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  • Room 108: The Clearing (2023)
  • Thriller
Room 108: The Clearing (2023)

Opening night for Green Bay's newest theatre on February 24, 1900 will prove to be fatal. One century later, seasoned paranormal investigator, Joe Bale, returns to the quiet Northern Wisconsin town to shed more light into the matter
Freddy Moyano (directed by)
LaTrena Mitchell (screenplay) | Freddy Moyano (created by)

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Updated Nov 8, 2022

Release date
Aug 27, 2023 (United States)


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64 cast members
Name Known for
Eric Leukert
Maurice Berger Maurice Berger   See fewer
Paige Bourne
Sandy LuMaye Sandy LuMaye   See fewer
Freddy Moyano
Jack Berger Jack Berger   See fewer
Delilah Hefner
Gladys Weiss Gladys Weiss   See fewer
Tony Lee Gratz
Sgt. Zachary Alexander Sgt. Zachary Alexander   See fewer
Steve Martin
Joe Bale Joe Bale   See fewer
Bart Moy
Chessmaster Wei Lee Chessmaster Wei Lee   See fewer
Melonie Gartner
Cindy Bale Cindy Bale   See fewer
Jean Claude Berger Jean Claude Berger   See fewer
Taydem Shoesmith
Scarlett Berger Scarlett Berger   See fewer
Mauricio Viteri
Harry Houdini Harry Houdini   See fewer
Scott Felten
Hon. Silas Bullard Hon. Silas Bullard   See fewer
Olivia Shelly
Air Traffic Controller and Extra Air Traffic Controller and Extra   See fewer
Joyce Porter
Dorothea Wilson Dorothea Wilson   See fewer
Sandy Gulliver
Juanita Bale Juanita Bale   See fewer
Bryan M. Dorn
Lawrence Henry Williams Lawrence Henry Williams   See fewer
Heather Arendt
Diane Rawson Diane Rawson   See fewer
Roberto Jay
Meyer Rawson Meyer Rawson   See fewer
Rachel Wolfe-Micek
Passenger 2 Passenger 2   See fewer
Nick Lauer
Julius Bellin Julius Bellin   See fewer
Aaron Rathbone
Remy Berger Remy Berger   See fewer
Michele Hefner
Elsie Weiss Elsie Weiss   See fewer
Renell Bartlett
Elsie Bartlett Elsie Bartlett   See fewer
Wendy Jackson
Deana Finn Bellin Deana Finn Bellin   See fewer
Jolee Jackson
Mina Miles Mina Miles   See fewer
Kurt Krauss
Roger Constanzo Roger Constanzo   See fewer
Edward Von Fraun
Forensic Von Fraun Forensic Von Fraun   See fewer
Josh Sauer
Pete McCormick Pete McCormick   See fewer
Amanda Goertz Sinkula
Inn Hallway Extra 1 Inn Hallway Extra 1   See fewer
J.J. Gatesman
Theodore Hardeen Theodore Hardeen   See fewer
Joe Seroogy
Joe Seroogy Joe Seroogy   See fewer
Brad Leonhardt
Captain Reginald Parsons Captain Reginald Parsons   See fewer
Sacia Williams
Chocolate Store Patron 1 Chocolate Store Patron 1   See fewer
Josh Cline
Frank Frank   See fewer
Tonya Shoesmith
Wilhelmina Bullard Wilhelmina Bullard   See fewer
Leah Weakley
Emily Parsons Emily Parsons   See fewer
Joel Gregozeski
Chocolate Store Patron 7 Chocolate Store Patron 7   See fewer
Judy Beach
Mrs. Beach Mrs. Beach   See fewer
Shaelyn Williams
Chocolate Store Patron 3 Chocolate Store Patron 3   See fewer
Andrew Williams
Chocolate Store Patron 2 Chocolate Store Patron 2   See fewer
Dylan Masse
Co-pilot Co-pilot   See fewer
Darrel Burnett
Chauffeur Chauffeur   See fewer
David D. Vargas
Jules Berger Jules Berger   See fewer
Carol Jackson
Verna Constanzo Verna Constanzo   See fewer
Tammy Lynn Leiterman Verbrick
Jet Co-Pilot Jet Co-Pilot   See fewer
Vincent Moyano
Newsboy Newsboy   See fewer
Kristine Gilson
Inn Customer Inn Customer   See fewer
Melissa López C.
Liquor Store Patron Liquor Store Patron   See fewer
Doug Grant
Train Conductor Train Conductor   See fewer
Kade Gregozeski
Store Patron 8 Store Patron 8   See fewer
Mark Rady
Radar Radar   See fewer
Olivia Shelly
Airport Controller Airport Controller   See fewer
Trevor Warmuth
Luc Berger Luc Berger   See fewer
Emily Sanders Luetschwager
Passenger 1 Passenger 1   See fewer
Emma Gregozeski
Chocolate Store Patron 5 Chocolate Store Patron 5   See fewer
Reese Gregozeski
Chocolate Store Patron 6 Chocolate Store Patron 6   See fewer
Kelly Gregozeski
Chocolate Store Patron 4 Chocolate Store Patron 4   See fewer
Mimi Schaefer
Train Passenger Train Passenger   See fewer
Linda Felten
Linda LuMaye Linda LuMaye   See fewer
Eric Finn
Father Finn / Dan Finn Father Finn / Dan Finn   See fewer
Mallory Mertens
Inn Hallway Extra 2 Inn Hallway Extra 2   See fewer
Anthony Riley
Inn Receptionist Fred Inn Receptionist Fred   See fewer
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