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Updated Sep 19, 2017
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77 cast members
Name Known for
Peter Fellows
Grotta Grotta   See fewer
Jamie Lee-Hill
Mr. Crispin Mr. Crispin   See fewer
Lamin Tamba
Becca's Boyfriend Becca's Boyfriend   See fewer
Gino Picciano
Dirty Old Man Dirty Old Man   See fewer
Oliver Clubb
Clubber #2 Clubber #2   See fewer
Gulliver Moore
Clubber #1 Clubber #1   See fewer
Lexy Payne
Lisa Carpet Lisa Carpet   See fewer
Alex Deutsch
Gary Burke Gary Burke   See fewer
Iain Wallace
Simon- man in bar Simon- man in bar   See fewer
Berangere Clouet
Clubber #3 Clubber #3   See fewer
Madeleine Nurrish
Clubber #14 Clubber #14   See fewer
Katie Moreton
Katie - girl #1 Katie - girl #1   See fewer
Luke Burbidge
Steve Bronson Steve Bronson   See fewer
Scott Payne
Man-eating-crisps Man-eating-crisps   See fewer
James Cottle
Clancy Connolly Clancy Connolly   See fewer
River Bevis
The Alchemist's Lover The Alchemist's Lover   See fewer
Dan Coggan
Drinker #1 Drinker #1   See fewer
Ari Darroch
Champagne La'Quisha Champagne La'Quisha   See fewer
Maxim Sorokopud
Shaun - Cash-Exchange guy Shaun - Cash-Exchange guy   See fewer
Finn Wright-Stephens
John's son John's son   See fewer
Dan Gyles
Eric - Thug #1 Eric - Thug #1   See fewer
Lewis Till
Louie Louie   See fewer
Lisa Sayer
Happy mother Happy mother   See fewer
Georgie Hewitt
Clubber #12 Clubber #12   See fewer
Mark Sayer
Happy father Happy father   See fewer
Tim Donald
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Vicky K. Foster
Cousin Daisy Cousin Daisy   See fewer
Ismail Mourad Benbitour
Clubber #7 Clubber #7   See fewer
Tom Roberts
Creepy guy in cafe Creepy guy in cafe   See fewer
Helena Jinx Jones
Old woman in cafe Old woman in cafe   See fewer
Alan Long
Uncle Jim Uncle Jim   See fewer
Adam Money
Bloke Bloke   See fewer
Howard Shep
Drinker #2 Drinker #2   See fewer
Liam Paddock
Clubber #10 Clubber #10   See fewer
Annabella Wood
Clubber #13 Clubber #13   See fewer
Laura Davies
Pub talker #2 Pub talker #2   See fewer
Mathias Pertusce
Clubber #6 Clubber #6   See fewer
Ben Jones
Billy Brownlow Billy Brownlow   See fewer
Rebecca Cuanotta
Clubber #5 Clubber #5   See fewer
Andrew Nathan
Alfons Alfons   See fewer
Dale Smith
Barry Barry   See fewer
Ed Day
Francesco - hairdresser Francesco - hairdresser   See fewer
Luke Smith
Steve Steve   See fewer
Tobiasz Tomczynski
Dave- Creepy guy at bar Dave- Creepy guy at bar   See fewer
Benedict Lombe
Shaniqua Shaniqua   See fewer
Jemma Edwards
Clubber #11 Clubber #11   See fewer
Patual Lutel
Clubber #4 Clubber #4   See fewer
Elliott Hill
Sam Crispin Sam Crispin   See fewer
Sam Hutchinson
Danny - the guy downstairs Danny - the guy downstairs   See fewer
Alex Boundy
Daryl Hanna Daryl Hanna   See fewer
Chris Cosentino
Christopher R. Peacock Christopher R. Peacock   See fewer
Peter Wardell
Teacher Teacher   See fewer
Sophie Standley
Clubber #9 Clubber #9   See fewer
Linda Berridge
Kind Alcoholic Kind Alcoholic   See fewer
Mel Hyde
Clubber #8 Clubber #8   See fewer
Hannah Gale
Rachel Smith - girl #2 Rachel Smith - girl #2   See fewer
Scott Castle
Pub talker #1 Pub talker #1   See fewer
Laura Kearley
Barwoman Barwoman   See fewer
Jake Holdsworth
Nathaniel X - Thug #2 Nathaniel X - Thug #2   See fewer
Laura Purvis
Clubber #15 Clubber #15   See fewer
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