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  • The Assassins (2012)
  • Not Rated
    107 min | Drama, History
The Assassins (2012)
Not Rated
107 min | Drama, History

Set in the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, the story focuses on Cao Cao in his old age, exploring the areas of military tactics, love, and the relationship between father and son.
Mei Linmao | Lin Maoqing | Shigeru Umebayashi (original music by)
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Release date
Sep 26, 2012 (China)


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141 cast members
Name Known for
Chow Yun-Fat
Cao Cao Cao Cao   See fewer
Liu Yifei
Diao Chan (as Liu Yi Fei) Diao Chan (as Liu Yi Fei)   See fewer
Hiroshi Tamaki
Mu Shun Mu Shun   See fewer
Alec Su
Emperor Xian (as Su Youpeng) Emperor Xian (as Su Youpeng)   See fewer
Annie Shizuka Inoh
Fu Empress (as Annie Yi) Fu Empress (as Annie Yi)   See fewer
Terry Leung
Actor (as Terry Chiu) Actor (as Terry Chiu)   See fewer
Yao Lu
Dr. Ji Dr. Ji   See fewer
Dahong Ni
Actor (as Ni Da Hong) Actor (as Ni Da Hong)   See fewer
Jeff Bao
Lv Bu Lv Bu   See fewer
Kar-Ying Law
Actor (as Luo Jia Ying) Actor (as Luo Jia Ying)   See fewer
Samuel Pang
Cao Xiu Cao Xiu   See fewer
Lv Joache
Actor Actor   See fewer
Xinyuan Hu
Young Ling Ju (as Hu Xinyuan) Young Ling Ju (as Hu Xinyuan)   See fewer
Jieyi Liu
Young Mu Shun (as Liu Jieyi) Young Mu Shun (as Liu Jieyi)   See fewer
Qing Guo
Ji Mao (as Guo Qing) Ji Mao (as Guo Qing)   See fewer
Zhifang Zhou
Dwarf Warrior (as Zhou Zhifang) Dwarf Warrior (as Zhou Zhifang)   See fewer
Zhiliang Zhou
Dwarf Warrior (as Zhou Zhiliang) Dwarf Warrior (as Zhou Zhiliang)   See fewer
Hang Qi
Platform Warrior Platform Warrior   See fewer
Ben Niu
Old Castration Eunuch (as Niu Ben) Old Castration Eunuch (as Niu Ben)   See fewer
Cheng Chi
Xu Chu (as Chi Cheng) Xu Chu (as Chi Cheng)   See fewer
XinZhi Qiu
Cao Pi (as Qiu Xinzhi) Cao Pi (as Qiu Xinzhi)   See fewer
Rujun Wu
Tai Chang (as Wu Rujun) Tai Chang (as Wu Rujun)   See fewer
Yung Fu
Astrologer A (as Fu Yung) Astrologer A (as Fu Yung)   See fewer
Shengli Wang
Xiliang Warrior (as Wang Shengli) Xiliang Warrior (as Wang Shengli)   See fewer
Qiufang Zhang
Xiliang Warrior (as Zhang Qiufeng) Xiliang Warrior (as Zhang Qiufeng)   See fewer
Zhanwei Xu
Xiliang Warrior (as Xu Zhanwei) Xiliang Warrior (as Xu Zhanwei)   See fewer
Dong Zhang
Xiliang Warrior Xiliang Warrior   See fewer
Sha Bai
Xiliang Warrior (as Bai Sha) Xiliang Warrior (as Bai Sha)   See fewer
Gangte Mu'er
Xiliang Warrior (as Gang Te Mu Er) Xiliang Warrior (as Gang Te Mu Er)   See fewer
Court Attendant Eunuch (as Lai Xi) Court Attendant Eunuch (as Lai Xi)   See fewer
Guanying Yan
Court Caller Eunuch (as Yan Guanying) Court Caller Eunuch (as Yan Guanying)   See fewer
Peifeng Xu
Yang Lie (as Xu Peifeng) Yang Lie (as Xu Peifeng)   See fewer
Bauguang Wang
Xu Gui (as Wang Bauguang) Xu Gui (as Wang Bauguang)   See fewer
Haiwang Zhang
Dong Huai (as Zhang Haiwang) Dong Huai (as Zhang Haiwang)   See fewer
Jinfei Guo
Chen Meng (as Guo Jinfei) Chen Meng (as Guo Jinfei)   See fewer
Song Jiang
Ling Ju's Maid (as Jiang Song) Ling Ju's Maid (as Jiang Song)   See fewer
Xuewen Zhang
Du Gan (as Zhang Xuewen) Du Gan (as Zhang Xuewen)   See fewer
Lele Li
Ling Ju's Maid (as Li Lele) Ling Ju's Maid (as Li Lele)   See fewer
Zonghuan Cheng
Guan Yu (as Cheng Zonghuan) Guan Yu (as Cheng Zonghuan)   See fewer
Quancheng Qu
Cao Zhi (as Qu Quancheng) Cao Zhi (as Qu Quancheng)   See fewer
Yuzheng Wang
Cao Zhen (as Wang Yuzheng) Cao Zhen (as Wang Yuzheng)   See fewer
Zuqing Wang
Cao Hong (as Wang Zuqing) Cao Hong (as Wang Zuqing)   See fewer
Junlong Fu
Cao Ren (as Fu Junlong) Cao Ren (as Fu Junlong)   See fewer
Zezong Wang
Cao Ren (as Wang Zezong) Cao Ren (as Wang Zezong)   See fewer
Hongqian Wang
Xiahou Dun (as Wang Hongqian) Xiahou Dun (as Wang Hongqian)   See fewer
Wei Zhou
Little Cao Pi (as Zhou Wei) Little Cao Pi (as Zhou Wei)   See fewer
Yanming Jiang
Rebel General A (as Jiang Yanming) Rebel General A (as Jiang Yanming)   See fewer
Keqing Jia
Rebel General B (as Jia Keqing) Rebel General B (as Jia Keqing)   See fewer
Jiaying Luo
Jian Bo (as Luo Jiaying) Jian Bo (as Luo Jiaying)   See fewer
Yuan Ma
Miao (as Ma Yuan) Miao (as Ma Yuan)   See fewer
Zimu Zhang
Five-Year-Old Ling Ju (as Zhang Zimu) Five-Year-Old Ling Ju (as Zhang Zimu)   See fewer
Yongchang Lang
Funerary Official (as Lang Yongchang) Funerary Official (as Lang Yongchang)   See fewer
Jian Ma
Special Appearahce (as Ma Jian) Special Appearahce (as Ma Jian)   See fewer
Wanyi Sun
Special Appearance (as Sun Wanyi) Special Appearance (as Sun Wanyi)   See fewer
Hongyu Liu
Special Appearance (as Liu Hongyu) Special Appearance (as Liu Hongyu)   See fewer
Wei Wei
Special Appearance Special Appearance   See fewer
Zhenlin Wu
Special Appearance (as Wu Zhenli) Special Appearance (as Wu Zhenli)   See fewer
Yuanyuan Song
Actor (as Song Yuanyuan) Actor (as Song Yuanyuan)   See fewer
Xiaolin Guo
Actor (as Guo Xiaolin) Actor (as Guo Xiaolin)   See fewer
Yan Song
Actor (as Song Yan) Actor (as Song Yan)   See fewer
Luyao Jin
Actor (as Jin Luyao) Actor (as Jin Luyao)   See fewer
Xue Ren
Actor (as Ren Xue) Actor (as Ren Xue)   See fewer
Ruixue Fu
Actor (as Fu Ruixue) Actor (as Fu Ruixue)   See fewer
Saisai Liu
Actor (as Liu Saisai) Actor (as Liu Saisai)   See fewer
Dongli Guo
Actor (as Guo Dongli) Actor (as Guo Dongli)   See fewer
Hongyun Wang
Actor (as Wang Hongyun) Actor (as Wang Hongyun)   See fewer
Wen Xie
Actor (as Xie Wen) Actor (as Xie Wen)   See fewer
Ziyan Li
Actor (as Li Ziyan) Actor (as Li Ziyan)   See fewer
Zheng Chou
Actor (as Chou Zheng) Actor (as Chou Zheng)   See fewer
Dabo Liu
Actor (as Liu Dabo) Actor (as Liu Dabo)   See fewer
Shaojie Liu
Actor (as Liu Shaojie) Actor (as Liu Shaojie)   See fewer
Shiju Zhang
Actor (as Zhang Shiju) Actor (as Zhang Shiju)   See fewer
Xingyun Li
Actor (as Li Xingyun) Actor (as Li Xingyun)   See fewer
Wenbao Hou
Actor (as Hou Wenbao) Actor (as Hou Wenbao)   See fewer
Zhiqiang He
Actor (as He Zhiqiang) Actor (as He Zhiqiang)   See fewer
Wei Zhang
Actor (as Zhang Wei) Actor (as Zhang Wei)   See fewer
Guoxin Song
Actor (as Song Guoxin) Actor (as Song Guoxin)   See fewer
Zhenqi Ma
Actor (as Ma Zhenqi) Actor (as Ma Zhenqi)   See fewer
Kun Ju
Actor Actor   See fewer
Lu Zhang
Actor (as Zhang Lu) Actor (as Zhang Lu)   See fewer
Nan Zhao
Actress (as Zhao Nan) Actress (as Zhao Nan)   See fewer
Xinyi Zhang
Actress (as Zhang Xinyi) Actress (as Zhang Xinyi)   See fewer
Siyu Chen
Actor (as Chen Aiyu) Actor (as Chen Aiyu)   See fewer
Tianyu Zhao
Actor (as Zhao Tianyu) Actor (as Zhao Tianyu)   See fewer
Feifei Pan
Actor (as Pan Feifei) Actor (as Pan Feifei)   See fewer
Mengting Wang
Actress (as Wang Mengting) Actress (as Wang Mengting)   See fewer
Junyong Yang
Actor (as Yang Junyong) Actor (as Yang Junyong)   See fewer
Xinyuan Liang
Actor (as Liang Xinyuan) Actor (as Liang Xinyuan)   See fewer
Min Li
Actor (as Li Min) Actor (as Li Min)   See fewer
Yufeng Hu
Actor (as Hu Yufeng) Actor (as Hu Yufeng)   See fewer
Guanhua Zhang
Actor (as Zhang Guanhua) Actor (as Zhang Guanhua)   See fewer
Ao Lu
Actor (as Lu Ao) Actor (as Lu Ao)   See fewer
Yifang Sun
Actor (as Sun Yifang) Actor (as Sun Yifang)   See fewer
Wenjun Zhang
Actor (as Zhang Wenjun) Actor (as Zhang Wenjun)   See fewer
Jiankang Du
Actor (as Du Jiankang) Actor (as Du Jiankang)   See fewer
Jialiang Zhu
Actor (as Zhu Jialiang) Actor (as Zhu Jialiang)   See fewer
Li Sun
Actress (as Sun Li) Actress (as Sun Li)   See fewer
Ni Cui
Actor (as Cui Ni) Actor (as Cui Ni)   See fewer
Shiming Chen
Actor (as Chen Siming) Actor (as Chen Siming)   See fewer
Ke Xiong
Actor (as Xiong Ke) Actor (as Xiong Ke)   See fewer
Fan Wang
Actress (as Wang Fan) Actress (as Wang Fan)   See fewer
Liye Yan
Actress (as Yan Liye) Actress (as Yan Liye)   See fewer
Xingxue Yan
Actor (as Yan Xingxue) Actor (as Yan Xingxue)   See fewer
Yanying Sun
Actor (as Sun Yanying) Actor (as Sun Yanying)   See fewer
Miaomiao Zhang
Actor (as Zhang Miaomiao) Actor (as Zhang Miaomiao)   See fewer
Ran Wang
Actor (as Wang Ran) Actor (as Wang Ran)   See fewer
Mengwen Cai
Actor (as Cai Mengwen) Actor (as Cai Mengwen)   See fewer
Ping Feng
Actor (as Feng Ping) Actor (as Feng Ping)   See fewer
Tongnan Shen
Actor (as Shen Tongnan) Actor (as Shen Tongnan)   See fewer
Fei Huang
Actor (as Huang Fei) Actor (as Huang Fei)   See fewer
Quanqi Fuyu
Actor (as Fuyu Quanqi) Actor (as Fuyu Quanqi)   See fewer
Haifeng Liu
Actor (as Liu Haifeng) Actor (as Liu Haifeng)   See fewer
Chaoyue Zhao
Actor (as Zhao Chaoyue) Actor (as Zhao Chaoyue)   See fewer
Zhaoyu Lu
Actor (as Lu Zhaoyu) Actor (as Lu Zhaoyu)   See fewer
Honghong Wang
Actor (as Wang Honghong) Actor (as Wang Honghong)   See fewer
Peng Zhou
Actor (as Zhou Peng) Actor (as Zhou Peng)   See fewer
Ce Liu
Actor (as Liu Ce) Actor (as Liu Ce)   See fewer
Xianpeng Zhang
Actor (as Zhang Xianpeng) Actor (as Zhang Xianpeng)   See fewer
Guopeng Ma
Actor (as Ma Guopeng) Actor (as Ma Guopeng)   See fewer
Shisi Zhu
Actor (as Zhu Shisi) Actor (as Zhu Shisi)   See fewer
Yuan Du
Actor (as Du Yan) Actor (as Du Yan)   See fewer
Yilong Zhang
Actor (as Zhang Yilong) Actor (as Zhang Yilong)   See fewer
Chen Shao
Actor (as Shao Chen) Actor (as Shao Chen)   See fewer
Jianpeng Qin
Actor (as Qin Jianpeng) Actor (as Qin Jianpeng)   See fewer
Tao Sun
Actor (as Sun Tao) Actor (as Sun Tao)   See fewer
Kun Geng
Actor (as Geng Kun) Actor (as Geng Kun)   See fewer
Jingzheng Sun
Actor (as Sun Jingzheng) Actor (as Sun Jingzheng)   See fewer
Xinmin Han
Actor (as Han Xinmin) Actor (as Han Xinmin)   See fewer
Yahan Sun
Actor (as Sun Yahan) Actor (as Sun Yahan)   See fewer
Jiulong Guo
Actor (as Guo Jiulong) Actor (as Guo Jiulong)   See fewer
Zhengliang Liu
Actor (as Liu Zhengliang) Actor (as Liu Zhengliang)   See fewer
Bingwang Li
Actor (as Li Bingwang) Actor (as Li Bingwang)   See fewer
Cheng Jin
Actor (as Jin Sheng) Actor (as Jin Sheng)   See fewer
Daiying Ling
Actor (as Ling Daiying) Actor (as Ling Daiying)   See fewer
Dali Ren
Actor (as Ren Dali) Actor (as Ren Dali)   See fewer
Sanlong Liu
Actor (as Liu Sanlong) Actor (as Liu Sanlong)   See fewer
Yang Li
Actor (as Li Yang) Actor (as Li Yang)   See fewer
Pu Zhao
Actor (as Zhao Pu) Actor (as Zhao Pu)   See fewer
Roy Cheung
Actor Actor   See fewer
Yuan Nie
Actor Actor   See fewer
Ni Yan
Actress Actress   See fewer
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