
Mindy Robinson
Beach Hottie Beach Hottie   See fewer
Max Carver
Lifeguard Joe Lifeguard Joe   See fewer
Nick Roux
Spencer Spencer   See fewer
Cameron Van Hoy
Stuart the Stud Stuart the Stud   See fewer
Ricky Garcia
Young Spencer Young Spencer   See fewer
Cici Lau
Old Thai Lady Old Thai Lady   See fewer
Devon Ogden
Night Club Hottie Night Club Hottie   See fewer
Aimee McKay
Female Passenger Female Passenger   See fewer
Alexandra Bard
The Hot Girl The Hot Girl   See fewer
Victor Togunde
Officer Thompson Officer Thompson   See fewer
Kate Krieger
Hottie Counter Girl Hottie Counter Girl   See fewer
Sarah Baldwin
Allison Allison   See fewer
Dwayne Marion Johnson
MMA Fighter (as Dwayne Johnson) MMA Fighter (as Dwayne Johnson)   See fewer
Peter Holt
Beach Friend Beach Friend   See fewer
Megan Albertus
Tipsy Girl Tipsy Girl   See fewer
Melisse Cantatore Masi
Pretty Girl (as Melissa Cantatore) Pretty Girl (as Melissa Cantatore)   See fewer
Rich Franklin
Coach Billings Coach Billings   See fewer
Tom E. Nicholson
Bouncer Bouncer   See fewer
Jordan Rosner
Officer Hernandez Officer Hernandez   See fewer
Michael Huntsman
X-Ray Passenger X-Ray Passenger   See fewer
Ryan Groves
Guy in Club Guy in Club   See fewer
Gato Scatena
Strip-Searched Traveler Strip-Searched Traveler   See fewer
Dario Antoine Lee
BG (as Dario A. Lee) BG (as Dario A. Lee)   See fewer
Natalie Morris
Danielle Danielle   See fewer
Tristen Bankston
Football Player Football Player   See fewer
Milli Moto
Dream Girl #1 Dream Girl #1   See fewer
Rick Williamson
Jaguar Driver Jaguar Driver   See fewer
Jenny McClain
TigerLily TigerLily   See fewer
Adam Powell
Timmy Tickles Timmy Tickles   See fewer
Lauren Moyer
Airport Girl Airport Girl   See fewer
Mahedi Rakib
Clubgoer Clubgoer   See fewer
David Jason Perez
Beach Hipster Beach Hipster   See fewer
Laura Bryce
Hottie Hottie   See fewer
D A Allen
Gym Fighter Gym Fighter   See fewer
Eric L. Finn
Hipster at Bar (as Eric Finn) Hipster at Bar (as Eric Finn)   See fewer
Michelle J. Fine
Hot girl in bed Hot girl in bed   See fewer
Phillip Agresta
MMA Fighter MMA Fighter   See fewer
Manni Adriano
Spencer's friend Spencer's friend   See fewer
Kristina Romaine
Brunette Hottie Brunette Hottie   See fewer
Fida Varela
Club Patron Club Patron   See fewer
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