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  • Bittersweet (2010)
  • 130 min | Comedy, Drama
Bittersweet (2010)
130 min | Comedy, Drama

A 30-year-old Egyptian goes back to Egypt after living in America for 20 years, but he has a hard time coping with the difference, especially after he loses his identity and all his money and becomes stuck in Egypt.
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Updated May 25, 2010

Release date
May 25, 2010 (Egypt)


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47 cast members
Name Known for
Ahmed Helmy
Masri Sayyed El-Arabi Masri Sayyed El-Arabi   See fewer
Said Said   See fewer
Aimi Samir Ghanem
Merfat (as Amy Samir Ghanem) Merfat (as Amy Samir Ghanem)   See fewer
Youssef Dawood
Uncle Helal Uncle Helal   See fewer
Gehan Anwar
Ibtesam Ibtesam   See fewer
Mohamed Shahin
Plane Friend Plane Friend   See fewer
Hesham Ismail
Actor (as Hisham Ismail) Actor (as Hisham Ismail)   See fewer
Philanthropist Philanthropist   See fewer
Ahmed Rateb
Police commander Police commander   See fewer
Abdullah Mishref
Civil registry employee Civil registry employee   See fewer
Muhammad Abdullah
Noble man Noble man   See fewer
Shayma Abdulqader
Actress (as Shaimaa Abdelkader) Actress (as Shaimaa Abdelkader)   See fewer
Muhammad Abdulsalam
Investigation officer Investigation officer   See fewer
Qadri Abul-Hol
Molester Molester   See fewer
Id Abulhamd
Informer El-Sawi Informer El-Sawi   See fewer
Ahmad Adel
Criminal 1 Criminal 1   See fewer
Muhammad Aliyyuddin
Passport officer Passport officer   See fewer
Tityana Baris
Embassy employee Embassy employee   See fewer
Ibrahim El Samman
Demonstration leader Demonstration leader   See fewer
Tareq El-Amir
Abdulmunsef Abdulmunsef   See fewer
Marwah El-Azali
Plane hostess Plane hostess   See fewer
Thabet El-Batal
Bus thug Bus thug   See fewer
Gamil El-Gindi
Motorcycle rider Motorcycle rider   See fewer
Hani El-Sabbagh
Hotel manager Hotel manager   See fewer
Yaser El-Tubgi
Embassy and airport guy Embassy and airport guy   See fewer
Nader Fouad
Embassy employee Embassy employee   See fewer
Ata Al Ghamrawi
Mosque servant Mosque servant   See fewer
Bayyumi Haddad
Customs inspector Customs inspector   See fewer
Demonstration officer Demonstration officer   See fewer
Rehab Hussain
Hostess Hostess   See fewer
Randa Ibrahim
Abir's mother Abir's mother   See fewer
Samir Kamel
Pyramids stableman Pyramids stableman   See fewer
Muhammad Khamis
Criminal 2 Criminal 2   See fewer
Akml Al Maadawi
Criminal Balahah Criminal Balahah   See fewer
Khaled Nagib
Communications employee Communications employee   See fewer
Ebrahem Okda
Dawedar (as Ebrahem Mahmoud) Dawedar (as Ebrahem Mahmoud)   See fewer
Abdullah Ramadhan
Hamasah / Said's brother Hamasah / Said's brother   See fewer
Amir Saber
Informer Informer   See fewer
Enaam Salousa
Said's mother Said's mother   See fewer
Basem Shukri
Car rental employee Car rental employee   See fewer
Mariam Al Sokkari
Hotel employee Hotel employee   See fewer
Saeed Tarabek
Kiosk owner Kiosk owner   See fewer
Alaa Zenhom
Passport employee Passport employee   See fewer
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