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  • Habiba (2018–2019)
  • TV Series | Drama
Habiba (2018–2019)
TV Series | Drama

Paul Stevek Kouonang (as Paul Steve Kouonang)
Cédrick Giscard Mbogno (as Giscard Cedrick Mbogno)

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Updated Oct 16, 2018

Release date (First episode)
Oct 16, 2018 (Cameroon)


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42 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Muriel Blanche
Habiba (as Muriel Blanche Leumeni) Habiba (as Muriel Blanche Leumeni)   See fewer
Elvis Bouopda
Major Lamvop Major Lamvop   See fewer
Arnold Brukoh
Agresseur Agresseur   See fewer
André Djoko
Etoundi Etoundi   See fewer
Robert Djomo
Sécretaire Général Sécretaire Général   See fewer
Blanche Domi
Solange Solange   See fewer
Benjamin Eyebe
Gouverneur (as Claude Hubert Eyebe) Gouverneur (as Claude Hubert Eyebe)   See fewer
Justin Feussi
Médecin Médecin   See fewer
Laure Josine Gainyim
Sécretaire Gouverneur Sécretaire Gouverneur   See fewer
Judith Guemdjo
Ma'a Sita Ma'a Sita   See fewer
Etienne Kamga
Atanga Atanga   See fewer
Yanik Kenmoe
Endalle Endalle   See fewer
Orgelle Celine Kentsop
Christina (as Celine Kentsop) Christina (as Celine Kentsop)   See fewer
Ebenezer Kepombia
Messanga Messanga   See fewer
Adelaide Kwakep
Serveuse Serveuse   See fewer
Idriss Legrand Fosso
Notaire (as Legrand Fosso) Notaire (as Legrand Fosso)   See fewer
Luis Lingingda
Commissaire Commissaire   See fewer
Aimée Virgile Makougoum
Nga Ndongo (as Aimée Makougoum) Nga Ndongo (as Aimée Makougoum)   See fewer
Carole Mimose Minami
Mme Messanga (as Carole Minami Mamose) Mme Messanga (as Carole Minami Mamose)   See fewer
Ericka Minkolou
Fille Messanga (as Ericka Minkoulou) Fille Messanga (as Ericka Minkoulou)   See fewer
Ferdinand Nankam
Killerboy Killerboy   See fewer
Cynthia Elisabeth Ngono
Dyna (as Cynthia Ngono) Dyna (as Cynthia Ngono)   See fewer
Gabi Ruben Ngounou
Docta (as Gabi Ngounou) Docta (as Gabi Ngounou)   See fewer
Hervé Nguetchouang
Mitongue Mitongue   See fewer
Pierre K. Ngueti
Bilongo (as Pierre Kameni) Bilongo (as Pierre Kameni)   See fewer
Romaine Nguindengue
Mme Bourzaka Mme Bourzaka   See fewer
Rachel Nkontieu
Mme Penda Mme Penda   See fewer
Abiassi Nyadompo
Dikosso Dikosso   See fewer
Vanel Sandjong
Inspecteur Ngaleu Inspecteur Ngaleu   See fewer
Maguela Sylviane Stele
Infirmière (as Sylviane Maguela) Infirmière (as Sylviane Maguela)   See fewer
Frédérick Talla
Comptable (as Talla Frédéric) Comptable (as Talla Frédéric)   See fewer
Narcisse Tchaptchet
Chewa (as Judith Narcisse Tchaptchet) Chewa (as Judith Narcisse Tchaptchet)   See fewer
Jack Tim
Agresseur Agresseur   See fewer
Angeli Tiomo
Godeyes Godeyes   See fewer
Doly Dorcas Tsague
Bimbo (as Dorcas Tsague) Bimbo (as Dorcas Tsague)   See fewer
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