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  • Delusions of Guinevere (2014)
  • 94 min | Comedy
Delusions of Guinevere (2014)
94 min | Comedy

A former child star, desperate to reclaim the fame of her youth, employs the ultimate publicity stunt by faking her death in hopes of boosting her popularity, but finds her greed may cost her the people who love her the most.
Casting Director
Production Designer
Kaitlyn Laziza (as Kaitlyn McInnes)

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Updated Nov 1, 2014

Release date
Nov 14, 2014 (United States)


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37 cast members
Name Known for
Ariana Bernstein
Guinevere James Guinevere James   See fewer
Andrew Ruth
Guy Calyer Guy Calyer   See fewer
Amy Halldin
Brianna Brianna   See fewer
Adam Batsakis
Casting Director 1 Casting Director 1   See fewer
Joanna Bowzer
Casting Director 6 Casting Director 6   See fewer
Lauren Boyd
Suzy Hazelwood Suzy Hazelwood   See fewer
Michael Buckley
Bobby Fowler Bobby Fowler   See fewer
Chris Michael Burke
Producer 1 (as Christopher Burke) Producer 1 (as Christopher Burke)   See fewer
Graci Carli
Lillia Lillia   See fewer
Sophia Considine
Theater Kid Theater Kid   See fewer
Scarlett Diaz
Young Cadence Stone Young Cadence Stone   See fewer
Jessica DiGiovanni
Elizabeth Martino Elizabeth Martino   See fewer
David Anthony Durante
Young Bobby Fowler Young Bobby Fowler   See fewer
Maddox Elliot
Theater Kid (as Maddox Skigen) Theater Kid (as Maddox Skigen)   See fewer
Dave Gochfeld
Casting Director 8 Casting Director 8   See fewer
Aaron Gonzalez
Barista Barista   See fewer
Leo Goodman
Casting Director 4 Casting Director 4   See fewer
Sara Jonnson
Producer 2 Producer 2   See fewer
Dorothy Krajewski
Casting Director 7 Casting Director 7   See fewer
Nova Landaeus-Skinnar
Casting Director 2 Casting Director 2   See fewer
Joy Kate Lawson
Young Suzy Young Suzy   See fewer
Annalaina Marks
Cadence Stone Cadence Stone   See fewer
Thea McCartan
Russia Russia   See fewer
Ariana Mozner
Young Guinevere James Young Guinevere James   See fewer
Hayden Oliver
Library Kid (as Hayden Skigen) Library Kid (as Hayden Skigen)   See fewer
Jack Perry
Talent Agent Talent Agent   See fewer
Matt Saxon
Coffee Shop Patron Coffee Shop Patron   See fewer
Madalyn Scrivner
Casting Director 5 Casting Director 5   See fewer
Larry Shea
Neighbor Neighbor   See fewer
Dawn Speaks
Teacher Teacher   See fewer
Jo-Ann Victor
Casting Director 3 Casting Director 3   See fewer
Alison Whitney
TV Host TV Host   See fewer
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