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  • Contest (2013)
  • PG
    87 min | Drama, Family
Contest (2013)
87 min | Drama, Family

A bullied high school student is suddenly befriended by his chief tormentor and together they face challenges that will change their lives forever.
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Anthony Joseph Giunta (directed by)
Anthony Joseph Giunta (written by)
Howard T. Alter (produced by) | Steven N. Lerner (produced by)
Casting Director
Michael Cassara (casting)
Production Designer
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Updated Jul 16, 2013

Release date
Oct 5, 2013 (United States)


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34 cast members
Name Known for
Kenton Duty
Matt Prylek Matt Prylek   See fewer
Danny Flaherty
Tommy Dolen Tommy Dolen   See fewer
Mary Beth Peil
'Gran' Angela Maria Tucci 'Gran' Angela Maria Tucci   See fewer
Katherine McNamara
Sarah O'Malley Sarah O'Malley   See fewer
Kyle Dean Massey
Kyle Prylek Kyle Prylek   See fewer
Jan Uczkowski
Philip King Philip King   See fewer
Tina Benko
Rhonda Sykes Rhonda Sykes   See fewer
Raviv Ullman
Rip Barker Rip Barker   See fewer
Kelley Missal
Anya Bartosh Anya Bartosh   See fewer
Kent Moran
Coach Jay Nadley Coach Jay Nadley   See fewer
Talon G. Ackerman
Will Terkin (as Talon Ackerman) Will Terkin (as Talon Ackerman)   See fewer
Alex Boniello
Joe Grasso Joe Grasso   See fewer
Owen Teague
Bobby Butler Bobby Butler   See fewer
Jake Schwencke
Nate Quigley Nate Quigley   See fewer
Megan Channell
Abby Peerson Abby Peerson   See fewer
Morgan B. Ackerman
Lada Bartosh Lada Bartosh   See fewer
Dan Fabi
Dennis Wellingstone Dennis Wellingstone   See fewer
Joseph Harrington
Otto Tarkin Otto Tarkin   See fewer
Landon Harris
Lance Marston Lance Marston   See fewer
Christopher Rivera
Ty Hunter Ty Hunter   See fewer
Robert Wuhl
Zack Conti Zack Conti   See fewer
Marc John Jefferies
Xav Foster Xav Foster   See fewer
Emily Taroli
Inna Bartosh Inna Bartosh   See fewer
Jane Aronson
Dr. Rita Wallace Dr. Rita Wallace   See fewer
Patricia Santomasso
Mary Tucci Dolen Mary Tucci Dolen   See fewer
Jonah Halperin
5-Year-Old Tommy 5-Year-Old Tommy   See fewer
Blake Costa
Chase O'Connor Chase O'Connor   See fewer
Linda Collins
Judge #1 Judge #1   See fewer
Kristen Michaud
Restaurant Server Restaurant Server   See fewer
Elizabeth Wayman
Librarian (as Elizabeth Kay-Wayman) Librarian (as Elizabeth Kay-Wayman)   See fewer
Stan Babola
Pizzeria customer Pizzeria customer   See fewer
Erick Cuellar
Swim Team Bully Swim Team Bully   See fewer
Jaxon Ackerman
Young Matt (uncredited) Young Matt (uncredited)   See fewer
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