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  • Anfang 80 (2011)
  • 90 min | Drama
Anfang 80 (2011)
90 min | Drama

When octogenarians Rosa and Bruno meet and fall in love, they decide to give their relationship a chance although Rosa is diagnosed with cancer.
Wolfgang Schlögl (as Wolfgang Schloegl) | Milos Todorovski
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Feb 9, 2013 (United States)


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42 cast members
Name Known for
Susi Stach
Waltraud Waltraud   See fewer
Joseph Lorenz
Werner Werner   See fewer
Claudia Martini
Evelyne Evelyne   See fewer
Tanja Petrovsky
Heimleiterin Heimleiterin   See fewer
Julia Jelinek
Röntgenschwester Röntgenschwester   See fewer
Romana Martinu
Röntgenschwester Röntgenschwester   See fewer
Anton Noori
Krankenhausarzt (as Anton Nouri) Krankenhausarzt (as Anton Nouri)   See fewer
Georg Zillner
Hotelportier Hotelportier   See fewer
Margarete Tiesel
Frau Binder (as Margarethe Tiesel) Frau Binder (as Margarethe Tiesel)   See fewer
Johann Bednar
Taxifahrer Taxifahrer   See fewer
Doris Wolf
Kantinenhelferin Kantinenhelferin   See fewer
Gottfried Maly
Herr Binder Herr Binder   See fewer
Claus Philipp
Reiseleiter Reiseleiter   See fewer
Wilhelm Iben
Eisstandverkäufer Eisstandverkäufer   See fewer
Inge Maux
Frau Binders Schwester Frau Binders Schwester   See fewer
Silvia Wohlmuth
Vera (as Sylvia Wohlmuth) Vera (as Sylvia Wohlmuth)   See fewer
Daniela Kong
Schwester Lea Schwester Lea   See fewer
Ilse Freistätter
Seniorenheimbewohnerin Seniorenheimbewohnerin   See fewer
Eleanore Heisinger
Seniorenheimbewohnerin Seniorenheimbewohnerin   See fewer
Heinz Heisinger
Seniorenheimbewohner Seniorenheimbewohner   See fewer
Monika Jahoda
Seniorenheimschwester Seniorenheimschwester   See fewer
Dagmar Kutzenberger
Schwester Monika Schwester Monika   See fewer
Ines Hoegel
Schwester Schwester   See fewer
Anja Waldherr
Bankangestellte Bankangestellte   See fewer
Manfred Sarközi
Rettungsfahrer Rettungsfahrer   See fewer
Michael Sartori
Sanitäter Sanitäter   See fewer
Rainer Luttenberger
Sanitäter Sanitäter   See fewer
Martin Oberhauser
Polizist Polizist   See fewer
Leila Müller
Polizistin Polizistin   See fewer
Alexander Riff
Pfleger Psychiatrie Pfleger Psychiatrie   See fewer
Alexander El Dib
Psychiater Psychiater   See fewer
Fritz Hörtenhuber
Arzt Geriatrie Arzt Geriatrie   See fewer
Monika Finotti
Geriatrieschwester Ruth Geriatrieschwester Ruth   See fewer
Roman Martin
Möbelhausangestellter Möbelhausangestellter   See fewer
Michaela Hurdes-Galli
Hauskrankenschwester Hauskrankenschwester   See fewer
Carola Pojer
Tierarzt-Schwester (uncredited) Tierarzt-Schwester (uncredited)   See fewer
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