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  • Paradise (I) (2023)
  • TV-MA
    117 min | Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Paradise (I) (2023)
117 min | Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

After his wife is forced to give up 40 years of her life as payment for an insurance debt, a man desperately searches for a way to get them back.
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Updated Jun 24, 2023

Release date
Jul 27, 2023 (United States)


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53 cast members
Name Known for
Corinna Kirchhoff
Elena (alt) Elena (alt)   See fewer
Marlene Tanczik
Elena (jung) Elena (jung)   See fewer
Iris Berben
Olivia Theissen Olivia Theissen   See fewer
Lisa-Marie Koroll
Marie Theissen Marie Theissen   See fewer
Numan Acar
Viktor Viktor   See fewer
Alina Levshin
Sophie Theissen (jung) Sophie Theissen (jung)   See fewer
Gizem Emre
Eva (Clinic) Eva (Clinic)   See fewer
Simon Amberger
Moderator (MC) Moderator (MC)   See fewer
Zemyna Asmontaite
Female Therapist 2 Female Therapist 2   See fewer
Jan Beller
Bornheim (AEON) Bornheim (AEON)   See fewer
Alida Bohnen
Erika (AEON) Erika (AEON)   See fewer
Aleyna Cara
Pamina Yildrim Pamina Yildrim   See fewer
Cynthia Cosima
Strömquist Strömquist   See fewer
Sarunas Datenis
Border Guard #1 Border Guard #1   See fewer
Aiste Dirziute
Nina (Hospital) Nina (Hospital)   See fewer
Tomas Dziatlovskis
Policeman (Elena Arrest) Policeman (Elena Arrest)   See fewer
Saule Emilija
20yr old Brunette (Clinic) 20yr old Brunette (Clinic)   See fewer
Dawn Ford
Various (voice) (version: English) Various (voice) (version: English)   See fewer
Marcel Gisdol
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Marius Karolis Gotbergas
Junger Polizist (Klinik) Junger Polizist (Klinik)   See fewer
Houssein Hariri
Mr. Bondar Mr. Bondar   See fewer
Cornelia Heyse
Marion (Elenas Mum) Marion (Elenas Mum)   See fewer
CJ Higgins
Boyfriend Boyfriend   See fewer
Haley Louise Jones
Luna Ackermann Luna Ackermann   See fewer
Inga Juskeviciute
Laura (Hospital) Laura (Hospital)   See fewer
Aleyna Karamizrak
Paramedic#1 (Hospital) Paramedic#1 (Hospital)   See fewer
Clovis Kasanda
Psychologist Psychologist   See fewer
Mija Kembre
Female Border Guard Female Border Guard   See fewer
Diana Krüger
Policewoman (as Diana Birenyte) Policewoman (as Diana Birenyte)   See fewer
Renata Kutinaite
Female Therapist 1 Female Therapist 1   See fewer
Safija Larbi
Court Bailiff (Clinic) Court Bailiff (Clinic)   See fewer
Egle Lekstutyte
Mrs. Steiner Mrs. Steiner   See fewer
Rosa Henriette Löwe
10yrs old Girl (Dealer) 10yrs old Girl (Dealer)   See fewer
Fortuna Meda
Emilia Steiner Emilia Steiner   See fewer
Vytautas Medineckas
Teamleader Teamleader   See fewer
Charisse Mills
Nurse Gloria Nurse Gloria   See fewer
Gülderen Saglam
Mrs. Bondar Mrs. Bondar   See fewer
Fausta Semionovaite
Young Man (Clinic) Young Man (Clinic)   See fewer
Donatas Simukauskas
Lithuanian Border Guard Officer Lithuanian Border Guard Officer   See fewer
Hanh Mai Thi Tran
Charlotte Nguyen Charlotte Nguyen   See fewer
Lukas von Horbatschewsky
Denys Bondar Denys Bondar   See fewer
Ulrich Wickert
Ulrich Wickert Ulrich Wickert   See fewer
Andreas Windhuis
Vater von Elena Vater von Elena   See fewer
Alina Zaliukaite-Ramanauskiene
70yr old female (Clinic) 70yr old female (Clinic)   See fewer
Matthias Ziesing
Mr. Steiner Mr. Steiner   See fewer
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