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  • The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (2000–2000)
  • TV Series | 45 min | History
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The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (2000–2000)
TV Series | 45 min | History

"Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" is a Chinese TV series based on the Taiping Rebellion in the late Qing Dynasty and the rise and fall of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.

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Updated Jul 10, 2000

Release date (First episode)
Jul 10, 2000 (China)


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62 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Liu Bing
Wei Changhui Wei Changhui   See fewer
Meng De'en Meng De'en   See fewer
Dai Cui
Zeng Guoquan Zeng Guoquan   See fewer
Yu De An
Luo Dagang Luo Dagang   See fewer
Cai Di
Hou Qianfang Hou Qianfang   See fewer
Jun Du
Siqin Siqin   See fewer
Wang Gang
Li Kaifang Li Kaifang   See fewer
Lancun Gao
Hong Xiuquan Hong Xiuquan   See fewer
Tao Guo
Wang Yizhong Wang Yizhong   See fewer
Liu Haili
Lai Hanying Lai Hanying   See fewer
Zaifeng Han
Xiao Chaogui Xiao Chaogui   See fewer
Zhen-hua Han
Chen Chengrong Chen Chengrong   See fewer
Tienan Hao
Hong Renda Hong Renda   See fewer
Huang He
Chen Yucheng Chen Yucheng   See fewer
Yongsheng He
Feng Yunshan Feng Yunshan   See fewer
Wu Honghou
Luo Bingzhang Luo Bingzhang   See fewer
Tianlai Hou
Xianfeng Emperor Xianfeng Emperor   See fewer
Yongsheng Hou
Zeng Tianyang Zeng Tianyang   See fewer
Xiaoting Hu
Hu Yurong Hu Yurong   See fewer
Liang Jiaxing
Shi Xiangzhen Shi Xiangzhen   See fewer
Zhang Jie
Li Shouchun Li Shouchun   See fewer
Yang Jimin
Huang Yukun Huang Yukun   See fewer
Yuting Jin
Zeng Wanmei Zeng Wanmei   See fewer
Yang Jing
Wei Yujuan Wei Yujuan   See fewer
Su Keshi
Zhu Yidian Zhu Yidian   See fewer
Lan Lan
Yimei Yimei   See fewer
Jianqun Li
Su Sanniang Su Sanniang   See fewer
Quanzhong Li
Wang Haixiang Wang Haixiang   See fewer
Gai Lili
Empress Dowager Cixi Empress Dowager Cixi   See fewer
Gang Liu
Guo Songchou Guo Songchou   See fewer
Yubin Liu
Zuo Zongtang Zuo Zongtang   See fewer
Yong Lu
Lin Fengxiang Lin Fengxiang   See fewer
Li Ming
Yang Fuqing Yang Fuqing   See fewer
Jie Pan
Xie Manmei Xie Manmei   See fewer
Jun Peng
Zeng Shuiyuan Zeng Shuiyuan   See fewer
Lin Qiang
Qin Rigang Qin Rigang   See fewer
Song Rixin
Hong Daquan Hong Daquan   See fewer
Xiaohong Shi
Li Xiucheng Li Xiucheng   See fewer
Bao Si
Xiang Rong Xiang Rong   See fewer
Feihu Sun
Zeng Guofan Zeng Guofan   See fewer
Hu Tiange
Cheng Lingnan Cheng Lingnan   See fewer
Yang Tongshu
Fu Shanxiang Fu Shanxiang   See fewer
Jinghua Wang
Hong Xuanjiao Hong Xuanjiao   See fewer
Shihuai Wang
Shi Dakai Shi Dakai   See fewer
Lu Wei
Zeng Xian Zeng Xian   See fewer
Honghao Xu
Tan Shaoguang Tan Shaoguang   See fewer
Maomao Xu
Sengge Rinchen Sengge Rinchen   See fewer
Zhongrui Xue
Sushun Sushun   See fewer
Li Yansong
Hou Shuqian Hou Shuqian   See fewer
Qinglin Ye
Zhang Liangji Zhang Liangji   See fewer
Zhao Yi
Prince Gong Prince Gong   See fewer
Zhu Yidan
Saishang'e Saishang'e   See fewer
Guangzheng Zhang
Yang Fuzai Yang Fuzai   See fewer
Xiaobo Zhang
Wulantai Wulantai   See fewer
Zhi-zhong Zhang
Yang Xiuqing Yang Xiuqing   See fewer
Jingwen Zhao
Hu Yihuang Hu Yihuang   See fewer
Hu Zhaofeng
Wei Jun Wei Jun   See fewer
Li Zheshi
Guo Kunchou Guo Kunchou   See fewer
Yang Zhijiang
Hong Renfa Hong Renfa   See fewer
Xun Zhou
Shi Yiyang Shi Yiyang   See fewer
Yilin Zhou
Zhou Xineng Zhou Xineng   See fewer
Shi Zonghong
Chen Zongyang Chen Zongyang   See fewer
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