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  • Serial Teachers (2013)
  • 88 min | Comedy
Serial Teachers (2013)
88 min | Comedy

The worst teachers are recruited to save the worst school in France from shutting down.
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Pierre-François Martin-Laval (scenario) (adaptation) (dialogue) | Mathias Gavarry (scenario) (adaptation) (dialogue) | Pica (comic book) | Erroc (comic book)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Apr 17, 2013 (France)


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69 cast members
Name Known for
Christian Clavier
Cutiro, prof de maths Cutiro, prof de maths   See fewer
Isabelle Nanty
Gladys, prof d'anglais Gladys, prof d'anglais   See fewer
Pierre-François Martin-Laval
Antoine Polochon, prof d'histoire Antoine Polochon, prof d'histoire   See fewer
Kev Adams
Boulard Boulard   See fewer
François Morel
L'inspecteur adjoint L'inspecteur adjoint   See fewer
Arnaud Ducret
Eric, prof de sport Eric, prof de sport   See fewer
Stéfi Celma
Amina, prof de français Amina, prof de français   See fewer
Raymond Bouchard
Maurice, prof de philo Maurice, prof de philo   See fewer
Fred Tousch
Albert, prof de chimie Albert, prof de chimie   See fewer
Philippe Duclos
Le proviseur Le proviseur   See fewer
Dominique Pinon
L'inspecteur d'académie L'inspecteur d'académie   See fewer
Éric Naggar
Paul, le prof syndiqué Paul, le prof syndiqué   See fewer
Yves Pignot
Le gardien du lycée Le gardien du lycée   See fewer
Marie-Laure Descoureaux
La prof d'espagnol La prof d'espagnol   See fewer
Claire Chazal
Présentatrice JT Présentatrice JT   See fewer
Adèle Ferrier
Jeune Française 1 Jeune Française 1   See fewer
Matilda Marty-Giraut
Jeune Française 2 Jeune Française 2   See fewer
Denis Martin-Laval
Le pêcheur / Le papy refoulé Le pêcheur / Le papy refoulé   See fewer
Thierry Angelvy
Gendarme 1 Gendarme 1   See fewer
Philippe Elno
Gendarme 2 Gendarme 2   See fewer
Joana Person
Nectarine Nectarine   See fewer
M'Barek Belkouk
Boudini Boudini   See fewer
François Legrand
Un prof de Jules Ferry Un prof de Jules Ferry   See fewer
Alice David
Marie, prof d'allemand Marie, prof d'allemand   See fewer
Blandine Martin-Laval
Parent d'élève 1 Parent d'élève 1   See fewer
Nicolas Beaucaire
Monsieur Blondeau Monsieur Blondeau   See fewer
Josette Ménard
Parent d'élève 2 Parent d'élève 2   See fewer
Fabienne Chaudat
La secrétaire d'académie La secrétaire d'académie   See fewer
Christophe Canard
Homme accueil Ministère Homme accueil Ministère   See fewer
Sylvie Huguel
La documentaliste La documentaliste   See fewer
Giulia Foïs
Journaliste iTélé Journaliste iTélé   See fewer
Jean-Louis Barcelona
Marcellin Jacquard Marcellin Jacquard   See fewer
Cleusio Lima de Rosario
L'Indien pirogue L'Indien pirogue   See fewer
Tiguidanke Diallo
Juliette Juliette   See fewer
Nawel Firmino
Déléguée de classe 1 Déléguée de classe 1   See fewer
Sandie Keot
Déléguée de classe 2 (as Sandie Héot) Déléguée de classe 2 (as Sandie Héot)   See fewer
Gwendal Marimoutou
Adrien, alias Jackson Five Adrien, alias Jackson Five   See fewer
Bingliang Peng
Jacki Cheng (as Binliang Peng) Jacki Cheng (as Binliang Peng)   See fewer
Dimitri Rizzello
Ludovic Ludovic   See fewer
Aurélia Senora
La petite à lunettes La petite à lunettes   See fewer
Charlotte Semerdjian
Arc-en-ciel Arc-en-ciel   See fewer
Déborah Adjutor
Actress Actress   See fewer
Lia Catreux
Actress Actress   See fewer
Margaux Duval
Actress Actress   See fewer
Solène Hébert
Actress Actress   See fewer
Inès Hefi
Actress Actress   See fewer
Julie Pêcheur
Actress Actress   See fewer
Léa Verhille
Actress Actress   See fewer
Haïna Bahli
Actress Actress   See fewer
Julianne Binard
Actress Actress   See fewer
Marion Sedlak
Amie de boulard Amie de boulard   See fewer
Cindy Juet
Actress Actress   See fewer
Jason Divengele
Un élève Un élève   See fewer
Bing Yin
Actor Actor   See fewer
Pierre Dupont
A Student (uncredited) A Student (uncredited)   See fewer
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