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Camp Pleasant Lake

An enterprising couple, the Rutherfords, decide to open a horror camp on an abandoned camp property (Camp Pleasant Lake) where a young girl named Echo Meadows was kidnapped and her parents were brutally murdered 20 years prior.
David M. Parks | Jared Safier (produced by) | Thomas Walton (produced by)
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Updated Sep 18, 2022


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71 cast members
Name Known for
Jonathan Lipnicki
Jasper Meadows Jasper Meadows   See fewer
Bonnie Aarons
Esmeralda Esmeralda   See fewer
Michael Paré
Rick Rutherford Rick Rutherford   See fewer
Andrew Divoff
Evil Man Evil Man   See fewer
Devanny Pinn
Harper Harper   See fewer
Kelly Lynn Reiter
Echo Meadows Echo Meadows   See fewer
Mike Ferguson
Lucifer 'Lou' Lucifer 'Lou'   See fewer
William Delesk
Young Jasper Meadows Young Jasper Meadows   See fewer
James Di Giacomo
John Meadows John Meadows   See fewer
Scott Alan Ward
Charles Charles   See fewer
Greg Tally
Jonah Perrigo Jonah Perrigo   See fewer
Mary Jones
Isabelle Isabelle   See fewer
Peter Augustine
Mitchell Mitchell   See fewer
Maritza Brikisak
Darlene Rutherford Darlene Rutherford   See fewer
Thomas Walton
Camp bus driver Camp bus driver   See fewer
Rudy Ledbetter
Vlogger1 'Skippy' Jessop Vlogger1 'Skippy' Jessop   See fewer
Erica Dyer
Stephanie Stephanie   See fewer
Christopher Sky
Mike Wilson Mike Wilson   See fewer
Dave Shecter
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
G. Larry Butler
Mr. Corbin Mr. Corbin   See fewer
Sam Vanivray
George George   See fewer
Steve Pacheco
Payton Payton   See fewer
David Perry
Isaiah Isaiah   See fewer
Edward Stachyra
Sheriff Dean Sheriff Dean   See fewer
Jean Heathen
Joanne Joanne   See fewer
Lacey Burdine
Young Echo Young Echo   See fewer
Andre Andre   See fewer
Jaden Rogers
Young Mike Wilson Young Mike Wilson   See fewer
Adam Treasure
Jamal Davis Jamal Davis   See fewer
Amber Oliver
Sheena Sheena   See fewer
Jeff A. Cooper
Hawk- Reporter 1 Hawk- Reporter 1   See fewer
Anson Days
Terrance Terrance   See fewer
Adrian Low
Dr. Adrian Low Dr. Adrian Low   See fewer
Joseph Romo
Nathan Nathan   See fewer
Lyric Hobbs
Tamara Tamara   See fewer
Adriana Pacheco
Young Bayley Young Bayley   See fewer
Christian Moore
Vincent Flemmich Vincent Flemmich   See fewer
Sophie Welch
Young Harper Young Harper   See fewer
Ricky Pacheco
Young Payton Young Payton   See fewer
Stephen Lambriodes
Horror-Fan 69 Horror-Fan 69   See fewer
Randy Pascuzzi
Jackson Jackson   See fewer
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