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  • Fatima (2020)
  • PG-13
    113 min | Drama, War
Fatima (2020)
113 min | Drama, War

Three young shepherds in Fátima, Portugal report visions of the Virgin Mary, inspiring believers and angering officials of the Church and the government, who try to force them to recant their story. Based on historical events.
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Marco Pontecorvo (directed by)
Marco Pontecorvo (written by) | Valerio D'Annunzio (written by) | Barbara Nicolosi (written by) | Abdul Rafay Chandio
Stefano Buono (produced by) | Rose Ganguzza (produced by) | Natasha Howes (produced by) | Maribel Lopera Sierra (produced by) & 3 more
Paolo Buonvino (music by)
Vincenzo Carpineta (cinematography by)
Casting Directors
Lucy Hellier (casting by) | Camilla-Valentine Isola (casting by) | Jemima McWilliams (casting by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Aug 28, 2020 (United States)


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72 cast members
Name Known for
Joaquim de Almeida
Father Ferreira Father Ferreira   See fewer
Goran Visnjic
Arturo Arturo   See fewer
Alejandra Howard
Jacinta Jacinta   See fewer
Jorge Lamelas
Francisco Francisco   See fewer
Lúcia Moniz
Maria Rosa Maria Rosa   See fewer
Marco D'Almeida
António António   See fewer
Joana Ribeiro
Virgin Mary Virgin Mary   See fewer
Carla Chambel
Olímpia Olímpia   See fewer
Elmano Sancho
Ti Manuel Ti Manuel   See fewer
João D'Ávila
Monsenhor Quaresma Monsenhor Quaresma   See fewer
Iris Cayatte
Adelina Adelina   See fewer
João Arrais
Manuel Santos Manuel Santos   See fewer
Simão Cayatte
Captain Ribeiro Captain Ribeiro   See fewer
Sonia Braga
Sister Lucia Sister Lucia   See fewer
Harvey Keitel
Professor Nichols Professor Nichols   See fewer
Ivo Alexandre
Doctor Andrade Doctor Andrade   See fewer
Filipa Areosa
Pretty Fiance Pretty Fiance   See fewer
João Clara Bandeira
Toninho (as João Bandeira) Toninho (as João Bandeira)   See fewer
Alba Baptista
Senhora Lopes Daughter Senhora Lopes Daughter   See fewer
Enrique Beján
Diogo Lima Diogo Lima   See fewer
Zé Bernardino
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Margarida Cardeal
Skeptic Woman Skeptic Woman   See fewer
Joana Cavaco
Carolina Carolina   See fewer
Figueira Cid
Doctor Ramires Doctor Ramires   See fewer
Maria d'Aires
Mother Mother   See fewer
Gonçalo Diniz
GNR Guard GNR Guard   See fewer
Gabrielle Fleck
Maria dos Anjos Maria dos Anjos   See fewer
Hugo Franco
Corporal GNR Corporal GNR   See fewer
Eduardo Frazão
Vendedor Vendedor   See fewer
Laura Frederico
Daughter Daughter   See fewer
Paula Garcia
Senhora Lopes Senhora Lopes   See fewer
Lourenço Henriques
Mauricio Mauricio   See fewer
Ivone Fernandes-Jesus
Angel of Peace Angel of Peace   See fewer
Alexandra Leite
Fernanda Fernanda   See fewer
João Lobo
Tradesman Tradesman   See fewer
André Mendes
Victor Victor   See fewer
Beatriz Mendes
Republica Republica   See fewer
Catarina Mira
Tradeswoman Tradeswoman   See fewer
Tobias Monteiro
Arthur's Assistant Arthur's Assistant   See fewer
Ana Moreira
Laic Nun Laic Nun   See fewer
Manuel Moreira
Skeptic Man Skeptic Man   See fewer
Ângela Pinto
Carmelite Nun Carmelite Nun   See fewer
João Maria Pinto
Avelino de Almeida Avelino de Almeida   See fewer
Isabel Ruth
Old Woman Old Woman   See fewer
Carmen Santos
Dona Clara Dona Clara   See fewer
Carla Bolito
Pilgrim Pilgrim   See fewer
José Eduardo
Pilgrim Pilgrim   See fewer
Paula Luiz
Pilgrim Pilgrim   See fewer
Augusto Portela
Pilgrim Pilgrim   See fewer
Eva Tecedeiro
Woman 1 Woman 1   See fewer
Dinarte de Freitas
Man in the Crowd Man in the Crowd   See fewer
Madalena Aragão
Rain Kid Rain Kid   See fewer
Maria Marques
Rain Kid Rain Kid   See fewer
Fábio Carreira
Diogo Lima's Father Diogo Lima's Father   See fewer
Miguel Frazão
GNR Guard GNR Guard   See fewer
Miguel Serra da Silva
GNR Guard GNR Guard   See fewer
Bruno Salgueiro
GNR Guard GNR Guard   See fewer
David Mendes
GNR Guard GNR Guard   See fewer
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