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  • Gentlemen (I) (2014)
  • 141 min | Drama, Romance, Thriller
Gentlemen (I) (2014)
141 min | Drama, Romance, Thriller

Beaten up, bruised, and scared, a young writer hides in a Stockholm apartment, writing the story of its disappeared inhabitants: the flamboyant and charismatic Morgan brothers.
Klas Östergren (novel) (screenplay) | Mikael Marcimain (screenplay collaborator)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Sep 9, 2014

Release date
Dec 5, 2014 (Sweden)


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90 cast members
Name Known for
David Dencik
Henry Morgan Henry Morgan   See fewer
Sverrir Gudnason
Leo Morgan Leo Morgan   See fewer
Boman Oscarsson
Wilhelm Sterner Wilhelm Sterner   See fewer
Pernilla August
Greta Morgan Greta Morgan   See fewer
Magnus Krepper
Stene Forman Stene Forman   See fewer
Christopher Wagelin
Verner Hansson Verner Hansson   See fewer
Sven Nordin
Förläggare Franzén Förläggare Franzén   See fewer
Louise Peterhoff
Nina Negg Nina Negg   See fewer
Staffan Göthe
Hogarth Hogarth   See fewer
Lars Green
Willis Willis   See fewer
Hege Schøyen
Dine (as Hege Schöyen) Dine (as Hege Schöyen)   See fewer
Frida Röhl
Titti på isen Titti på isen   See fewer
Susan Vidler
Amerikanskan Amerikanskan   See fewer
Emelie Garbers
Malou på Mullvaden (as Emilie Jonsson) Malou på Mullvaden (as Emilie Jonsson)   See fewer
Magnus Roosmann
Jazzbaronen Jazzbaronen   See fewer
Amanda Ooms
Hälardrottningen Hälardrottningen   See fewer
Rasmus Troedsson
Filatelisten Filatelisten   See fewer
Björn Andrésen
Varg-Larsson (as Björn Andresen) Varg-Larsson (as Björn Andresen)   See fewer
Dag Malmberg
Cigarrhandlaren Cigarrhandlaren   See fewer
Anders Beckman
Envoyén Envoyén   See fewer
Johan Kylén
Rocks i baren Rocks i baren   See fewer
Noa Samenius
Unge Leo Morgan Unge Leo Morgan   See fewer
Ted Lantz
Unge Verner Hansson Unge Verner Hansson   See fewer
Marianne Engström
Fru Hansson Fru Hansson   See fewer
Sebastian Sporsén
Tore Hansson Tore Hansson   See fewer
Gustav Berg
Tvättbudet Tvättbudet   See fewer
Ann-Sofie Nurmi
Sally Syrén Sally Syrén   See fewer
Peter Gantzler
Fredrik Fredrik   See fewer
Klaus Tange
Eddie på Montmartre Eddie på Montmartre   See fewer
Cate Cammack
Verena Verena   See fewer
Clifton Anderson
Trombone player - Montmartre Trombone player - Montmartre   See fewer
Sebastian Aronsson
Bassist - Harry Lime Group Bassist - Harry Lime Group   See fewer
Tommy Bergström
Trumpet player - Henrys Dixieband Trumpet player - Henrys Dixieband   See fewer
Christopher Cantillo
Drummer - Bop Sec Drummer - Bop Sec   See fewer
Gustav Ejstes
Musician - Skepparens krans Musician - Skepparens krans   See fewer
Moussa Fadera
Drummer - Montmartre Drummer - Montmartre   See fewer
Morten Feldt
Kvæker Kvæker   See fewer
John Fernold
Drummer - Henrys Dixieband Drummer - Henrys Dixieband   See fewer
Reine Fiske
Guitarist - Skepparens krans Guitarist - Skepparens krans   See fewer
Kim Franson
Keyboardist - Marzipan band Keyboardist - Marzipan band   See fewer
Jonas Grumstedt
Contrabass musician - Henrys Dixieband Contrabass musician - Henrys Dixieband   See fewer
Mattias Gustavsson
Bassist - Skepparens krans Bassist - Skepparens krans   See fewer
Robert Halvarsson
Verkmästaren Verkmästaren   See fewer
Johan Holmegard
Drummer - Bear Quartet Drummer - Bear Quartet   See fewer
Per Ruskträsk Johansson
Saxophone player - Marzipan band Saxophone player - Marzipan band   See fewer
Jocke Johnzon
Banjo player - Henrys Dixieband Banjo player - Henrys Dixieband   See fewer
Joel Karlsson
Clarinet player - Henrys Dixieband Clarinet player - Henrys Dixieband   See fewer
Patrik Kolar
Bassist - Hylands orkester Bassist - Hylands orkester   See fewer
Niklas Korssell
Drummer - Skepparens krans Drummer - Skepparens krans   See fewer
Arturas Kuzmenka
Passenger Passenger   See fewer
Mattias Landaeus
Pianist - Hylands orkester Pianist - Hylands orkester   See fewer
Rickard Lindquist
Berka som ung (as Rickard Lindqvist) Berka som ung (as Rickard Lindqvist)   See fewer
Stefan Lundaahl
Hoghart som ung Hoghart som ung   See fewer
Jan Martens
Bassist - Marzipan Bassist - Marzipan   See fewer
Fredrik Olsson
Personalansvarig Wrena Personalansvarig Wrena   See fewer
Michael Pretsch
Kneipe bartender Kneipe bartender   See fewer
Karmela Rudaite
Portier på Verenas hotell Portier på Verenas hotell   See fewer
Påhl Ruin
Sturehof bartender Sturehof bartender   See fewer
Mats Sandahl
Contrabass musician - Bop Sec Contrabass musician - Bop Sec   See fewer
Martin Sjöstedt
Contrabass musician - Montmartre Contrabass musician - Montmartre   See fewer
Mattias Ståhl
Vibrafonspelare - Bop Sec Vibrafonspelare - Bop Sec   See fewer
Antanas Svolkenis
Portier på hotell i Berlin Portier på hotell i Berlin   See fewer
Catharina Taube
Sjuksköterska Sjuksköterska   See fewer
Hans Tord
Antikvariatshandlaren Antikvariatshandlaren   See fewer
Oskar Tyrén
Rekryt Rekryt   See fewer
Sarah Appelberg
Karin, maskören (uncredited) Karin, maskören (uncredited)   See fewer
David Terence Armstrong
Boxarscout (uncredited) Boxarscout (uncredited)   See fewer
Lise Edman
Kvinnan i broderade västen (uncredited) Kvinnan i broderade västen (uncredited)   See fewer
Per Fenger-Krog
Club Owner (uncredited) Club Owner (uncredited)   See fewer
Karin Knutsson
Lena, regissör (uncredited) Lena, regissör (uncredited)   See fewer
Gloria Ormandlaky
Gäst på Berns (uncredited) Gäst på Berns (uncredited)   See fewer
Christian Sahlström
Gustav (uncredited) Gustav (uncredited)   See fewer
Agnes Hargne Wallander
Camilla (uncredited) Camilla (uncredited)   See fewer
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