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  • Beyond the Hills (2012)
  • Not Rated
    152 min | Drama
Beyond the Hills (2012)
Not Rated
152 min | Drama

The friendship between two young women who grew up in the same orphanage; one has found refuge at a convent in Romania and refuses to leave with her friend, who now lives in Germany.
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Cristian Mungiu (screenplay) | Tatiana Niculescu-Bran (inspired by non-fiction novels of)
Casting Director
Production Designers
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Release date
Oct 2012 (United States)


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40 cast members
Name Known for
Cosmina Stratan
Voichita Voichita   See fewer
Cristina Flutur
Alina Ringhis Alina Ringhis   See fewer
Valeriu Andriuta
Priest (as Valeriu Andriut√£) Priest (as Valeriu Andriut√£)   See fewer
Dana Tapalaga
Mother superior Mother superior   See fewer
Gina Tandura
nun Iustina nun Iustina   See fewer
Vica Agache
nun Elisabeta nun Elisabeta   See fewer
Nora Covali
Nun Pahomia Nun Pahomia   See fewer
Dionisie Vitcu
Mr. Valerica Mr. Valerica   See fewer
Liliana Mocanu
mother Elena mother Elena   See fewer
Doru Ana
Father Nusu Father Nusu   See fewer
Costache Babii
Doctor Solovastru Doctor Solovastru   See fewer
Luminita Gheorghiu
Schoolteacher Schoolteacher   See fewer
Alina Berzunteanu
doctor Radu doctor Radu   See fewer
Teodor Corban
Police inspector Police inspector   See fewer
Calin Chirila
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Tania Popa
Female parishoner Female parishoner   See fewer
Petronela Grigorescu
doctor Neagu doctor Neagu   See fewer
Radu Zetu
Lieutenant Lieutenant   See fewer
Ion Sapdaru
Captain Captain   See fewer
Diana Chirila Ignat
A secretary A secretary   See fewer
Liana Petrescu
sister Arcadia sister Arcadia   See fewer
Alexandra Agavriloaiei
sister Eudoxia sister Eudoxia   See fewer
Alexandra Apetrei
sister Tatiana sister Tatiana   See fewer
Noemi Gunea
Sister Lavrentia Sister Lavrentia   See fewer
Katia Pascariu
Nun Sevastiana Nun Sevastiana   See fewer
Mara Carutasu
sister Anastasia sister Anastasia   See fewer
Cristina Mihailescu
Pharmacist Pharmacist   See fewer
Cerasela Iosifescu
doctor D.L. doctor D.L.   See fewer
Ada Barleanu
nurse Gina nurse Gina   See fewer
Mariana Liurca
nurse Sandra nurse Sandra   See fewer
Gheorghe Ifrim
Ambulance assistant Ambulance assistant   See fewer
Mircea Florin Jr.
Watchman Watchman   See fewer
Ecaterina Ladin
Head nurse (as Ecaterina Tugulea) Head nurse (as Ecaterina Tugulea)   See fewer
Nicoleta Lefter
A patient A patient   See fewer
Andreea Bosneag
Georgiana Georgiana   See fewer
Adrian Acuta
Man at the wheel Man at the wheel   See fewer
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