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  • God Loves Caviar (2012)
  • TV-14
    101 min | Adventure, Biography, Drama
God Loves Caviar (2012)
101 min | Adventure, Biography, Drama

The Greek pirate who turned businessman, Ioannis Varvakis, made his fortune selling caviar in Russia and all over the world. Varvakis strives all his life for freedom for himself and then for his country.
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Yannis Smaragdis (directed by) (as Iannis Smaragdis)
Panagiotis Pashidis (script) (as Panayotis Paschidis) | Jackie Pavlenko (script) | Yannis Smaragdis (script) (as Iannis Smaragdis) (story) (as Iannis Smaragdis) | Vladimir Valutskiy (script) (as Vladimir Valutsky)
Kostantza Sbokou-Konstantakopoulou (as Costantza Sbokou-Constantakopoulou) | Eleni Smaragdi (as Eleni Smaragdis)
Yorgos Mavropsaridis (as George Mavropsaridis)
Production Designer
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Release date
Oct 11, 2012 (Greece)


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227 cast members
Name Known for
Sebastian Koch
Varvakis Varvakis   See fewer
Evgeniy Stychkin
Ivan (as Evgeny Stychkin) Ivan (as Evgeny Stychkin)   See fewer
Juan Diego Botto
Lefentarios Lefentarios   See fewer
Olga Sutulova
Helena Helena   See fewer
Lakis Lazopoulos
Fisherman (of God) Fisherman (of God)   See fewer
Nick Clark Windo
British Ambassador (as Nick Ashdon) British Ambassador (as Nick Ashdon)   See fewer
Fotini Baxevani
Ludmilla (as Fotini Baxevani) Ludmilla (as Fotini Baxevani)   See fewer
Catherine Deneuve
Catherine the Great Catherine the Great   See fewer
John Cleese
McCormick McCormick   See fewer
Pavlos Kontoyannidis
Shipbuilder Shipbuilder   See fewer
Alexandros Mylonas
Prime Minister (as Alexandros Milonas) Prime Minister (as Alexandros Milonas)   See fewer
Giannis Vouros
Businessman #1 (as Yannis Vouros) Businessman #1 (as Yannis Vouros)   See fewer
Manos Vakousis
Businessman #2 Businessman #2   See fewer
Yorgos Makris
Businessman #3 Businessman #3   See fewer
Irini Balta
Varvakis' Wife Varvakis' Wife   See fewer
Lambros Ktenavos
Andreas (16-20 y.o.) Andreas (16-20 y.o.)   See fewer
Yorgos Charalabidis
Head of the Union (as Giorgos Haralabidis) Head of the Union (as Giorgos Haralabidis)   See fewer
Michalis Iatropoulos
Turkish Captain (as Michalis Iatropoulos) Turkish Captain (as Michalis Iatropoulos)   See fewer
Giorgos Kotanidis
General Kolokotronis General Kolokotronis   See fewer
Kostas Sommer
Messenger Messenger   See fewer
Alexander Troitski
Russian Prefect Russian Prefect   See fewer
Kostas Delakouras
Persian Man Persian Man   See fewer
Peter Rundle
British Soldier #1 British Soldier #1   See fewer
Davydd Cook
British Soldier #2 British Soldier #2   See fewer
Giannis Poimenidis
British Soldier #3 British Soldier #3   See fewer
Duncan Skinner
Sergeant Major Sergeant Major   See fewer
Alexis Antonopoulos
Young Man (as Alex Antonopoulos) Young Man (as Alex Antonopoulos)   See fewer
Diogenis Triandafyllidis
Major-Domo Major-Domo   See fewer
Konstantinos Tsiomidis
Guard / Servant #1 Guard / Servant #1   See fewer
Nikos Pirokakos
Guard / Servant #2 Guard / Servant #2   See fewer
Giorgos Fragos
Helena's Father (as George Fragkos) Helena's Father (as George Fragkos)   See fewer
David Malteze
Russian Officer #1 Russian Officer #1   See fewer
Ivan Svitailo
Russian Officer #2 Russian Officer #2   See fewer
Thanos Dermatis
Fencing Teacher Fencing Teacher   See fewer
Panagiotis Athinaios
Persian Man #2 (as Panagiotis Athineos) Persian Man #2 (as Panagiotis Athineos)   See fewer
Pavlos Voutsinos
Chamberlain Chamberlain   See fewer
Yannis Smaragdis
Greek Priest (as Iannis Smaragdis) Greek Priest (as Iannis Smaragdis)   See fewer
Manos Tsagarakis
Cheeky Boy Cheeky Boy   See fewer
Melina Zaharopoulou
Noblewoman (as Melina Zacharopoulou) Noblewoman (as Melina Zacharopoulou)   See fewer
Manos Triantafillakis
Soldier of the Royal Guard Soldier of the Royal Guard   See fewer
Dionisia Achtipi
Actress Actress   See fewer
Magia Andreou
Actress Actress   See fewer
Lilia Chousainova
Actress (as Lilia Husainova) Actress (as Lilia Husainova)   See fewer
Zoi Chroni
Actress Actress   See fewer
Vassilis Dalampinis
Actor (as Vasilis Dalabinis) Actor (as Vasilis Dalabinis)   See fewer
Natalia Desiatkina
Actress (voice) Actress (voice)   See fewer
Evgenia Diakoumi
Actress Actress   See fewer
Nikos Dimitropoulos
Actor (as Nicolaos Dimitropoulos) Actor (as Nicolaos Dimitropoulos)   See fewer
Foivos Doudonis
Actor (as Phoevos Doudonis) Actor (as Phoevos Doudonis)   See fewer
Giannis Fragos
Actor (as Yannis Fragkos) Actor (as Yannis Fragkos)   See fewer
Hristina Georgiou
Actress (as Christina Georgiou) Actress (as Christina Georgiou)   See fewer
Anestis Hrysafis
Actor (as Anestis Chysafis) Actor (as Anestis Chysafis)   See fewer
Stavros Kanellidis
Turkish Pirate Turkish Pirate   See fewer
Giannis Karabekios
Actor (as Yannis Karampekios) Actor (as Yannis Karampekios)   See fewer
Corina Kathrepta
Actress Actress   See fewer
Eirini Kazakou
Actress (as Irini Kazakou) Actress (as Irini Kazakou)   See fewer
Faidon Kefaleas
Actor (as Phaedon Kefaleas) Actor (as Phaedon Kefaleas)   See fewer
Konstantina Kostogianni
Actress (voice) Actress (voice)   See fewer
Fotis Kotrotsos
Actor (as Fotis Kotrotsis) Actor (as Fotis Kotrotsis)   See fewer
Georgia Koutali
Actress Actress   See fewer
Agapi Krivohiza
Actress (as Agapi Krifohiza) Actress (as Agapi Krifohiza)   See fewer
Katerina Latta
Actress Actress   See fewer
Dimitra Limniou
Actress Actress   See fewer
Claudia Lucacel
Actress Actress   See fewer
Shiren Youssefian Maanian
Actress (voice) (as Shirin Maanian) Actress (voice) (as Shirin Maanian)   See fewer
Aggeliki Marinou
Actress (as Aggeliki Marinou) Actress (as Aggeliki Marinou)   See fewer
Nikos Mavrakis
Russian Army Officer Russian Army Officer   See fewer
Thivi Megalou
Actress Actress   See fewer
Elias Menayer
Actor (as Ilias Menayer) Actor (as Ilias Menayer)   See fewer
Giorgos Mihalitsianos
Actor (as Giorgos Michalitsianos) Actor (as Giorgos Michalitsianos)   See fewer
Christophor Miroshnikov
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Despina Mirou
Actress (as Despina Mirou) Actress (as Despina Mirou)   See fewer
Maria Molochtou
Actress Actress   See fewer
Grigoris Orfanoudakis
Actor (as Gregory Orfanoudakis) Actor (as Gregory Orfanoudakis)   See fewer
Evangelos Papadakis
Actor (as Vangelis Papadakis) Actor (as Vangelis Papadakis)   See fewer
Giorgos Parashos
Actor (as Giorgos Paraschos) Actor (as Giorgos Paraschos)   See fewer
Maria Patsi
Actress Actress   See fewer
Alexis Patsis
Actor (as Alexios Patsis) Actor (as Alexios Patsis)   See fewer
Vicky Pentedeka
Actress Actress   See fewer
Dinos Psychogios
Aristocrat (as Konstantinos Psichogios) Aristocrat (as Konstantinos Psichogios)   See fewer
Domenika Regou
Actress (as Domenica Regou) Actress (as Domenica Regou)   See fewer
Giannis Romanos
Actor (as Iannis Romanos) Actor (as Iannis Romanos)   See fewer
Fay Sabethai
Actress Actress   See fewer
Nafsika Sardeli
Actress Actress   See fewer
Hristos Siriotis
Actor (as Christos Syriotis) Actor (as Christos Syriotis)   See fewer
Marina Sokrati
Actress Actress   See fewer
Gabriel Syfer
Pirate Pirate   See fewer
Stefanos Thomanikas
Actor (as Stefanos Thomanikou) Actor (as Stefanos Thomanikou)   See fewer
Petros Triandafyllopoulos
Russian noble man Russian noble man   See fewer
Anthi Tsirouki
Actress Actress   See fewer
Katerina Tzounou
Actress Actress   See fewer
Marianna Varviani
Actress (as Marianna Varvianni) Actress (as Marianna Varvianni)   See fewer
Achilles Vatrikas
Russian Naval Officer Russian Naval Officer   See fewer
Giannis Vlahos
Actor (as Iannis Vlachos) Actor (as Iannis Vlachos)   See fewer
Alexandros Zahareas
Actor (as Aleksandros Zachareas) Actor (as Aleksandros Zachareas)   See fewer
Dimitra Zahari
Actress (as Dimitra Zachari) Actress (as Dimitra Zachari)   See fewer
Elias J. Kay
Bystander (uncredited) Bystander (uncredited)   See fewer
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