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  • Red Wing (2013)
  • PG-13
    108 min | Drama, Romance
Red Wing (2013)
108 min | Drama, Romance

A young couple takes in a mysterious foster child to raise on their farm. As the boy grows up to be a handsome young man, the husband starts to suspect his wife has feelings for him.
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Kathleen Orillion (screenplay by) | George Sand (based on The Country Waif (Fran├žois le Champi) by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Oct 8, 2013

Release date
Oct 4, 2013 (United States)


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59 cast members
Name Known for
Glen Powell
Francis Riley Francis Riley   See fewer
Bill Paxton
Jim Verret Jim Verret   See fewer
Luke Perry
Carl Blanton Carl Blanton   See fewer
Frances Fisher
Momma B Momma B   See fewer
Breann Johnson
Maddie Blanton Maddie Blanton   See fewer
Joelle Carter
Vera Sexton Vera Sexton   See fewer
Niki Koss
Mary Ann Mary Ann   See fewer
Cathy Diane Tomlin
Isabelle Riley Isabelle Riley   See fewer
Mallory O'Donoghue
Gina Verret Gina Verret   See fewer
Austin Harrod
Francis age 9 Francis age 9   See fewer
Lucas Adams
Johnny age 15 Johnny age 15   See fewer
Aidan Alexander
Johnny age 12 Johnny age 12   See fewer
Hunter Wallace
Johnny age 3 Johnny age 3   See fewer
Sara Wallace
Aunt Betty Aunt Betty   See fewer
Lawrence Long
Dr. Rickard Dr. Rickard   See fewer
Brian Baldini
Banker Wilson Banker Wilson   See fewer
Glenn Turney
Mr. Schmidt Mr. Schmidt   See fewer
Bob King
Mr. Klein Mr. Klein   See fewer
Loraelei Temoney
Salon Customer Salon Customer   See fewer
Tom Calococci
Mr. Seymour Mr. Seymour   See fewer
Dan Eggleston
Mr. Dyre Mr. Dyre   See fewer
Lindsay Mabry
Nurse Lindsay Nurse Lindsay   See fewer
Jake McEntire
Colt Blanton Colt Blanton   See fewer
Sara Verner
Teresa Teresa   See fewer
Claire Proft
Molina Molina   See fewer
Ella Grace
Mary Ann age 6 Mary Ann age 6   See fewer
Wilkins Wallace
Mary Ann's Brother Mary Ann's Brother   See fewer
Robert Johnson
Jimmy Bob Jimmy Bob   See fewer
Archer Atom AniAta
Pierce (as Prescott Love) Pierce (as Prescott Love)   See fewer
Susan Hamilton
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Zach Kepple
Auctioneer Auctioneer   See fewer
Hugo J. Martinez
Cattle Buyer (as Hugo Martinez) Cattle Buyer (as Hugo Martinez)   See fewer
Austin Wallace
Kathy's Baby Kathy's Baby   See fewer
Cole Harrod
Blonde-Haired Boy Blonde-Haired Boy   See fewer
Kaylea Whitworth
Flirty Bridesmaid Flirty Bridesmaid   See fewer
Candy Slatten
Larry's Girlfriend Larry's Girlfriend   See fewer
Jace Dawson
Johnny age 1 Johnny age 1   See fewer
Bodie Wallace
Blanton Baby Blanton Baby   See fewer
Federica Rangel
Bar Patron (as Mia Rangel) Bar Patron (as Mia Rangel)   See fewer
Oryan Landa
Guy at the bar Guy at the bar   See fewer
Katie O'Dell
Caterer Caterer   See fewer
Alexis Bonner
Girl at Bus Stop (uncredited) Girl at Bus Stop (uncredited)   See fewer
Kayla Gream
Wedding guest (uncredited) Wedding guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Joe Maglio
Calvin Billings (uncredited) Calvin Billings (uncredited)   See fewer
Cyndy Powell
Bank Teller (uncredited) Bank Teller (uncredited)   See fewer
Noah Scibana
Town Person (uncredited) Town Person (uncredited)   See fewer
Peyton Settles
Towns person (uncredited) Towns person (uncredited)   See fewer
Wayne Tolbert
Construction Worker (uncredited) Construction Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
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