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Walden Dean an unassuming court stenographer in a small southern town, when he discovers he is dying, he decides to exact revenge on criminals who escaped their prosecution
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Updated Jul 22, 2022


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51 cast members
Name Known for
Emile Hirsch
Walden Dean Walden Dean   See fewer
Shane West
Detective Bill Kane Detective Bill Kane   See fewer
Kelli Garner
Emily Duperon Emily Duperon   See fewer
Tania Raymonde
Detective Sally Hunt Detective Sally Hunt   See fewer
David Keith
Judge Boyle Judge Boyle   See fewer
Steve Coulter
Jesse Dean Jesse Dean   See fewer
Seth Michaels
Forensics Dr. Carrillo Forensics Dr. Carrillo   See fewer
Sunny Mabrey
Laurie Kane Laurie Kane   See fewer
Luke Davis
General George General George   See fewer
Sara Sometti Michaels
Nurse Rainy Nurse Rainy   See fewer
Kathrine Barnes
Claire Dean Claire Dean   See fewer
Olive Raine Cleope
Lizzie Johnson Lizzie Johnson   See fewer
Lisa Shatterly Boyd
Miss Kindleman Miss Kindleman   See fewer
Gavin Borders
Young Walden Young Walden   See fewer
Megan McFarland
Shireen Boyle Shireen Boyle   See fewer
Sean Freeland
Confederate Greg Confederate Greg   See fewer
Erin Boswell
Mrs. Pepper Mrs. Pepper   See fewer
Adam Joel
Earl Pepper Earl Pepper   See fewer
Charles Black
Old Gabriel Pym Old Gabriel Pym   See fewer
Ira Carmichael
Orderly Orderly   See fewer
Barbara Weetman
Prosecutor Deitrich Prosecutor Deitrich   See fewer
Shravan Amin
Dr. Rashid Dr. Rashid   See fewer
Cecelia Specht
kat Duperon kat Duperon   See fewer
Tom Key
Mike Duperon Mike Duperon   See fewer
Anthony Reynolds
Chief of Police Chief of Police   See fewer
Jacinte Blankenship
Malerie Van Dries Malerie Van Dries   See fewer
Mariah Kirstie
Ven Sheldon's Mother Ven Sheldon's Mother   See fewer
Mickey River
Cruel Big Kid Cruel Big Kid   See fewer
Vickie Eng
Daisy Daisy   See fewer
Jay DeVon Johnson
Dr. John Davrow Dr. John Davrow   See fewer
Presley Keith
Barkeep Barkeep   See fewer
Anastasia Wilson
Female Prosecutor Female Prosecutor   See fewer
Alexander Roberts
Rookie Defense Lawyer Smythe Rookie Defense Lawyer Smythe   See fewer
Jwaundace Candece
Bus Driver Annie Bus Driver Annie   See fewer
Ben Bladon
Norman Bolt Norman Bolt   See fewer
Max Bickelhaup
Attorney Oakhorn Attorney Oakhorn   See fewer
Deadra Moore
Nurse Mills Nurse Mills   See fewer
Lee Osorio
Prosecutor Hendrix Prosecutor Hendrix   See fewer
Orville Blythe
Attorney Attorney   See fewer
Brian Mephisto Legree
Hoodie Thug #2 Hoodie Thug #2   See fewer
Michael H. Cole
Father Gallagher Father Gallagher   See fewer
Keiko Bell
Stenographer Stenographer   See fewer
Tywaun Tornes
Thug 1 Thug 1   See fewer
Tatyana White
Medical Examiner Medical Examiner   See fewer
Nicole Foster
Church Goer #1 Church Goer #1   See fewer
Ray Fawley
Retirement Home Patient Retirement Home Patient   See fewer
Paris Gonzalez
Cruel Kid Cruel Kid   See fewer
Arya Kasarla
Cruel Kid Cruel Kid   See fewer
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