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  • American Girls (2013)
  • 92 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller
American Girls (2013)
92 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Centers on the abduction and murder of numerous school girls in a quaint, all-American town. Inspired by true events.
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Eric Pereira (screenplay) | Devanny Pinn (story)
Casting Director
Alicia Dahl (extras casting)
Production Designer
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Updated Oct 19, 2013

Release date
Oct 11, 2013 (United States)


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46 cast members
Name Known for
Bai Ling
Amanda Chen Amanda Chen   See fewer
James Duval
Bryan Palmer Bryan Palmer   See fewer
Kevin Gage
Judge Joe Gordon Judge Joe Gordon   See fewer
Devanny Pinn
Ashley Taylor Ashley Taylor   See fewer
Jessica Cameron
Lauren Hammond Lauren Hammond   See fewer
Jessica Sonneborn
Dr. Monica Rourke Dr. Monica Rourke   See fewer
Trish Cook
Linda Palmer Linda Palmer   See fewer
Kristina Page
Nicole Peterson Nicole Peterson   See fewer
Shane Ryan-Reid
Danny (as Shane Ryan) Danny (as Shane Ryan)   See fewer
Kira Pozehl
Cindy Peterson Cindy Peterson   See fewer
Noel Thurman
Julie Taylor Julie Taylor   See fewer
Brandon Slagle
Connor Hamblin Connor Hamblin   See fewer
Carlos Ramirez
Andrew Benson Andrew Benson   See fewer
Lauren Lakis
Movie Cindy Movie Cindy   See fewer
Josh Hammond
Scott Salazus Scott Salazus   See fewer
Brandon Stacy
Deputy Kyle McCain Deputy Kyle McCain   See fewer
Greg Duke
Movie Scott Movie Scott   See fewer
Tawny Amber Young
Karen Murphy Karen Murphy   See fewer
Jenny Spain
Movie Brittani Movie Brittani   See fewer
Dove Meir
Todd Baker Todd Baker   See fewer
Rachel Grubb
Lisa Baker Lisa Baker   See fewer
Burgandi Trejo Phoenix
Britanii Palmer (as Burgandi Phoenix) Britanii Palmer (as Burgandi Phoenix)   See fewer
Chriss Anglin
Sheriff Peterson Sheriff Peterson   See fewer
Jim Mitchell
Cousin Jim Cousin Jim   See fewer
Bella King
Actress Actress   See fewer
Amber Plaster
Amy Segal (as Amber Rose) Amy Segal (as Amber Rose)   See fewer
CJ Mora
Courtney (as Christijana York) Courtney (as Christijana York)   See fewer
Krystle Hokanson
Movie Ashley Movie Ashley   See fewer
Mia Hammond
Young Ashley Taylor Young Ashley Taylor   See fewer
David Carter-T
Jessie Turner (as David Carter-T.) Jessie Turner (as David Carter-T.)   See fewer
Sean Paul Varon
Movie Connor Movie Connor   See fewer
Lou Glenn
Jerry Palmer Jerry Palmer   See fewer
Carlo Alvarez
Jack Mercer Jack Mercer   See fewer
Dillon Paigen
Hunter Davis Hunter Davis   See fewer
Alana Tierney Reschke
Diane Peterson Diane Peterson   See fewer
Noah Dahl
Ricky Ricky   See fewer
Kyra Rose Jones
Young Ashley Young Ashley   See fewer
Daniel Murawka
Jimmy Reed Jimmy Reed   See fewer
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