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  • Dors mon lapin (2013)
  • 83 min | Drama
Dors mon lapin (2013)
83 min | Drama

Strangled by colossal debts, Lionel is about to become a father. Desperate, he decides one day to kidnap the 12-month-old baby from his billionaire neighbors and ask them for a ransom.
Vladimir Cosma (music by)

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Updated Jul 13, 2013

Release date
Mar 19, 2014 (France)


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62 cast members
Name Known for
Richard Bohringer
Commissaire Bolzer Commissaire Bolzer   See fewer
Sarah Biasini
Claire Claire   See fewer
Maxence Boulmé
Le bébé Le bébé   See fewer
M. Ratkin (as Idriss Hamida) M. Ratkin (as Idriss Hamida)   See fewer
Karine Dogliani
Mme Ratkin Mme Ratkin   See fewer
Dominique McCormick
Nounou (as Dominique Mc Cormick) Nounou (as Dominique Mc Cormick)   See fewer
Jean Abeillé
Marchand de journaux Marchand de journaux   See fewer
Laurent Biras
Chauffeur Chauffeur   See fewer
Olivia Raclot
Louise Louise   See fewer
Maryvonne Hamida
Dame téléphone Dame téléphone   See fewer
Renaud Bouchery
Directeur Xatra (as Renaud Boucherie) Directeur Xatra (as Renaud Boucherie)   See fewer
Christian Chauvaud
Colloquinte Colloquinte   See fewer
Aurélie Bouquet
Secrétaire Colloquinte (as Aurélie Bouque) Secrétaire Colloquinte (as Aurélie Bouque)   See fewer
Jenny Del Pino
Pharmacienne (as Jenny Delpino) Pharmacienne (as Jenny Delpino)   See fewer
Jean-Pierre Clami
Père Lionel Père Lionel   See fewer
Raphaël Scheer
Bouligue Bouligue   See fewer
Alain Schlosberg
Employé Xatra Employé Xatra   See fewer
Lorianne Krieger
Employée Xatra (as Laurianne Krieger) Employée Xatra (as Laurianne Krieger)   See fewer
Lonny Mirande
Enfant supermarché Enfant supermarché   See fewer
Maurad Saad
Maghrébin Maghrébin   See fewer
Victor Mu
Avocat Avocat   See fewer
Fabien Jegoudez
Médecin Médecin   See fewer
Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi
Infirmière (as Jennifer Dubourg) Infirmière (as Jennifer Dubourg)   See fewer
Noël Simsolo
Libraire Libraire   See fewer
Frédéric Buret
Journaliste TV Journaliste TV   See fewer
Michel Stobac
Pêcheur Pêcheur   See fewer
Pauline Dévi
Serveuse (as Pauline Devi) Serveuse (as Pauline Devi)   See fewer
Franck Neckebrock
Directeur banque Directeur banque   See fewer
Antoine Delelis
Chauffeur accident Chauffeur accident   See fewer
Dimitri Lemoine
Jeune hippie Jeune hippie   See fewer
Jean-Louis Andrieux
Policier station-service Policier station-service   See fewer
Philippe Sax
Policier station-service 2 Policier station-service 2   See fewer
Lucy Harrison
Femme dispute Femme dispute   See fewer
Francis Boulmé
Homme dispute Homme dispute   See fewer
Lucie Gontier
Fillette escaliers Fillette escaliers   See fewer
Tony Simonneau
Locataire (as Tony Simoneau) Locataire (as Tony Simoneau)   See fewer
Karima Abara
Locataire 2 Locataire 2   See fewer
Thomas Lemoine
Locataire 3 Locataire 3   See fewer
Philippe Max
Militaire Militaire   See fewer
Lionel Laget
Vendeur de jouets Vendeur de jouets   See fewer
Frédéric Bourdil
Maréchal-ferrant Maréchal-ferrant   See fewer
Dominique Plaideau
Speaker TV Speaker TV   See fewer
Benoit de Gauléjac
Journaliste BFM (as Benoît de Gaulejac) Journaliste BFM (as Benoît de Gaulejac)   See fewer
Joëlle Haddad Champeyroux
Femme aveugle (as Joelle Champeyroux) Femme aveugle (as Joelle Champeyroux)   See fewer
Freddy Bournane
Mari de l'aveugle Mari de l'aveugle   See fewer
Sidonie Gaumy
Actress Actress   See fewer
Jérôme Lenôtre
Un adjoint du commissaire Un adjoint du commissaire   See fewer
David Blanc
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Laetitia Da Costa
Actress (uncredited) Actress (uncredited)   See fewer
José Exposito
Cameraman TV (uncredited) Cameraman TV (uncredited)   See fewer
Christine Garrivet
Habitante immeuble (uncredited) Habitante immeuble (uncredited)   See fewer
Patrice Guillain
Policier accident (uncredited) Policier accident (uncredited)   See fewer
Christiane Lemoine-Vultaggio
Actress (uncredited) Actress (uncredited)   See fewer
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