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Titanic: Blood and Steel

The 'Unsinkable' Sets Sail (Season 1, Episode 12)
TV Episode | 49 min | Drama

While the coveted ticket holders and ship's principals prepare for Titanic's maiden voyage, a little girl named Sarah boards the ill-fated beauty with her mother, in search of a better life.
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Matthew Faulk (story) (written by) | Mark Skeet (story) (written by)
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Updated May 30, 2012

Release date
May 30, 2012 (Italy)


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42 cast members
Name Known for
Kevin Zegers
Mark Muir Mark Muir   See fewer
Alessandra Mastronardi
Sofia Silvestri Sofia Silvestri   See fewer
Derek Jacobi
Lord Pirrie Lord Pirrie   See fewer
Billy Carter
Thomas Andrews Thomas Andrews   See fewer
Massimo Ghini
Pietro Silvestri Pietro Silvestri   See fewer
Branwell Donaghey
Michael McCann Michael McCann   See fewer
Martin McCann
Conor McCann Conor McCann   See fewer
Chris Noth
J.P. Morgan J.P. Morgan   See fewer
Ophelia Lovibond
Kitty Carlton Kitty Carlton   See fewer
Neve Campbell
Joanna Yaegar Joanna Yaegar   See fewer
Ian McElhinney
Sir Henry Carlton Sir Henry Carlton   See fewer
Valentina Corti
Violetta Silvestri Violetta Silvestri   See fewer
Denise Gough
Emily Hill Emily Hill   See fewer
Charlotte Bradley
Mary McCann Mary McCann   See fewer
Jonathan Forbes
Eddy Hatton Eddy Hatton   See fewer
Edoardo Leo
Andrea Valle Andrea Valle   See fewer
Liam Cunningham
Jim Larkin Jim Larkin   See fewer
Eleanor Methven
Lady Pirrie Lady Pirrie   See fewer
Frank McCusker
Charles Stokes Charles Stokes   See fewer
Liam Carney
Sean Malone Sean Malone   See fewer
Barry McEvoy
Chorley Chorley   See fewer
Jonathan Harden
Walter Hill Walter Hill   See fewer
Terence Keeley
Jack Lowry Jack Lowry   See fewer
Barry Barnes
Father Thomas Father Thomas   See fewer
Bill Murphy
Bremner Bremner   See fewer
Aaron Harris
Jordan Jordan   See fewer
Michael Cochrane
Captain Smith Captain Smith   See fewer
Sandy Kennedy
Sarah's Mother (as Cameo Real) Sarah's Mother (as Cameo Real)   See fewer
Pat McGrath
Kelly's Landlord Kelly's Landlord   See fewer
Ned Dennehy
Brendan Byrne Brendan Byrne   See fewer
Nikola Krneta
Crew Member #1 Crew Member #1   See fewer
Nenad Pecinar
Crew Member #2 Crew Member #2   See fewer
Michèle Forbes
Donovan Woman (as Michelle Forbes) Donovan Woman (as Michelle Forbes)   See fewer
Andreja Maricic
Purser - Titanic (as Andreja Marcic) Purser - Titanic (as Andreja Marcic)   See fewer
Jennifer Laverty
Ticket Clerk Ticket Clerk   See fewer
Sinisa Ubovic
White Star Official White Star Official   See fewer
Vincenzo Alfieri
Giacomo Giacomo   See fewer
Stanley Townsend
Rex Riley Rex Riley   See fewer
Alexandre Crepet
Mark Muir (voice) Mark Muir (voice)   See fewer
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