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  • Vegetarian Cannibal (2012)
  • 85 min | Crime, Drama
Vegetarian Cannibal (2012)
85 min | Crime, Drama

A medical horror of corrupt gynecologists and true events from Croatian hospitals that will shock the public.
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Updated Mar 1, 2012

Release date
Sep 21, 2012 (United States)


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44 cast members
Name Known for
Rene Bitorajac
Dr. Danko Babic Dr. Danko Babic   See fewer
Natasa Janjic Medancic
Sestra Lana (as Natasa Janjic) Sestra Lana (as Natasa Janjic)   See fewer
Leon Lucev
Ilija Ilija   See fewer
Robert Ugrina
Doktor Soldo Doktor Soldo   See fewer
Kresimir Mikic
Doktor Bantic Doktor Bantic   See fewer
Rakan Rushaidat
Hassan Al Sadat Hassan Al Sadat   See fewer
Zrinka Cvitesic
Doktorica Lovric Doktorica Lovric   See fewer
Daria Lorenci
Doktorica Miller Doktorica Miller   See fewer
Ljubomir Kerekes
Profesor Matic Profesor Matic   See fewer
Mustafa Nadarevic
Patolog Marelja Patolog Marelja   See fewer
Zdenko Jelcic
Pukovnik Pukovnik   See fewer
Ksenija Pajic
Doktorica Domljan Doktorica Domljan   See fewer
Drazen Sivak
Patolog Duvnjak Patolog Duvnjak   See fewer
Ksenija Marinkovic
Pacijentica Svarc Pacijentica Svarc   See fewer
Nela Kocis
Snjezana Zebec Snjezana Zebec   See fewer
Drazen Kuhn
Gospodin Maric Gospodin Maric   See fewer
Franjo Dijak
Inspektor Mandic Inspektor Mandic   See fewer
Kristijan Milic
Inspektor Zidic Inspektor Zidic   See fewer
Ozren Grabaric
Mario Filipovic Mario Filipovic   See fewer
Boris Svrtan
Doktor Zoric Doktor Zoric   See fewer
Iva Babic
Pacijentica Japetic Pacijentica Japetic   See fewer
Jelena Lopatic
Pacijentica Pacijentica   See fewer
Ivan Djuricic
Specijalizant Tomic Specijalizant Tomic   See fewer
Bozidar Smiljanic
Profesor Borovina Profesor Borovina   See fewer
Krunoslav Saric
Kirurg Stanic Kirurg Stanic   See fewer
Robert Roklicer
Patolog #1 Patolog #1   See fewer
Ivo Balenovic
Patolog #2 Patolog #2   See fewer
Mirjana Rogina
Pacijentica Latinka Pacijentica Latinka   See fewer
Eva Schmidt
Sestra Marija Sestra Marija   See fewer
Jadranka Matkovic
Pacijentica Rasic Pacijentica Rasic   See fewer
Nika Miskovic
Olja Jemljanjenko Olja Jemljanjenko   See fewer
Lana Vatsel
Stazistica Stazistica   See fewer
Mirjana Sinozic
Pacijentica Erdeljac Pacijentica Erdeljac   See fewer
Melita Matijevic
Babica Snjezana Babica Snjezana   See fewer
Lovro Sosic
Pukovnikov tjelohranitelj Pukovnikov tjelohranitelj   See fewer
Srecko Vucic
Cuvar hangara Cuvar hangara   See fewer
Darijo Velican
Muskarac s tackama Muskarac s tackama   See fewer
Ana Stefulj
Trudnica Trudnica   See fewer
Ksenija Buhin
Pacijentica Maric Pacijentica Maric   See fewer
Ivan Magud
Specijalizant Specijalizant   See fewer
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