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  • Bad Girls (2012)
  • TV Movie | 60 min | Drama
Bad Girls (2012)
TV Movie | 60 min | Drama

Follows the ins-and-outs of a group of unlikely women in a federal prison: a scandalous female warden, her new protégé and a host of inmates - some mothers, some friends-who struggle with loyalties to people on the inside and the outside.
Nancy M. Pimental (as Nancy Pimental)
Jeffrey Jur (as Jeff Jur)
Casting Directors
John Frank Levey | Melanie Renfroe (as Melanie Burgess)
Production Designer
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Updated Dec 13, 2012

Release date
2012 (United States)


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54 cast members
Name Known for
Amy Smart
Brandi Brandi   See fewer
Gigi Rice
Cate's Mom Cate's Mom   See fewer
Jaime Pressly
Melinda Melinda   See fewer
Jurnee Smollett
Gwen Delfino Gwen Delfino   See fewer
Actress Actress   See fewer
Louise Fletcher
Actress Actress   See fewer
Caitlin Carmichael
Piper Patterson Piper Patterson   See fewer
Rick Gonzalez
Rodrigo Rodrigo   See fewer
Zoe Boyle
Cate Patterson Cate Patterson   See fewer
Chris Conner
Maurice Maurice   See fewer
Rakefet Abergel
Inmate #4 Inmate #4   See fewer
Annie Little
OC Gal #1 OC Gal #1   See fewer
Kelly Curran
Michelle Michelle   See fewer
Tenille Houston
Party Chick Party Chick   See fewer
Peter Jang
Warden's Guard Warden's Guard   See fewer
Shane Edelman
Warren Warren   See fewer
Jessee Foudray
Crafty Inmate Crafty Inmate   See fewer
Liz Jenkins
Inmate #1 Inmate #1   See fewer
Sean Davis
Howard Howard   See fewer
Mike Jerome Putnam
Lead Corrections Officer Lead Corrections Officer   See fewer
Stacy Solodkin
Helpful Inmate Helpful Inmate   See fewer
Amor Sanchez
Inmate Inmate   See fewer
Valentina Garcia
Nanny (rumored) Nanny (rumored)   See fewer
Club D.J. Club D.J.   See fewer
Taylor Hardick
Ella Ashton Ella Ashton   See fewer
Aussie Guevara
Loud Inmate Loud Inmate   See fewer
Alexandria Delgado
Inmate #9 Inmate #9   See fewer
Aaron Webster
Businessman at nightclub Businessman at nightclub   See fewer
Esther Marie Hill
Inmate (as Esther Krimmel) Inmate (as Esther Krimmel)   See fewer
Darren Anthony Thomas
Saint Mack Saint Mack   See fewer
Collin McShane
Prison Guard Prison Guard   See fewer
Ramona Radnor
Lacey (as Ramona McGowan) Lacey (as Ramona McGowan)   See fewer
Veronica Blakney
Pretty Inmate Pretty Inmate   See fewer
Alex Restrepo
Prison Administrative Assistant Prison Administrative Assistant   See fewer
Shannon Sukovaty
OC Hairdresser OC Hairdresser   See fewer
Rebecca Hancock
Prison Inmate Prison Inmate   See fewer
Brody Hamilton
Inmate's Son Inmate's Son   See fewer
Ashley Barron
OC Housewife #1 OC Housewife #1   See fewer
Robert T. Barrett
Prison Guard Prison Guard   See fewer
Prison Guard (as Steven Cevolani) Prison Guard (as Steven Cevolani)   See fewer
Keeli Ross
Inmate Inmate   See fewer
Jaq Galliano
Bouncer (uncredited) Bouncer (uncredited)   See fewer
David Jason Perez
Driver (uncredited) Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
Denise Vasquez
Courtroom Reporter (uncredited) Courtroom Reporter (uncredited)   See fewer
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