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  • A Broken Code (2012)
  • Not Rated
    Video | 90 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller
A Broken Code (2012)
Not Rated
Video | 90 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Two brothers Carmelo and Gino (Girgenti and Webber) are raised by their mob boss grandfather Salvatore Gianni (Williams). Through a series of events Salvatore is killed and the boys then go on a journey to find the killers. No one is ruled...See moreTwo brothers Carmelo and Gino (Girgenti and Webber) are raised by their mob boss grandfather Salvatore Gianni (Williams). Through a series of events Salvatore is killed and the boys then go on a journey to find the killers. No one is ruled out as a suspect, including one of the brothers. How will the truth unfold? Written by S.L See less
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Josh Webber (as a different name) | Michael Girgenti (co-director)
Michael Girgenti (written by) (screenplay) | Josh Webber (co-writer) (as a different name)
Michael Girgenti | Josh Webber (as a different name)
Ryan Correll | David Lassiter (co-cinematographer) | Sebastian Sokolowski (co-cinematographer) | Josh Webber (as a different name)
Avril Beukes | R. Brett Thomas | Josh Webber (as a different name)
Casting Directors
Michael Girgenti | Josh Webber (as a different name)
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Release date
Jan 11, 2012 (United States)


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475 cast members
Name Known for
Michael Girgenti
Carmelo Gianni Carmelo Gianni   See fewer
Josh Webber
Gino Gianni (as a different name) Gino Gianni (as a different name)   See fewer
Bill T. Williams
Salvatore Gianni Salvatore Gianni   See fewer
Joey Napoli
Lou Twice Lou Twice   See fewer
Jay Giannone
Detective Celi Detective Celi   See fewer
Ralph Michiel
Uncle Frank Uncle Frank   See fewer
Anika C. McFall
LaTisha LaTisha   See fewer
Brian Hipp
Armon the Enforcer Armon the Enforcer   See fewer
Amato D'Apolito
Father Dominic Father Dominic   See fewer
Jack Adjmi
Cousin Nicky Cousin Nicky   See fewer
Rosa Aguayo
Astelle Astelle   See fewer
Katy Ahmadi
Cristina Cristina   See fewer
Gary Alan
Bruno Bruno   See fewer
Aziz Almossa
Paullie Paullie   See fewer
Ratnavali Anderson
Srivatsava Srivatsava   See fewer
Elliot Ashkenazie
Cousin Louis Cousin Louis   See fewer
Ivette Michelle Badgley
Betsy (as Ivette Badgley) Betsy (as Ivette Badgley)   See fewer
Britnie Banks
Chesay Chesay   See fewer
Robert T. Barrett
Goon 5 (as Robert Barrett) Goon 5 (as Robert Barrett)   See fewer
Amy Bloom
Sherelle Sherelle   See fewer
Capt'n Bob
Goon#4 Goon#4   See fewer
Captain Bob
Goon 4 Goon 4   See fewer
J.T. Boyd
Akin (as Johnny Boyd) Akin (as Johnny Boyd)   See fewer
Michael Raif Brizzolara
Giovanni (as Michael Raif) Giovanni (as Michael Raif)   See fewer
Any Bruso
Teddy Teddy   See fewer
Jennifer Burcham
Arielle Arielle   See fewer
Maria Calix
Marie lou Marie lou   See fewer
Ed Callison
Buster Buster   See fewer
Bryan Carter
Paully Paully   See fewer
Salina Marie Carter
Jenettina Jenettina   See fewer
Carlina Chacon
Ash (as Carlina Baldonado) Ash (as Carlina Baldonado)   See fewer
Andrew Colon
Pepellia Pepellia   See fewer
Frank Dana
Creppie Creppie   See fewer
Jacob Daniel
Michael Michael   See fewer
Tami Daniels
Olivia Olivia   See fewer
Brandon Davis
Jamerson Jamerson   See fewer
Redetha Deason
Sherrisa Sherrisa   See fewer
Angie DeGrazia
Nicole Benidetto - Reporter Nicole Benidetto - Reporter   See fewer
Megan Diaz
Wendy Wendy   See fewer
Shannon Dieriex
Veronica Veronica   See fewer
Nicole Dip
Natasha Natasha   See fewer
Travis Joe Dixon
Tre (as Travis Dixon) Tre (as Travis Dixon)   See fewer
Lynnette Dolan
Stacie (as Lynnette Dolan-Villarino) Stacie (as Lynnette Dolan-Villarino)   See fewer
Mayanda Dowe
Mellanie Mellanie   See fewer
Jeanne Dusseault
Cristina Cristina   See fewer
Thon Edwards
Tooney Tooney   See fewer
Danny Epstein
Donald Donald   See fewer
Robert Evans
Hopper Hopper   See fewer
Abel Fischer
Gerald Gerald   See fewer
Jake Flaming
Jensen Jensen   See fewer
Michelle Fonseca
Gabrielle Gabrielle   See fewer
Cat Forrest
Cathrine Cathrine   See fewer
Oxana Foss
Sylvia Sylvia   See fewer
Rosanna Jean Foss
Sylvia's Daughter Sylvia's Daughter   See fewer
Sean Francis
James White - Pianist James White - Pianist   See fewer
Steven Fuel
Treyan Treyan   See fewer
Joshua Fulton
Robert Robert   See fewer
Michael Gantz
Bug Terminator Bug Terminator   See fewer
Pat Gaston
Patrick Patrick   See fewer
Louise Gerhards
Singer (voice) Singer (voice)   See fewer
Nicholas Giacchetti
Chris (as Paul Auten) Chris (as Paul Auten)   See fewer
Piper Gilles
Torian Torian   See fewer
Charlie Glackin
Michael Michael   See fewer
Y.J. Gold
Justin Justin   See fewer
Raul Gomez
Raymond Raymond   See fewer
Jamie Goucher
Nessie Nessie   See fewer
Steven Guistolise
Alfonzo (as Steve Guistolise) Alfonzo (as Steve Guistolise)   See fewer
Kelsey Gumangan
Kelvin Peddles Kelvin Peddles   See fewer
Nihan Gur
Skyler Skyler   See fewer
Joe Hang
Borge Borge   See fewer
Khalid Hawary
Rakeev Rakeev   See fewer
Crissy Henderson
Jessica Jessica   See fewer
Ana Hernandez
Justine Justine   See fewer
Wayne Hill
Lt. Checkles (as Wayne Hemphill) Lt. Checkles (as Wayne Hemphill)   See fewer
Anna Marie Holland
Bernadette (as Anna Holland) Bernadette (as Anna Holland)   See fewer
Michael Hudson
Johnny Ropes Johnny Ropes   See fewer
Monika Hummel
Shauna Shauna   See fewer
Jessica Huss
Tracy Nickels Tracy Nickels   See fewer
Brayson Jacob
Valtin Valtin   See fewer
Jordan Jacob
Cortez Cortez   See fewer
Hayden James
Young Gino Gianni (as Hayden James Farrell) Young Gino Gianni (as Hayden James Farrell)   See fewer
Rob James
Keegan Keegan   See fewer
Peter Jang
Wayne Wayne   See fewer
Gary Jazon
Hitman (as Gary Jason) Hitman (as Gary Jason)   See fewer
Andray Johnson
Officer Jones Officer Jones   See fewer
Luke Jones
Barry Barry   See fewer
William Thomas Jones
Officer Richardson Officer Richardson   See fewer
Edward Joyce
Willie Willie   See fewer
Tamir Kapelian
Terrence Terrence   See fewer
Lilit Karagezyan
Salon Clerk Salon Clerk   See fewer
Liam Kastan
Robbie Robbie   See fewer
Liam Katsan
Laura (as Liambaby Kastan) Laura (as Liambaby Kastan)   See fewer
Gee Kaur
Irving Irving   See fewer
John Kaye
Kanye Kanye   See fewer
Philip Keith
Bracko Bracko   See fewer
Lilian Khani
Britney Britney   See fewer
Eugene Kim
Elliot Elliot   See fewer
Jamerson Jamerson   See fewer
Immanual Kontokanis
Leo (as Mango) Leo (as Mango)   See fewer
Jonathan Krich
Little Gino #2 Little Gino #2   See fewer
Michael Krich
Little Carm #2 Little Carm #2   See fewer
Christina Lata
Jasmine Jasmine   See fewer
Chon Lee
Matthew Chang Matthew Chang   See fewer
Sarah Leners
Trevana Trevana   See fewer
Sheri Levy
Briana Briana   See fewer
Aiden Lewandowski
Little Carm #3 Little Carm #3   See fewer
Millie Liu
Trina Trina   See fewer
Joshua Lofquist
Daniel (as Josh Lofquist) Daniel (as Josh Lofquist)   See fewer
Brett Lorenzini
Pracket Pracket   See fewer
Valentin Luka
Robbie Robbie   See fewer
Amanda Marie Lungaro
Sheela (as Amanda Lungaro) Sheela (as Amanda Lungaro)   See fewer
Leo Lungaro
Hector Hector   See fewer
Steven Lurie
NY Mobster NY Mobster   See fewer
Brandon Alan Makovy
Tim Grafton Tim Grafton   See fewer
Gary Mandarino
Spencer Spencer   See fewer
Christian Mante
Douglas Douglas   See fewer
Chandler Marlin
Charlie Charlie   See fewer
Skye P. Marshall
Trixxy Robinson Trixxy Robinson   See fewer
Douglas S. Matthews
Ghost / Carjacker Ghost / Carjacker   See fewer
Ryan McBride
Richard Richard   See fewer
Chiara McCarty
Charlene (as Chiara Russi) Charlene (as Chiara Russi)   See fewer
Elizabeth McDonald
Kelly R. Kelly R.   See fewer
Mandalyn Meades
Estella (as Amanda Meades) Estella (as Amanda Meades)   See fewer
Laura Meadows
Carrie Carrie   See fewer
Maceo Meier
Waully Waully   See fewer
Amanda Mendes
Tiffany Tiffany   See fewer
Danielle Monroe
Rebecca Rebecca   See fewer
Joseph Montes
Joeseppi Joeseppi   See fewer
Lauren Moreno
Ceremony guest Ceremony guest   See fewer
Brooke Mouton
Millie Millie   See fewer
Brian Ronan Mulroy
Astro (as Brian Carroll) Astro (as Brian Carroll)   See fewer
Sebastian Muñoz
Jesse Twine (as Sebastian Munoz) Jesse Twine (as Sebastian Munoz)   See fewer
Hanelle Myer
Elenise Elenise   See fewer
Robert Naranjo
Young Carmelo Young Carmelo   See fewer
Samuel Naranjo
Young Gino Young Gino   See fewer
Sun Nea
Shun (as SunNea Dishong) Shun (as SunNea Dishong)   See fewer
Jefferson Nogueira
Harry (as Jefferson Silver) Harry (as Jefferson Silver)   See fewer
Leslie Norris
Kristi Kristi   See fewer
Eddie Nukez
Jerice Jerice   See fewer
Rachel Orlikoff
Alexandra Alexandra   See fewer
Amanda Pacenka
Corbelle Corbelle   See fewer
Jaimie Paulson
Paisley Paisley   See fewer
Sheila Peach
Janice Janice   See fewer
Rosie Pech
Kelly Kelly   See fewer
Yvonne Pile
Vivian Vivian   See fewer
Thomas Puccio
Albert Albert   See fewer
Katherine Pyatak
Kitty (as Katherine Kastan) Kitty (as Katherine Kastan)   See fewer
Gerry Reyes
Goon 6 Goon 6   See fewer
Sarah Erin Roach
Beverly Beverly   See fewer
Zoe Robb
Bethany Bethany   See fewer
Sardia Robinson
Azie (as a different name) Azie (as a different name)   See fewer
Seli M. Rose
Silvan (as Seli Marset) Silvan (as Seli Marset)   See fewer
Donna Rowe
Stella Stella   See fewer
Gianfranco Russo
Vincent Vincent   See fewer
Cynthia San Luis
Attractive Asian Woman (as Cyndee San Luis) Attractive Asian Woman (as Cyndee San Luis)   See fewer
Dan Sanders
Crazy Gun Dealer Crazy Gun Dealer   See fewer
Kenyon Scott
Cortez Cortez   See fewer
Nathan Shafer
Tedster Tedster   See fewer
Orit Shuckroon
Candy - Stripper Candy - Stripper   See fewer
Randy Shum
Ronald Ronald   See fewer
Lauren Simon
Laurie Laurie   See fewer
Lauren Simon
Laurie Laurie   See fewer
Avan Skye
Jerry Jerry   See fewer
Mauriao Socis
Jareef Jareef   See fewer
Mauricio Solis
Maverick Maverick   See fewer
Isaiah Sowle-Price
Timberland Timberland   See fewer
Eric Stevens
Darkiv Darkiv   See fewer
Kevin Strom
Harry Mallister Harry Mallister   See fewer
Luther E. Sullivan III
Brand (as Luther E. Sullivan) Brand (as Luther E. Sullivan)   See fewer
Maryam Tarami
Veronica Lopez Veronica Lopez   See fewer
Richard Taylor II
Funeral Mourner / Restaurant Patron Funeral Mourner / Restaurant Patron   See fewer
Jerry Temple
Jeremy Jeremy   See fewer
David Thomas
Raymond Raymond   See fewer
Tara Tomicevic
Silanthia Silanthia   See fewer
Phil Ursino
Vinny (as Philip Ursino) Vinny (as Philip Ursino)   See fewer
Cristina Valle
Michelle (as Cristina Valle Parke) Michelle (as Cristina Valle Parke)   See fewer
Russell Vargo
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Frank Vig
Tony Twice Tony Twice   See fewer
Yvonne Vigil
Travis Travis   See fewer
Julieta Villatoro
Isabella Isabella   See fewer
Fern Ward
Jenny Jenny   See fewer
Nadeya Ward
Katrina Katrina   See fewer
Diane Weisman
Shelly Gianni Shelly Gianni   See fewer
Jesse Welch
Orgenti Orgenti   See fewer
Leland White
Alfonso Alfonso   See fewer
Rebecca Whitman
Mrs. Whitman-Boldi Mrs. Whitman-Boldi   See fewer
Viet Wilcots
Willie Willie   See fewer
Jocelyn Wilson
Racquel Racquel   See fewer
Ven Wolfe
Jack - Bartender (as Scott Cartmill) Jack - Bartender (as Scott Cartmill)   See fewer
Adam Wood
Jason Jason   See fewer