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  • Lost Angels (2014)
  • 90 min | Drama, Music
Lost Angels (2014)
90 min | Drama, Music

An honest yet brutal look at the effects of fame and the substitution of real values for fake ones in the land of Hollywood. The music of Oliver Pigott comes to life in this touching yet brutal look at love, life and Hollywood.
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Updated Sep 11, 2014

Release date
Aug 23, 2014 (United States)


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71 cast members
Name Known for
Oliver Pigott
Joshua Joshua   See fewer
Amanda Drexton
Charley (as Amanda Dreschler) Charley (as Amanda Dreschler)   See fewer
Robert Pralgo
Richard Steinberg Richard Steinberg   See fewer
Alimi Ballard
Nathaniel Nathaniel   See fewer
Stan Harrington
Samuel Rosen Samuel Rosen   See fewer
Eugenia Kuzmina
Lara Volkov Lara Volkov   See fewer
David Marciano
Harold (Director) Harold (Director)   See fewer
Amy Holland Pennell
Anna (as Amy Holland) Anna (as Amy Holland)   See fewer
Ursula Maria
Natalie Jensen Natalie Jensen   See fewer
Declan Michael Laird
Brad Beckman Brad Beckman   See fewer
Vanessa Giselle
Shotgun Shotgun   See fewer
Tim Lane
George George   See fewer
Charlotte Larsen
Elizabeth Farley Elizabeth Farley   See fewer
Peter Le Bas
Bas Le Man Bas Le Man   See fewer
Mindy Robinson
Veronica Veronica   See fewer
Julio Vargas
Santos Papparazzo Santos Papparazzo   See fewer
Alondra Lara
Natalie Kai (as Alondra Alvarez) Natalie Kai (as Alondra Alvarez)   See fewer
Alexis Arriaga
Emilia (Papparazzi) (as Alexis Groessl) Emilia (Papparazzi) (as Alexis Groessl)   See fewer
Malik Berkenfeld
Eli Vernon Eli Vernon   See fewer
Stephan Bosch
Andrew Andrew   See fewer
Arleen Braithwaite
Sophie Brack Sophie Brack   See fewer
Kennedy Brown
Neil Torvald Neil Torvald   See fewer
Teo Celigo
Joseph Beard Joseph Beard   See fewer
Nitzia Chama
Celebrity Celebrity   See fewer
Mariana Flores
Charley's Dresser Charley's Dresser   See fewer
Erika Garces
Mia Longridge Mia Longridge   See fewer
Cesar Alexander Garcia
Marquee Changer (as Cesar Garcia) Marquee Changer (as Cesar Garcia)   See fewer
Christopher Garcia
Frank Jovert Frank Jovert   See fewer
Debora Giannone
Victoria Victoria   See fewer
Joe Guarneri
Shop Owner Shop Owner   See fewer
Austin Iredale
J.R. Schupp (Papparazzi) J.R. Schupp (Papparazzi)   See fewer
Tom Ito
Holden Yoss (as Thomas Ito) Holden Yoss (as Thomas Ito)   See fewer
Lisa Jai
Louise Louise   See fewer
Faith Kelly
Kat Gladwell (Papparazzi) Kat Gladwell (Papparazzi)   See fewer
Marine Lanctuit
Isadora Isadora   See fewer
Alex Luna
Actress (as Alexandria Rousset) Actress (as Alexandria Rousset)   See fewer
David Mihalka
Sean Benini (Papparazzi) Sean Benini (Papparazzi)   See fewer
Anne Sophie Niego
Sandrine Sandrine   See fewer
Vera Nova
Anne Richardson Anne Richardson   See fewer
Morayo Orija
Joshua's Neighbor Joshua's Neighbor   See fewer
Maia Pecci
Harold's Assistant (as Maia Nikiphoroff) Harold's Assistant (as Maia Nikiphoroff)   See fewer
Megan Pigott
Roxy (rumored) Roxy (rumored)   See fewer
May Quigley
Libby Lewin (Casting Director) Libby Lewin (Casting Director)   See fewer
Fanny Rosen
Kelsey (as Faye Rosen) Kelsey (as Faye Rosen)   See fewer
Ella Jane Rossman
Sophia Rosen Sophia Rosen   See fewer
Rochelle Rossman
Rachel Rosen Rachel Rosen   See fewer
Gabriel Rousset Jr.
Jay Halbred (Papparazzi) Jay Halbred (Papparazzi)   See fewer
Jared Safier
Henry Richardson Henry Richardson   See fewer
Angélo Schuurmans
Tom Wolf Tom Wolf   See fewer
Halldór Fannar Sigurgeirsson
Shop assistant Shop assistant   See fewer
Swell Soubra
Petros Petros   See fewer
Shawn Tira
Steven Chais (Papparazzi) Steven Chais (Papparazzi)   See fewer
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