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  • Biography, Crime, Drama
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Wise Guys (2024)
Biography, Crime, Drama

Vito Genovese and Frank Costello, a pair of Italian Americans who run two separate crime families in the mid-20th century. Genovese attempted to assassinate Costello in 1957, although Costello retired from the mob.
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Updated Apr 6, 2023

Release date
Feb 2, 2024 (United States)


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49 cast members
Name Known for
Debra Messing
Actress (rumored) Actress (rumored)   See fewer
Cosmo Jarvis
Vincent Gigante Vincent Gigante   See fewer
Kathrine Narducci
Anna Genovese Anna Genovese   See fewer
Belmont Cameli
Frankie Boy Frankie Boy   See fewer
Carrie Lazar
LT. Trooper LT. Trooper   See fewer
James Ciccone
Carlo Gambino Carlo Gambino   See fewer
Steven Terry Walker
Judge (Angry) (credit only) Judge (Angry) (credit only)   See fewer
Charles Wilson Conkwright
Busboy (as Wilson Conkwright) Busboy (as Wilson Conkwright)   See fewer
Bob Glouberman
Victor Riesel Victor Riesel   See fewer
Jean Zarzour
Elsa Anastasia Elsa Anastasia   See fewer
Dennis Craig Hensley
The Majestic Doorman The Majestic Doorman   See fewer
Michael Adler
Senator Tobey Senator Tobey   See fewer
Gary Chinn
Doorman Doorman   See fewer
Greg Siewny
Politician Politician   See fewer
Mike Seely
Sheriff Crosswell Sheriff Crosswell   See fewer
Wynn Reichert
Doctor #1 Doctor #1   See fewer
Abi Van Andel
Judge Peggy Cooper Judge Peggy Cooper   See fewer
Damian Tanenbaum
Bailiff Bailiff   See fewer
Rich Williams
Walter Hawley Walter Hawley   See fewer
Robert DiDonato
Edward Guinan Edward Guinan   See fewer
Louie Lawless
Joe the Boss Joe the Boss   See fewer
Mark Axelowitz
Asst District Attorney Kamen Asst District Attorney Kamen   See fewer
Ashton Wolf
Emcee (Copa) Emcee (Copa)   See fewer
Mark Tierno
Juror #1 Juror #1   See fewer
Jen Ryan
Spectator Spectator   See fewer
William Cross
Federal Agent Federal Agent   See fewer
Carl Centofanti
Federal Agent (as Centofanti Carl) Federal Agent (as Centofanti Carl)   See fewer
Christine McBurney
Trish Hawley Trish Hawley   See fewer
Seth Adair
Driver Driver   See fewer
Kevin W. Shiveley
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Todd Wallrauch
Paralegal Paralegal   See fewer
Vincent P. Catalano
Vito (party guest) (as Vincent Catalano) Vito (party guest) (as Vincent Catalano)   See fewer
Frank Cervone
Shopkeeper #1 Shopkeeper #1   See fewer
Steve Molla
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Richie Root
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Jerry Pope
Bodyguard Bodyguard   See fewer
Derek Polen
Politician Politician   See fewer
Chris Borghese
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Mike Schenke
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Ron Gorley
Nightclub patron (uncredited) Nightclub patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Karen Koester
Copa Night Club Patron (uncredited) Copa Night Club Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Roger Petan
Radio staffer #1 (uncredited) Radio staffer #1 (uncredited)   See fewer
Chuck Thompson
Driver / Street Pedestrian (uncredited) Driver / Street Pedestrian (uncredited)   See fewer
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