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  • Primary Position (2022)
  • Action, Drama, War
Primary Position (2022)
Action, Drama, War


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Release date
Nov 11, 2022 (United States)


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63 cast members
Name Known for
Robert Amparan
Darnell Jackson Darnell Jackson   See fewer
Omar Gooding
Corporal Doug Richards Corporal Doug Richards   See fewer
Kris D. Lofton
Tracy Lavelle Tracy Lavelle   See fewer
Antwon Tanner
Sgt. Sammy Washington Sgt. Sammy Washington   See fewer
Jamal Woolard
Big Larry Big Larry   See fewer
Barton Fitzpatrick
Chris Coles Chris Coles   See fewer
Michael Epps
Jarren Jarren   See fewer
Old School Old School   See fewer
David Bianco
Officer Carter Officer Carter   See fewer
Steve Bernstein
Major Javi Major Javi   See fewer
TinseyRose Torres
Mayor Dawson Mayor Dawson   See fewer
Pete Berwick
Chief of Police Chief of Police   See fewer
Devito Parker Jr.
Kid Darnell Jackson Kid Darnell Jackson   See fewer
Wade Jamariae Gillespie
Kid Tracy Lavelle Kid Tracy Lavelle   See fewer
Justin Mobley
Principal Williams Principal Williams   See fewer
Mario Andre Alberts
Uncle Jack Uncle Jack   See fewer
Desmond McIntyre
Officer Kirkland Officer Kirkland   See fewer
Charlie Bain
Partner Partner   See fewer
Angela Roberts
Mrs. Brooks Mrs. Brooks   See fewer
Samantha Vosmaer
American Soldier American Soldier   See fewer
Eddie Alvarado
Mechanic 1 Mechanic 1   See fewer
Tony Lee Gratz
Russian Soldier Russian Soldier   See fewer
Dimitri Mareno
Protester 1 Protester 1   See fewer
Keisha K. Johnson
Justin's Sister Justin's Sister   See fewer
Chella Holcomb
Mother Lavelle Mother Lavelle   See fewer
Martin Davis
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Anthony Louis
Ukrainian Husband Ukrainian Husband   See fewer
Ruben Ramirez
Basement Mechanic Basement Mechanic   See fewer
Rihanna Amparan
Tracy Little Sister Tracy Little Sister   See fewer
Robert Amparan Jr.
Tracy Little Brother Tracy Little Brother   See fewer
Thomas Fultz
Justin's Brother in Law Justin's Brother in Law   See fewer
Don Brown
Store / Forest Extra Store / Forest Extra   See fewer
Joron Burnett
Justin Justin   See fewer
David Penn
Dice Man Dice Man   See fewer
Phyjae Richardson
Student 4 Student 4   See fewer
Tyrone Hines
Uncle Jack's Friend Uncle Jack's Friend   See fewer
Cordarrel McAdory
Block boys 1 Block boys 1   See fewer
Caleb Proctor
Block Boys 2 Block Boys 2   See fewer
Broderick Robinson
Block Boys 3 Block Boys 3   See fewer
Taurean Henson
Block Boys 4 Block Boys 4   See fewer
Jose Antonio Mauras III
Rapper Videographer Rapper Videographer   See fewer
Cornelius Draper
Protester 2 Protester 2   See fewer
Jabari Triplett
Hallway Homie 1 Hallway Homie 1   See fewer
Jarell Pierce
Gun Dealer Gun Dealer   See fewer
Ricky Rochelle
Mayor Dawson Security Mayor Dawson Security   See fewer
Randall Smith
Store Janitor Store Janitor   See fewer
Maha Gorgi
Radio Personality Radio Personality   See fewer
Deandre Autry
Student 1 Student 1   See fewer
Devonte Autry
Student 2 Student 2   See fewer
Dashawn Autry
Student 3 Student 3   See fewer
Erin Mulligan
Nurse 2 Nurse 2   See fewer
Devon Hines
Hallway Homie 2 Hallway Homie 2   See fewer
Ronnie Hudson II
Security Security   See fewer
Adrien Hurst
Mechanic 2 Mechanic 2   See fewer
Daniil Krimer
Russian Captain Russian Captain   See fewer
Adam Nazario
Mechanic 3 Mechanic 3   See fewer
Myron Myron   See fewer
Angelo Sanders
Block Boys 5 Block Boys 5   See fewer
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